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Smarter commerce partner presentation final
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Smarter commerce partner presentation final


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Smarter Commerce presentation

Smarter Commerce presentation

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Smarter Commerce: Moments matter. ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 2. Agenda   Overview:   Smarter  Commerce  intro  and  overview   What  Smarter  Commerce  can  mean  to   you  and  your  partners   How  and  where  to  start  with  your   Smarter  Commerce  journey   The  key  contacts  for  Smarter   Commerce   The  next  steps  for  you  as  a  partner  for   Smarter  Commerce     2   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 3. 3 3   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 4. Businesses  face  new  challenges  every  day     60%   of  B2B  customer   buying  decisions   completed  before   engaging  your   sales  teams   69%   of  B2B  companies   ignore  customers   who  provide   feedback  via  social   media   4   57%   of  business  buyers   have  purchases   goods  for  their   companies  online   and  37%  expect  to   do  more  in  2014   32%   of  B2B  customers   create  social  media   content,  which   includes  raDngs,   reviews,  blogs  and   tweets   Sources:    IBM,    Harvard  Business  Review,  Acquity  Group,  Gartner,  Forrester  Satmetrix   9out10   CXOs  said  they   plan  to  collaborate   much  more   extensively  with   their  customers   over  next  3-­‐5  years   50%   of  B2B   collaboraDon  will   take  place  through   Web  APIs  by  2016   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 5. Mobile  and  social  are  reshaping  business       55%   of  smartphone   users  compare   prices  in  stores   63%         of  online  adults  are   less  likely  to  buy  via   other  channels  if   they  experienced  a   problem  on  their   mobile  phones   5   Sources:    IBM,    Forrester,  Tealeaf  and  Emphathica  Reports   34%   of  smartphone   users  have  scanned   a  QR  Code,  27%   have  read  online   reviews   92%   of  consumers  say     they  trust  earned   media,  such  as     word-­‐of-­‐mouth  and   recommendaDons   55%   increase  in     online  sales  via   mobile  devices   over  2012   84%   of  US  adults  who   have  conducted  a   transacDon  online  or   through  a  mobile   device  report   experiencing  a   problem   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 6. Delivering  superior  customer  engagement  every   /me,  in  every  context   A  supply  chain   prepared     for  the  unpredictable   Service  that  knows     what  customers  want   before  they  do   6   MarkeDng  targeted  to   every  customer   personally   Selling  that’s  there  for   your  customers,   wherever  they  are   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 7. Successful  companies  embracing  this  strategy     Improved procurement and defined new rules with eAuctions Fixed customer experience problems and increased conversions 7   Delivered personalized interactions which led to new business Leveraged social programs to drive sales and ongoing engagement ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 8. Smarter  Commerce  sa/sfies  customers  at  the   speed  of  life   Buy   Adap/ve   procurement   and  op/mized   supply  chain     Targeted  and   personalized   marke/ng   across  all   channels   Service   Sell   An/cipate   behavior  and   deliver  flawless   customer  service   8   Market Seamless   cross-­‐channel   customer   experience         ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 9. Our  solu/ons  are  infused  with  mobile,  social,  analy/cs  and  cloud   capabili/es     9   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 10. IBM’s  integrated  por^olio  for  Smarter  Commerce   Smarter  Commerce  Services   Core  Business  Solu/ons  and  Processes   BUY   MARKET   SELL   SERVICE   Adap/ve   procurement  and   op/mized  supply   chain   Targeted  and   personalized   marke/ng  across    all  channels     Seamless     cross-­‐channel   customer   experience     An/cipate   behavior  and   deliver  flawless   customer  service           Business  AnalyDcs   IBM  SmartCloud  SoluDons,  CompuDng  and  Infrastructure     10   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 11. We  have  invested  in  leading  capabili/es  to  transform  your  business   LEADER  in  File  Transfer     Buy • Sell   LEADER  in  Procurement     Buy   LEADER  in  B2B  and  Order   Management      Buy  •  Sell   LEADER  in  Customer   LEADER  in  Mobile  Messaging     Market  •  Sell   LEADER  in  Merchandising     Market  •  Sell   LEADER  in  Campaign  Management     Market   Experience  Management       Market  •  Sell  •  Service     11 LEADER  in  Digital  MarkeDng   Market   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 12. Agenda   Overview:   Smarter  Commerce  intro  and  overview   What  Smarter  Commerce  can  mean  to   you  and  your  partners   How  and  where  to  start  with  your   Smarter  Commerce  journey   The  key  contacts  for  Smarter   Commerce   The  next  steps  for  you  as  a  partner  for   Smarter  Commerce     12   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 13. IBM’s  Integrated  Por^olio  for  Smarter  Commerce   Customer  &  Digital   Strategy   |   IBM     InteracDve   BUY   AdapDve  procurement  and   opDmized  supply  chain   §  Procurement  OperaDons  &   Accounts  Payable  **   §  Enterprise  and  Category   Spend  Management**   §  Source  to  Contract   §  Supplier  IntegraDon  and   CollaboraDon     §  Supplier  Management  Risk   and  Compliance   §  Supply  Chain  Management   Smarter  Commerce  Services   |   Customer   Plaeorms   |   Smarter   AnalyDcs   |   Managed   Services/BPO     Core  Business  SoluDons  and  Processes   Market   Targeted  and  personalized   markeDng  across  channels   §  Cross-­‐Channel  MarkeDng   OpDmizaDon   §  Customer  Experience   Management   §  Digital  MarkeDng   OpDmizaDon   §  MarkeDng  Performance   OpDmizaDon   §  Pricing,  PromoDon  and   Product  Mix  OpDmizaDon     Sell   Seamless  cross-­‐channel   customer  experience   §  Contract  Management**   §  Customer  IntegraDon  and   CollaboraDon   §  Omni-­‐Channel  Commerce   §  Payments  and  Sealements     |   ApplicaDon   Management   Service   AnDcipate  behavior  and   deliver  flawless  customer   service   §  Case  Management   §  Customer  Self-­‐Service     §  Delivery,  Service,  and  Support   §  Online  Customer  Service   OpDmizaDon     §  Watson  Engagement  Advisor   B2B  IntegraDon   Social  Business            I            Mobile  Enterprise          I        Big  Data  &  AnalyDcs              I            Cloud   Smarter  CompuDng  Infrastructure   **Currently  In  Smarter  Commerce  DefiniDon  Process     ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 14. The  Market  Opportunity  –  WW   •  The  opportunity:  $104B  in  2013,  growing  at  14%,  more  than  three  Dmes  the  IT  CAGR.   •  The  opportunity  for  integrated  commerce  soluDons  is  growing  even  faster  –  30%  CAGR   •  $20B  Global  Sonware  opportunity,  and  3x  that  in  Services  and  Systems.   Client  Size   >1000      =      61%   100  –  999  =  19%   1  –  99    =    15%   Non  Business  =    4%   Buy   27%   Market   12%   Sell   25%   Service   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Banking  (20%)   TelecommunicaDons  (12%)   Wholesale/CPG  (12%)   Insurance  (11%)   Retail  (7%)   Media  &  Entertainment  (7%)   Healthcare  &  Life  Sciences  (7%)   Electronics  (5%)     AutomoDve  (3%)   84%  of  total   opportunity   36%   Source:  IBM  Market  Analysis  (GMV)   © 2012 IBM Corporation Internal Use Only ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on 14  
  • 15. Smarter  Commerce  For  Partners   Opportunity  in  the  Market   Partner  Program  Rewards   •  $20B  Sonware  opportunity,   •  3x  that  in  Services  and   Systems   •  Smarter  Commerce  Capability   •  0%  Financing   •  2X  SVI  for  WebSphere   Commerce   Joint  Go  To  Market     •  Sales  Account  Planning     •  SoluDon  Development   IniDaDve   15 15   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 16. Soaware  Value  Plus  Smarter  Commerce  Authoriza/on   $20B  Market   Opportunity1   Requirements   Benefits   Smarter  Commerce  Skills   SoluDon  Spanning  across  2+  Phases   Great  SoluDon  Visibility   References   16   Financial  IncenDve:  20%  to  30%       Smarter  Commerce  Mark   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 17. Promote repeatable LOB solutions to customers B2B Business Integration Scalable Solutions in the Smarter Commerce Initiative Enable secure, seamless execution of multienterprise business processes with 100% of the customer's business community Offer a smarter shopping experience which personalizes shoppers' interactions, ü Focus on Line of Business buyers ü Sold in a standalone way with limited customization ü Entry point for cross-sell and up-sell Personalized Shopping Experience Cross Channel Campaign Management Deliver precision-driven coordinated cross-channel personalized marketing campaigns Secure File Transfer & Compliance Move critical information both inside and outside of the client's organization. Digital Marketing Optimization Empower marketers to turn site visitors into repeat customers and loyal advocates ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 18. Agenda   Overview:   Smarter  Commerce  intro  and  overview   What  Smarter  Commerce  can  mean  to   you  and  your  partners   How  and  where  to  start  with  your   Smarter  Commerce  journey   The  key  contacts  for  Smarter   Commerce   The  next  steps  for  you  as  a  partner  for   Smarter  Commerce     18   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 19. Engaged  companies  create  systems  of  saDsfacDon   with  customers,  partners  and  suppliers   Understand   Engage   Understand  your   customers,  needs   desires  and  context   Engage  in  real-­‐Dme  with   your  customers  partners   and  suppliers   Make  it  personal.   Maximize  the  moment.   Connect   Connect  with  your   customers  and  your   value  chain   SaBsfy  at  the  speed  of  life.   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 20. Begin  with  these  ques/ons  for  your  Smarter   Commerce  journey   Does  your   business  model   adapt  to  capitalize   on  new  market   opportuni/es?     Can  your   opera/ons   an/cipate  and   adjust  dynamically   to  market   condi/ons?   20   Are  you   leveraging   customer  insight   to  reshape  your   business?   Could  your  supply   chain  interrupt   service  to  your   customers?   Do  you  deliver   excep/onal  customer   experience  across  all   touch  points?   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 21. Gedng  started  and  accelera/ng  your  Smarter  Commerce  journey   Has  your   business   model   changed?   Is  customer   informaDon   driving  your   business?   Are  customer   needs  aligned   to  the  business   operaDons?   How   compelling  is   your  customer   experience?   Can  you   respond  to   changes  in  the   market  or   demand?   Get  started  on  your  Smarter  Commerce  journey   21   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 22. Bringing  it  all  together  …     §  Excess  inventory  influences  markeBng   campaigns  and  mark-­‐down  pricing   §  Campaign  results  impact  inventory  plans   Buy   §  Good  markeBng  is  service   §  Service  feedback  drives  beJer   markeBng   §  MarkeBng  displays  relevant  ads   §  eCommerce  provides  markeBng   with  real-­‐Bme  shopping  behavior   Market   §  Consumer  demand  shapes  decisions  on   supplier  sourcing,  inventory   §   Inventory  and  logisBcs  drive  fulfillment   22   Sell   Service   §  Good  service  drives  cross,  up-­‐sell  and   repeat  sales   §   Service  opBons  offered  to  customers   during  the  selling  process   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 23. Agenda   Overview:   Smarter  Commerce  intro  and  overview   What  Smarter  Commerce  can  mean  to   you  and  your  partners   How  and  where  to  start  with  your   Smarter  Commerce  journey   The  key  contacts  for  Smarter   Commerce   The  next  steps  for  you  as  a  partner  for   Smarter  Commerce     23   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 24. Smarter Commerce Reaching New Buyers New Buyers Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Integrated Solutions Buy Service VP of Customer Service VP of Commerce, VP of Sales Market Sell LOB Value Proposition •  Every Top 10 Global Bank •  11 of 15 top Internet Retailers •  4 of the top 5 Global Telecos •  2K+ of the world’s top brands •  Power >$27B of Internet Retailer sales – 2x our nearest competitor •  Save companies $245B in spend annually •  Manage $57B in annual procurement spend •  <2500 clients WW depend on IBM Marketing solutions $ 133B Total market opportunity in 2015 12% CAGR through 2015 across all industries and geographies 18% CAGR through 2015 for integrated commerce solutions ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 25. Reaching  new  buyers:    Chief  Procurement  Officers   CPOs have identified their top procurement challenges: •  Global growth and sustainable savings •  Manage risk and compliance •  Identify volatility and maximize predictability •  Deliver a globally integrated supply chain •  Maximize sourcing and fulfillment flexibility To achieve these objectives, a combination of best practices and the right technology is required. CPOs are expected to invest 30% more per year in Supplier Intelligence through 2015 50% 5%-7% $6.1 billion 18% Average percent of product value derived from suppliers Amount of savings CPOs are looking to achieve annually Market for procurement technologies in 2012 Growth of procurement spend analytics market ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 26. Reaching  new  buyers:    Chief  Marke/ng  Officers     CMOs believe marketing will be most impacted by: •  Data Explosion •  Social Media •  Growth of Channel and Device Choices •  Shifting Consumer Demographics Yet, they are least prepared for these same factors. Projects that by 2017 the CMO will spend more on information technology than the CIO $1.5 trillion 7-8% Amount spent on marketing and communications in 2011 Growth of marketing budgets in next 12 months, 2-3X that of IT budgets $148 billion IT-related spend owned / influenced by CMOs in 2012 60% Growth of spend on marketing analytics in next three years ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 27. Reaching  new  buyers:    VP  of  Merchandising     Key retail trends are creating new challenges for Merchandising leaders: •  Mobile commerce and price transparency •  Rise in localization and personalization •  New pricing models (e.g. flash sales) •  New sources of competition and increased aggressiveness from existing competition •  Increased price sensitivity of consumers •  Increased promotional intensity of competitors •  Price consistency across channels Price, promotion and product mix optimization are key to success in the face of these challenges Merchandising  OpDmizaDon  Drives  Significant  Value  to  the  Retail  Industry   Increase  revenue       Increase  gross  margin  $     Base  price  op/miza/on   1-­‐3%   2-­‐5%   Promo/on  op/miza/on   1-­‐12%   5-­‐20%   Markdown  op/miza/on   5+%   10+%   Assortment  op/miza/on   1-­‐4%   2-­‐4%   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 28. Reaching  new  buyers:    SVP  Sales,  eCommerce,  Channels       SVP eCommerce/Sales/Channels have identified their top selling challenges: •  Global revenue growth •  Drive seamless and personalized experience •  Orchestrate the orders for products and services through fulfillment seamlessly To achieve these objectives, a combination of best practices and the right technology platform is required. 12% $559 B Online retail growth in the US and Europe Customer-facing front-end B2B eCommerce expected to reach in US sales by the end of 2013 E-Commerce tied for 2nd among CEO’s most important 5 year technology enabled Investments $327 B US Consumers will spend online in 2016 up 45% from $226 B in 2012 50% + Of companies plan to replatform in the next 24 months ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 29. Reaching  new  buyers:    SVP  Customer  Service,  Loyalty,  and   Customer  Experience   SVP Customer Service/Loyalty and Experience have identified their top challenges: •  Leverage insights to anticipate customer behavior and deliver next best action •  Enable customer self service •  Run the right analytics to generate ideas of when and how to best serve the customer To achieve these objectives, a combination of best practices and the right technology platform is required. Social software to exceed $1B by 2013, encompassing ~8% of all CRM spending in 2012 26% $83B Of companies have a welldeveloped strategy in place for improving customer experience Lost due to poor customer experiences because of defections and abandoned purchases 67% On average those current customers of yours spend 67% more than a new one 47% Of US contact centers reward their agents based on customer satisfaction ratings ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 30. Agenda   Overview:   Smarter  Commerce  intro  and  overview   What  Smarter  Commerce  can  mean  to   you  and  your  partners   How  and  where  to  start  with  your   Smarter  Commerce  journey   The  key  contacts  for  Smarter   Commerce   The  next  steps  for  you  as  a  partner  for   Smarter  Commerce     30   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 31. Call  to  AcDon   OpDmize  the  Sales  Opportunity       § Build  Industry  Skills         –  Leverage  IBMs  Industry  Frameworks  and  educaDon   –  Extend  network  to  Line  of  Business  leaders     § Team  with  Eco  D  Smarter  Commerce  &  IBM  Sales  Teams   –  Joint  Account  Planning  to  determine  the  starDng  point   –  Align  complimentary  value  props  of  your  SME  and  IBM’s  SME   –  Create  business  plan,  and  sales  opportuniDes  for  your  soluDons  along  with  IBM   § Extending  your  sales  opportuniDes  with  products  and   soluDons     –  Combining  soluDons  and  sonware   –  Bring  in  Hardware  and  services   –  Flexible  structure,  pricing  (on  premise,  Saas  etc)   31   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 32. Thank You for Listening IBM Mentor ME Virtual Mentoring Event – sign up and benefit from a 30 minute Personal Mentoring Session with Ben Heyerdahl! Register your slot here: 32   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on  
  • 33. Partner  with  IBM  for  Smarter  Commerce   §  Industry  leading  por^olio  for  Buy,  Market,  Sell  and  Service     §  Flexible,  modular,  open,  integrated,  op/mized   §  Real-­‐/me  social,  mobile  and  analy/cs  capabili/es   integrated  throughout  the  solu/ons     §  Dedicated  commerce  consul/ng  and  systems  integra/on   prac/ce  with  over  a  thousand  experts   §  Innova/on  through  IBM  Research  and  patent  leadership   for  20  years   §  Over  2,000  of  the  world’s  top  brands  rely  on  IBM  to   improve  their  business  insight  and  execu/on   33   ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on