The best evaluation ever


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The best evaluation ever

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions.My newspaper use conventions of which many local newspapers use suchas the Bromley Metro. These conventions are things like a 5-columnlayout, which my newspaper uses making it similar to most localnewspapers. I have used a 5-column layout because it is what my targetaudience is use to, and to change it would be to confuse them by puttingmore columns in or to make the paper look un-professional. Sportingnewspaper like the Sun fills their pages with big pictures and short storiesas this criteria fits their target audience, who are similar to my targetaudience. For my newspaper my target audience I think my chosen layoutsuits them well as it was similar to other sporting newspapers withconventions for more up market newspapers such as the Independent witha column layout of 7 or 8. This layout is for a small percentage of the publicthe higher educated so I feel that my 5-column layout suits my targetaudience.The main headline for my newspaper is of a sporting achievement aboutboys at a school near where the reader lives. I believe that will help todraw in readers as it has relevance to them, because it is about peoplewho live near them and encourages support for the team. My newspaperalso contains similar aspects to other papers by using similar gutterspaces, by lines and jump lines. I did this because I feel that all papersshould follow the same conventions.The adverts in my newspaper have been edited by me so I could makethem exactly how i wanted them to be. The most of them have the sametheme of sports this is because it is relevant to my readers as the paper isabout sport. They all are quite big this is because in many main localnewspapers such as the metro use big advertising for funds so i decided todo the same it as it is conventional. One of my adverts is showing thefranchise Nandos with the comedic value to it saying "eat mor chicken"with cow hooves, i used them as a one of my advertisements as this is aplace where many young people go to eat and have fun with friends so thiswill also encourage people to read my paper to see what the
  2. 2. advertisement is about. Another advert I used was Nike as this is one ofthe most well known sporting brands which with this ad will reinforce theview of it being a serious sporting newspaper. The font used in mynewspaper is different to that seen in all newspapers, it is a Sans Serif fontwhich is more appealing to the younger audience as it does not have anyextra bits on the end of the letters. This is also more appealing to theyounger audience, as it does not seem to be fancy or to extravagant.How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillarytasks.My ancillary tasks where for me to produce a radio advert and a poster tohelp advertise my Newspaper. These were aimed at my target audience,which was the younger generation.When I started to design my poster I looked at different types of posterform different newspapers but they all did seem to follow similarconventions. I decided to use the conventions so that it didnt make mytarget audience go off my newspaper and look for different papers. I usedsuch things as the same colouring with the fonts and with the background,with my main story picture on the front of it these are such conventionsseen in newspaper advertising.My poster consists of a picture of a rugby players competing for the ball ina line out. I edited it using Photoshop to make cut out the unnecessaryparts of the photo such so i was left with the main part of it for my eye-catching photo. I did this to try and show what my paper is about ratherthan show what it has in it.Overall I feel that my Poster is successful in terms of being aestheticallypleasing with my targeted audience, the poster shows what the newspaperoffers and is about just from one image. It was also beneficial as I used thesame colour scheme that was in my newspaper as well as in my poster.The making of my Radio Advert i believed to be the most difficult of allthree tasks. I did some research on other newspaper radio adverts and ithought the best ones where the funny ones so i decide to put this aspect
  3. 3. into my radio ad. For this I used GarageBand to produce the music for thebacking track of my advert. I decided to produce an advert that had acharity type of feel to it but with a spoof type of aspect with this i believethat people will relate to this which also got straight to the point and madeit sound pleasing so my target audience could remember it.My newspaper named “Sport Bromley” took the most amount of time out ofthe all the tasks, but I think that this shows my newspaper was my bestproduced media product. I am happy with most aspects of my paper,including the theme, colours, layouts and photos. The photos used innewspaper where easy for me to take as it was a local game for me whichwas played just down the road from my school however i had taken a lot ofphotos which i had to get 25 photos to choose from to be my main storypicture. I feel that the effort shows as the picture used shows clearly whatthe newspapers about and what the story is about.The stories that I chose to write were targeted at my audience as my paperis all about people from the ages of 18-30. I feel that my stories wherecould have been a little bit better in terms of length by such as with my laststory I wasn’t able to write as much as i could about it as i did not haveenough room with all my photos and advertising which was put into thepaper. The language i used in my stories was not conventional of manylocal newspapers as i was not going for the same target audience as theyare I found it difficult using language you would expect to read in anewspaper to write with than the normal style of text I would write. But Ifeel that I tackled this problem well by looking at other similar papers andstudied how their types of text were worded.In conclusion to this, I feel that my three tasks have linked well with eachother. By this I mean that I am happy with in which the ways of my RadioAdvert and my Poster have helped advertise my Newspaper. I do feel thatif I had more time I could produce a much better and poster but i believethat my radio advert was one of my best parts of my tasks.What have you learnt from your audience feedback?From my audience feedback I have had some very positive feedback with
  4. 4. also a few negatives. I am please with my responses I received, and I willalter my newspaper to the ways in which I have been criticized for, ibelieve that this will make my newspaper better than what it was whilstalso making the paper easier for my target audience to relate with. Thepositive feedback included comments about my layouts, colours, main title,photography and my adverts. The feedback I received on my stories isbeneficial, as I know what to change now in terms of language. And I havenow changed my newspapers language as I feel that doing this is for thebest as my language that I used was too formal and did not suit my targetaudience correctly.How did you use new media technologies in the construction and researchplanning and the evaluation stages?Media Technologies is the way in which we can view different things usingtechnology, for instance reading a newspaper on the internet BromleyTimes, looking at images online Google images. The ways in which I usednew media technologies to use in the construction and research andplanning varies from using different online facilities. I researched othernewspapers online to help decide what my paper i would base mynewspaper on, in terms of conventions and layouts. I decided to look at theBromley Times online as i was planning to base my newspaper in theBromley area. This was a page to page newspaper that you couldinteractively use, you can flip the pages so you still have the originalfeeling of a paper in terms of turning the pages. This made me think abouthow I could make my paper seem more modern and technological but byusing its original form.I decided to use a Blackberry Barcode which Blackberry phone users canuse by just scanning it. This will then connect you to the newspaper andwill allow the newspaper to send news of what ever topic straight to yourBlackberry smartphone. I added this feature as I know a large percentageof people of my age own a BlackBerry smart phone so they can interactwith my paper.Another form of using media technologies for my research and planningwas the radio adverts on youtube. This helped me decide what type of
  5. 5. radio advert I would produce. I listened to various adverts, with advertisingdifferent newspapers such as the daily sport the sun and many more. Thishelped me to decide what type of radio advert I had to make to get straightto the point in advertising my newspaper.I also used Google images to help to look at past posters, which wereadvertising newspapers. I did this for my research to try and see whatposters professional papers could produce. I feel that my poster is likeconventional newspapers poster which i believe was key to advertise mynewspaper. I tried to make it fit my target audience’s needs by making itaesthetically pleasing and by using colours and text that would draw in myaudience.The music that I used for my radio advert was found on GarageBand, afterI recorded my advert using a peer doing a different voice, I had to decidewhat type of music would suit my advert perfectly, as I said I decided tomake me newspaper a type of charity spoof i used sad music to get thatcharity feel across to my audience. I feel that this was the right choice, as Iwant my advert to attract viewers and not seem like another boring advertthat you hear on the radios.