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The company profile outlining who we are and what we do.

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Bellicose Group Digital Profile

  1. 1. Bellicose fidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratioGroup
  2. 2. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratioIn times gone by business was done by the giving of a word and the handshake, this was the ultimate ofpromises; whether purchasing goods or delivering a service the handshake was accepted as the bindingof an agreement; the offering of ones hand to “seal the deal” was held in great esteem; in current timesthis has changed.We, at the Bellicose Group, want to give our clients the feeling of doing business the old fashioned way byhonouring our commitments; in promising what we can deliver and delivering what we promise. Lee Akerman Managing Director
  3. 3. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratio Our COmpanyThe Bellicose Group is a privately owned and operated Australian company that is dedicated to providing excellence in managementservices in the Security, Government, Military and Cleaning industries by providing you with the highest degree of professionalism. Thisis reflected in our strong focus that your satisfaction is our highest priority. When you think of the Bellicose Group, think of our key focusareas. They include: Our open book / transparency policy; Our proactive culture; Our personalised approach to you and your requirements; Our value for money service philosophy and; Our ability to train our personnel tailored to your specific requirements.The Bellicose Group complies with all relevant State and Federal statutory and regulatory requirements. Our approach is simple and veryeffective; we believe that it is critical of any professional company to deliver to you peace of mind which is achieved through a combinationof relationship, operational and staff management skills. We spend a great deal of our operational life on monitoring, assessing andimprovement of work methodology and technology which ultimately allows us to adapt to your changing needs and requirements.
  4. 4. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratio FIVe COre Values HOnOur To conduct ourselves with honour at all times. To hold ourselves to a level of professionalism that reflects a person and a company of honour. IntegrIty To conduct ourselves with a high level of moral and ethical principles. respeCt To treat everyone with high esteem. To see the excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability. VIgIlanCe To offer a high level of vigilance in all contractual management. To ensure that the client receives what they have requested. COmmItment To pledge ourselves to provide the service that we have offered and engaging all our resources to exceed our client’s expectations.
  5. 5. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratio mIssIOn statement & VIsIOnmIssIOn statementTo be guided by our Core Values as we take on all challenges; to engage all ourresources to exceed our client’s expectations and pride ourselves on seeing themthrough to the end.To honour our commitments to our clients, our partners, and team members, holdingourselves accountable by providing results and striving for the highest quality.To continually dedicate ourselves to further training and development of our skill setsand researching the best technologies and products to enhance our service to ourclients.VIsIOnTo be held in high regard by our clients, our partners, our team members and our competitors.
  6. 6. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratio tHe team The Bellicose Group is not only a security company designed to look after our clients needs, we are a company that enjoys a close working relationship with key strategic partners to provide our clients with the best service and products available. The Bellicose Group is dedicated to the best interests of our clientele. Our managers come from a varied range of fields including Government, Military, Security, Cleaning and Business Management and all have the belief that the client deserves better. Nothing is stronger than a group of highly trained individuals with a common goal working as a team to achieve their objectives.
  7. 7. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratio strategIC partnersHIpThe Bellicose Group is designed around its relationships with its clientele,its team members and its partners. 5000 years ago, in ancient MayanIndian cultures, this was known as having balance and was symbolisedby the Triquetra, a word derived from the Latin tri- (“three”) and quetrus(“cornered”); over the years it has been adopted by different cultures butstill means balance and harmony.The Bellicose Group has adopted this philosophy and strives to finda balance between itself, its clientele and its partners. In order to dothis, Bellicose Group is continually sourcing to develop new strategicpartnerships, bringing their products and services into the BellicoseGroup model enhancing its services to its clientele.
  8. 8. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratio sOlutIOns We at the Bellicose Group realise that it’s not enough to have solutions, you need solution providers. When we talk about numbers, you know we are talking about our team members.The Bellicose Group Project Managers are specialists who strive to improve theirknowledge in their fields, continually undergoing training programmes to keep theirskill sets at the leading edge of the industry standards.As a team, we at the Bellicose Group take on all challenges and pride ourselves onseeing them through to the end. We honour our commitments, holding ourselvesaccountable to our clients, partners, and team members by providing results andstriving for the highest quality. The Bellicose Group team is continually dedicatedto further training and development of our skill sets and researching for the besttechnologies and products to enhance our service to our clients.
  9. 9. Bellicose Groupfidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratio lIFetIme COntraCt WarrantyOver the years clients have been subjected to the continual bombardment of fees. Usually theseinclude fees to visit a location to replace a part that is no longer working. Many companies use inferiorproducts knowing that they will not meet the needs of the client and within a short period of time theywill have to attend the site again to replace parts or complete a service raising more revenue.The Bellicose Group ensures that it uses the highest quality products for its clientele and to back upour claim offer a Lifetime Contract Warranty*.The Lifetime Contract Warranty means that for the life of the contract with the Bellicose Group, allproducts and services of those products including repairs of replacements are at no additional costto the client. *[Terms & Conditions Apply]
  10. 10. fidelitas supremus totus alius praeter veneratioPhone: 1300 98 98 88Fax: 1300 98 98 99Acc: P.O. Box 12 Broadmeadow NSW 2292ABN: 44 147 957 015Master Lic: 410 500 983