In relation to the voiceover, we used the same member
of staff that we used to do the voiceover, so that it
linked both th...
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Radio script


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Radio script

  1. 1. In relation to the voiceover, we used the same member of staff that we used to do the voiceover, so that it linked both the documentary and radio trailer together. Our radio trailer in total lasts for 51 seconds whereas the codes and conventions specify that a professional radio trailers lasts roughly for about 30 to 40 seconds. v/o: Books (.) Whether you love them or hate them they affect everyone (.) Clip: “I’ve had books since I was a baby, books that have seen me through college.” Voiceovers where done by a woman Documentary extracts where v/o: No matter what the form may be (.) and spoken in Standard English used within our radio trailer also making them easily understandable. gave those who listened to the radio a little insight as to what Clip: “You can download them to your phone, your iPod, your PC.” the documentary is to be about. v/o: The list is endless thanks to technological advancement (.) Even those who won’t pick up a book can still take pleasure in screen adaptations (.) Clip: “The anticipation, the build up, and the excitement of the adaptation to the screen.” v/o: So (.) the question is (.) “Is the modern, electronic book phenomenon taking away the magic of the physical book? Find out in Moving Foreword (.) on Channel 4 (.) Thursday 9th January at 9pm (1.0) I also noticed that of the various amounts of radio trailers we listened to, all seemed to contain a rhetorical question and as a result of this, we created our own so as to attract the attention of the audience. Same scheduling information used in both the radio trailer and newspaper advertisement. The scheduling information such as the date, time and channel in which the documentary was to broadcasting on as it was one of the codes and conventions that made itself present when listening to professional radio trailers. The music bed that we used for our radio trailer was called ‘Brians Log’ which was an instrumental piece of music taken for ‘Doctor Who: Series 7’. The way this benefitted us, is that not only did it correspond with the voiceover, but after we listened to actual radio trailers that had previously been aired, we noticed that most of the music that they used tended to be instrumental as well. This is also beneficial as it doesn’t overshadow the voiceover as well.
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