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Text Messaging Outcome
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Text Messaging Outcome


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Text Messaging Outcome The Pro’s and Con’s of the text message
  • 2. Let’s Play A Game!....
  • 3. Decode these text message phrases...Round ONE!!! GO!
    • @wrk
    • * btw
    • aka
    • * fyi
    • asap
    • * 143
    • a/s/l
    • * ttyl
    • aap
    • * zzz
    • b4
    • *brb
    • bf/gf
  • 4. Round Two… Go!!!
    • g2g
    • * gr8
    • j/k- j/p
    • * w/o
    • L8r
    • * lol
    • Lmao
    • * myob
    • Byob
    • * nvm
    • Omg
    • * Qt
    • Tgif
  • 5. Text Messaging Pro’s A positive light shed on the text message phenomenon
  • 6. Text Messaging and Libraries
    • Condensed versions of classic literature made into texts
    • Information about the availability of requested library materials
    • Over-due book reminders through text messages
    • Ask a librarian a question through a text message
    • Market library services and events through text messages
  • 7. and Text Messaging
    • Business Listings
    • Driving directions
    • Movie theatre locations and show times
    • Weather Conditions
    • Stock Quotes
    • Dictionary Definitions
    • Product Price Comparisons
    • Simple fact-based questions (source will be provided)
  • 8. Two-way text messaging used with deaf students at the secondary level
    • Increase in independence of deaf adolescents
    • Text messaging reduces parents’ worry and anxiety about child’s safety and well-being
    • Increase in literacy skills
    • Increase in deaf students’ attendance of after school activities
    • Increase in teamwork and socializing skills
  • 9. Text Messaging Con’s The disadvantages that come with the advancement of text messaging
  • 10. CHEATING!!!
    • University students caught using text messages as a means of cheating on exams
    • Small cell phones make it easy to sneak one in during an exam and use it to retrieve answers from either friends or the internet (i.e. Google)
  • 11. Text Messaging and teenage sleeping habits
    • Teens are text messaging one another throughout the course of the night and not receiving an adequate amount of sleep..... making them tired during the day.
  • 12. Text Messaging and its impact on driving performance
    • Text messaging is a driving distraction
    • Increase in accidents due to text messaging
    • Road safety concerns for all drivers
  • 13. And to conclude…
    • Text messaging is a new, rapidly evolving form of communication
    • Text messaging is crossing into the realm of mainstream culture; becoming a very common practice
    • Questions or Comments????