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Hope Solo PPT

  1. 1. Solo in the Goal USA Goalkeeper Hope Solo
  2. 2. “ Soccer is a team sport. There ain’t no Solo in soccer. You don’t play this game solo.” “ She wanted to be out there because she is a competitor, and she has a good track record.” “ What’s even worse is her bogus, fraudulent apology. One where she came out and tried to blame everyone else. Apology means you just simply come out and say I was wrong and that’s it, move onto something else. ” Google Video “ Let's cut Hope some slack here. She was pissed off and said some dumb things in the heat of the moment, most of all that she could have saved some of the goals Scurry conceded. But then she's a young dumb athlete – what do you expect? Like most young dumb athletes, she hates to lose .” “ Considering Norway’s style of play, the best goalkeeper for the situation is Hope Solo.” “ In sports, there is an almost unwritten rule that you don't criticize field decisions made by coaching staff or other players without first addressing the matter internally. Hope's outspokenness caused a great uproar in an otherwise uneventful tournament and her willingness to do speak out may reap negative repercussions.” Google Blog Search “ What she did was ill-advised yet utterly human…But if Solo is the best we've got, this incident shouldn't rule her out. ” “ Her courage to speak out and stay composed despite appearing to choke back tears has made Hope Solo an even bigger star and name in U.S households.” “ But that still doesn't give Solo the right to take the low road. She ran over Scurry like a two-ton semi. And Scurry has done a lot more for the U.S. team than Solo has .” Google News Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes
  3. 3. “ Hope Solo is right and wrong.” “ Solo, who had never faced Brazil, hadn't yielded a goal in almost 300 minutes in the tournament.” “ Hope Solo can only dream of being Briana Scurry, on the field or off of it.” BlogPulse “ Its unfortunate that Hope Solo’s comments take the heat off the coach who because of whatever reason chose to change goalies, days before the semi final game. Solo should get blasted for her comments but Ryan should get fired for his horrible coaching decisions. Because of him, he put Women’s soccer back 10 years and that is not Solos fault.” “ Hope is talented and knows what she’s doing in the box.” “ Since when did USA Women’s Soccer Team become the Hope Solo Soccer Team? She should be banned from ever participating in USA Team Sports.” Technorati “ Hope Solo is the new generation of American footballers.” “ Solo is younger, quicker, and more importantly, tournament tested.” “ I really haven’t seen much of Solo’s playing, except of course, her mistake in the first game of the Cup.” Ask.com Blog Search Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes
  4. 4. “ Fair enough. I can understand not being happy about being sidelined for the most important match of your career. And she seemed to understand that she still had a responsibility to support her teammates and be prepared to contribute in a positive way. After hearing her post-game interview, it is quite clear that she did not grasp that concept.” “ The simple fact is Hope Solo is the better goalie at the present time.” “ I watched her interview make the rounds on ESPN several times after the game was over and became increasingly disappointed each time I heard her bark those disparaging words. Publicly calling out your coach, no matter how wrong he was, isn't a good idea; nor is slighting your teammate--especially if she is one of the most decorated keepers in the world.” Digg “ Though-nosed forward Abby Wambach, the heir apparent to Lilly as team leader, said she hadn’t seen Solo but would probably give her a hug if she did.” “ While Solo's actions were clearly unacceptable in a team context, there was a touching back-story that made her emotional reaction understandable, at least to one side in the public debate: Her father, Jeffrey, died of heart failure June 15 at 69.She sprinkled her father's ashes in the goal box before every World Cup game on a mission to take him with her to a world championship.” “ Solo violated one of sport's biggest unwritten rules: Thou shalt not publicly criticize your coach or teammates.” Icerocket Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes