How to motivate your kids in doing homework


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How to motivate your kids in doing homework

  2. 2. There are lots of ways and easy tips on how to turn your kid into a smart individual. In developing their study skills you must put a little effort, because if you just let your child in their developing age, their progress will be a little slow that is why from time to time you must guide your child as they learn and discover the world. Lots of parents are having a hard time to teach and give learning to their kids, this makes them pissed and instead the child learn with motivation, their mind is set with fear and the negative motivation will punch through with them. Positive motivation is the best way to give your child and this is the only way that makes them learn faster because of your motivation. In child’s early ages, they will be experiencing lots of new different situations and problems that is why it is important that you are just there by their side to guide them and instruct them on how to deal with the things from their experiences. Personal Development -
  3. 3. There are lots of tips and guides on how to motivate your child, the reason why there are lots of tips is to motivate a child in a positive manner and this is the most effective way to make your child grow smarter and help them grow with a good decision making abilities. Lots of kids are grown smarter nowadays, unfortunately some of them are grown with negative motivation and fear is circling their brain. Most of them are really good in studies but the reason behind is they are feared from their parents because if they have failing marks at class, their parents or guardian will punish them. You might probably want this things right? That is why you need to build a good relationship with your child, if he or she fail, just let him know that you are always be with him no matter what you will support him or her as they grow and mature. Personal Development -
  4. 4. Here are the guides on how you will motivate your kids. FOCUS ON HIS/HER STRENGTH Each and every child has lots of strength you just need to focus on what they have. If your child’s strength is from mathematics, arts, music, etc. you just need to focus from what they have and think for the things that can develop it, because your child’s career will be depending in this. Encourage him to do more and let him learn more about their passion. Don’t show to your kids that you are not supporting them on what they have and what they are doing that is just a big NO. if your child noticed that you are not supportive on their hobby or they passion and personal development , the child will lose interest to do more and they will be discourage to learn more, chances are their attitude and your relationship with them will be affected. You must show to your kids that no matter what discoveries and learning they do. You are always with them. Personal Development -
  5. 5. HELP YOUR CHILD ORGANIZE HIS THINGS Helping your child organize her school materials and papers is also helpful to them, if you show them this that you are concern not only for them but also for the things they used they will be thinking that you are always with them and you are supporting them. They will also think that they must take a good care of their things no matter what that is why this method is also a helping hand to them. If you help them organize not just their school materials but also other things in home, they will be learn on how to keep and clean their surroundings from their room but also from other places. ASK HIM FROM HIS SCHOOL It is also important that you ask your child on their schools, what are the things that they are experiencing right now. It is also important you ask their grades and their standing on their class, you must also ask about their performance and what are the activities from their schools. If he or she fail don’t be mad at him, instead help him reach up and pass all these problems, if you blame him from failing chances are they will definitely discourage from going to school. You must be supportive for him no matter what; it is important that you are open from each other listen from each other’s opinion and have a solution. Personal Development -
  6. 6. LET HIM EXPRESS HIS OPINION This method is also valuable from molding your child to a smart individual, listening from his / her opinion is a great method to know your child’s side from each and every situation he have. It is important that if they say their opinion, you must not tell that “this is wrong, your opinion is wrong” because it is jus their opinion and they are free to express what they want. It is important that you will listen to him all the time. Don’t ignore him if he says his thoughts. If you want your child to listen to you, learn to listen to them also. FILL YOUR CHILDS WORLD WITH READING It is important that if your child is studying and you are nothing to do at home, sit with him and guide him from what books he is reading, it is important that is your child learn, you are always with him this triggers your child’s trust to you and it can be your binding time also. Read for him and discuss the things that he don’t know about learn how to be patient if your child is a slow learner just punch a little effort and the progress will be worth it. Personal Development -
  7. 7. CELEBRATE HIS ACHIEVEMENT NO MATTER HOW SMALL IT IS Celebration is also a significant way to make your child thing that you are very supportive to them. No matter how big or small his achievement is, celebrating it at home or outside will do. It is important that you always appreciate what kinds of achievement your child will make; this allows them to think and to do more and improve themselves from time to time. POINT OUT NEW INTERESTING THINGS There are lots of things that are develop nowadays making them aware from this things are also valuable from their age of learning, pointing them new interesting things will also trigger their excitement to learn more and to absorb more knowledge from it. Personal Development -
  8. 8. PROVIDE HIM PLAY OPPORTUNITIES Lastly, don’t make your child’s habit is always studying, give him / her also time to play because playing is always a part of learning as a child, if you don’t give playing opportunities to your children their childhood will be affected, in childhood ages it is important that you let your child play with friends and let him explore the world with his fun time, it is also important that you will motivate your child from the time of playing because too much playing habit can affect their routine. Personal Development -
  9. 9. In developing your child’s personal development it will take a time to make your child grow smarter, just be patient and support him no matter what, you must guide him/ her as they grow up and mature. It is important that since they are just a child, you will tell those lots of things around because this is the things that they will use as they grow old and reach the age of maturity. Developing their study skills will be a great help to them because they will bring this things as they study and grow as a smart individual. Just be patient and don’t lose hope no matter how, your child will soon grow just appreciate what he have and support him what he wants. Personal Development -