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A Magazine for the SIM Game, Buckaroo

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Buckaroo Magazine

  1. 1. The New Magazine <ul><li>Inside this month </li></ul><ul><li>All the latest show results </li></ul><ul><li>Results from the B! Awards </li></ul><ul><li>Member profile – XX’s Trace Rimton </li></ul><ul><li>Animal Profile – LW’s new Bucking Bull, Electric Rodeo </li></ul>
  2. 2. Welcome EDITOR : Bek Thanks to Mel & Hidden Hills Ranch Trace Rimton & Double X Ranch Bek & Loc-Waters Ranch AbbeyRoade & AbbeyRoade Ranch Caitlin M & Magni Fieri Ranch COVER PHOTO : Loc-Waters Ranch Brand New Bucking Bull LW Electric Rodeo © Buckaroo All Rights Reserved Welcome to the first Edition of The New Buckaroo Magazine. In this month’s issue we have included for your reading pleasure – the latest show results, all upcoming shows and their entry forms, a member profile on Double XX’s Trace Rimton, an animal profile on Loc-Waters Brand New Bucking Bull LW Electric Rodeo, and last but definitely not least, all the results from the recent Buckaroo Awards! I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as I did making it. Cheers, Bek
  3. 3. December/January Show Results There’s only been 1 show this past month, AbbeyRoade Ranch Horse/Cattle Expo. In this case it definitely was Quality over Quantity. Cattle Class List: O1: Opened Bull. AR James Dean O3: Opened Heifer. AR I Walk The Line O8: Open Dairy Bull. AR Ring Of Fire O10: Open Dairy Heifer. AR Life In The Fast Lane O15: Open Beef Bull. AR Muttly O17: Open Beef Heifer. AR I Walk The Line B2: Junior Bulls (all breeds) AR Improvv B4: Junior Dairy Bulls. AR Improvv B7: Nguni Bulls (Open) AR Kosmo Con’t Next Pge AbbeyRoade Ranch Pecos, Buckaroo Specialising In Akhal-Teke Horses & Nguni Cattle Contact AbbeyRoade on : [email_address] http://www.geocities.com/buckaroade/index.html
  4. 4. B9 : Charolais Bulls(Open) LW Zipper B11: Simmental Bulls (Open) LW Hollaback B--: Miniature Bulls (Open) LW Excalibur(Lowline) B-1: Salorn Bulls (Open) AR James Dean B-2: Sanganer Bulls (Open) AR Ring Of Fire B-3: Galloway Bulls (Open) AR Muttly S5: Senior Beef Steers. Cash H2: Junior Heifers (all breeds) AR Javaccino H4: Junior Dairy Heifers. AR Javaccino H6: Junior Beef Heifers. AR Life In The Fast Lane H7: Nguni Heifers (Open) AR Loteki Show Results Cont. Cont Next Page
  5. 5. H--: Miniature Heifers (Open) AR Faso Latido H-1: Salorn Heifers (Open) AR Life In The Fast Lane H-2: Sanganer Heifers (Open) AR I Walk The Line H-3: Galloway Heifers (Open) AR Tamsin C11: Simmental Cows(Open) LW Lassie Horse Class List: 1 Halter (Open Conformation) AR Paikhasli 2 Halter (Color) Bay AR Siobhan Buckskin AR Zukhra Black AR Bakkara Champagne AR Vatanachi Chestnut AR Khelek Patterned (Blankets/Leopard/Etc.) AR Valentino Show Results Cont. Cont Next Page Loc-Waters Ranch Sutton , Buckaroo Specialising In All Breeds of Cattle & Quarter Horses & Australian Stock Horses Contact Loc-Waters at : [email_address] http://www.freewebs.com/locwatersranch/index.htm
  6. 6. Roan AR Desperado 3 Halter (Gender Standards) Stallion AR Peren Mare AR Take It Easy 4 Showmanship AR Take It Easy 5 Lunging AR Siobhan 6 Hunter-In-Hand AR Valentino 7 English Pleasure Walk/Trot AR Khelek 8 English Pleasure Walk/Trot/Canter AR Bakkara 9 English Equitation Walk/Trot AR Siobhan 10 English Equitation Walk/Trot/Canter AR Bakkara Show Results Cont. Cont Next Page
  7. 7. 11 Beginners Dressage AR Desperado 12 Show Jumping AR Zukhra 13 Cross Country AR Take It Easy 14 English Command AR Peren 15 Hunter-over-fences AR Valentino 16 Hunter Hack AR Zukhra 17 Hunter-under-Saddle AR Khelek 18 Western Pleasure Walk/Jog AR Bakkara 19 Western Pleasure Walk/Jog/Lope AR Siobhan 20 Western Equitation Walk/Jog AR Peren 21 Western Equitation Walk/Jog/Lope AR Desperado Show Results Cont. Cont Next Page Double X Ranch Pecos, Buckaroo Specialising in Quarter Horses and Longhorn Cattle Contact Double X at : [email_address] http://www.freewebs.com/bbriderolivia
  8. 8. 22 Reining AR Vatanachi 23 Cutting Daddy Cool 24 Roping Freeman 25 Barrels AR Take It Easy 26 Poles AR Vatanachi 27 Figure Eights AR Khelek 28 Keyhole AR Zukhra 29 Costume AR Siobhan 30 Equine Championship Class (must have a title) AR Bakkara 31 Cattle Championship Class (must have a title) AR Loteki Show Results Cont. Cont Next Page Magni Fieri Ranch Pecos, Buckaroo Specialising in Quarter Horses and Paints, and a wide range of cattle including Brahmans, Angus, Simmentals and their crosses (Brangus etc) Contact Magni Fieri at : [email_address] http://www.geocities.com/caitlinmcintyre/mf_ranch/home.html
  9. 9. Upcoming Shows HH Christmas Rodeo RULES: 3 horses per member, each horse can enter up to 4 classes each. Riders as many as they want. ENTRY FEES: Each Horse entry (pay once only) - $20 Rider (pay only once) - $20 All money is prize money. HORSE CLASSES: 1. Barrel Racing (Each barrel is covered in Tinsel and Bells) 2. Pole Bending 3. Breakaway Roping (Calves have bells tied onto collars around their necks) 4. Tie Down Roping 5. Team Roping 6. Cutting 7. Campdrafting Cont Next Page
  10. 10. RIDER CLASSES: 1. Bareback Bronc Riding 2. Saddle Bronc 3. Bull Riding 4. Steer Riding FUN CLASSES: 1. Best Dressed Horse 2. Best Dressed Rider 3. Horse and Rider with Most Christmas Decoration Upcoming Shows Cont. Hidden Hills Ranch Sutton, Buckaroo Specialising in Various Breeds of cattle and Quater Horses, Appoloosa's, Paints and Stock horses Contact Hidden Hills at: [email_address] http://www.freewebs.com/melhorsegal/index.htm
  11. 11. Member Profile - Double X's Trace Rimton Name --Olivia(yep trace is played by a chick!) Age -- 17 Occupation -- Junior in high school, run my own stable, train, show and teach riding lessons(western) Location -- Missouri, USA Fave Breed Of Horse --I love Quarter horses b/c that is what i'm around but duns and roans in Quarter horses are fantastic, have my own dun paint filly 100% Quarter! Fave Breed of Cattle -- Longhorns because of their color and horns but my friend has some and they are evil tempered, so i have Black herefords Fave Buckaroo Show -- The very first one, i forgot what it was called but everyone was in it! What Is Your Favourite thing about Buckaroo -- I like that is the only one of it's kind and hope other people will find it and fall in love with it as i have. Extra Info: Do you have any livestock in Real--- Yep 18 horses, all breeds and ages, a goat, 7 cats, and a couple of cows.
  12. 12. Animal Profile - LW Electric Rodeo Show Name – LW Electric Rodeo Barn Name - Rod Age – 3 Breed – Longhorn x Brangus Gender – Bull Colour – White With Black Markings Personality - Awesome bucker, only been tested so far, will be in competition soon, been unridden in all 10 tests Purpose – Bucking & Breeding
  13. 13. The Buckaroo Awards! Member awards -- Most Active Member 2006 : Bek Most Dedicated Member 2006 : Trace Rimton Best New Member(Please note this is only for the last 3-6 months of 2006) : AbbeyRoade Show Of The Year 2006 : HH Rodeo Pecos Member of The Year 2006 : Caitlin M Deland Member of The Year 2006 : corydawn Sutton Member of The Year 2006 : Kelse Drumroll please.................................................. MEMBER OF THE YEAR : Mel
  14. 14. Show & Stock Awards-- Breeding Highest Producing Stallion : Tex Chex Highest Producing Bull : Whiplash Highest Producing Mare : Shine A Gal Highest Producing Cow : La Pette Favourites Stallion of the Year : HH My Incredible Secret Bull of The Year : LW Hollaback Mare of The Year : HH Diamonds Destiny Cow of the Year : Jezzabelle Colt of the Year : Midnight Revenge Filly of the Year : Spilled a Little Heifer of the Year : Bella Gelding of the Year : Freeman Steer of the Year : Cash Rodeo/Sport Animals Bucking Bull of the Year : Locomotive Bucking Bronc of the Year : Triple Six Roping Horse of the Year : Freeman Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year : Moondoggy Barrels Horse of the Year : Black Bart Cutting Horse of The Year : AR Paikhasli Reining Horse of the Year : AR Vatanachi Member Awards Bull Rider of The Year : AbbeyRoade Bronc Rider of the Year : Caitlin M Steer Wrestler of the Year : Bek Roper of the Year : Trace Rimton Barrel Racer of the Year : Kelse Reiner of The Year : Ally Cutter Of The Year : Mel All Round Cowboy/Cowgirl of the Year : Bek The Buckaroo Awards!
  15. 15. Back Cover – The Scenes of The Buckaroo Awards THANK YOU!!! Everyone at the Buckaroo Magazine would like to thank everyone of our sponsors, and all of our great Buckaroo Members!