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Be In Social Media - New Facebook Timeline Cover Designs
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Be In Social Media - New Facebook Timeline Cover Designs

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So, the time has come for Facebook Fan Pages to take on a new ‘Timeline’ look too. We all knew it was coming, and most of us were dreading it. After all, not all changes are good changes. Many......

So, the time has come for Facebook Fan Pages to take on a new ‘Timeline’ look too. We all knew it was coming, and most of us were dreading it. After all, not all changes are good changes. Many successful businesses had an established Facebook Fan Page model that worked and attracted fans on daily basis. Unfortunately, the new layout did disable some of the coolest business features that were available with the old designs. However, there are some exciting developments so read on!


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  • 1. 1. CONVERT TO THE NEW LAYOUTFacebook Timeline for Brands is now available to all of you that have a Facebook Fan Page. Toconvert, simply click on the ‘Preview’ button on the top right of your Facebook Fan Page.If you’re not ready yet, don’t worry, you can wait until March 31 to prepare and and get yourTimeline ready. Here is how to convert: Go to your page where you will see ‘Preview’. Click onthe preview and hey presto- your new Timeline Fan Page is loaded. Be warned, though- once you‘convert’, there is no going back to the old design!
  • 3. Really great feature of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages is the ability to create yourCover Design. The dimensions of this Cover Design are 850 x 315, which gives you agreat opportunity to create a unique image to get people interested in your page. A wordof caution: Do not use it as a sales tool. In fact, here is what is NOT allowed on yourCover Design:•Price or purchase information, such as “20% off” or “Download it here”•Contact information, such as web address, email, or mailing address. Put theseinformation in Page’s ‘About Section’. Keep it clean!•References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook sitefeatures•Phrases such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”•For your unique Cover Design photo and to discuss your marketing needs, please contactus at: sales@beinsocialmedia.com
  • 4. Use this new space to enhance your business. They say that a picture is worth 1,000words, so get creative!The profile picture will change as well. Your profile picture represents your Page on otherparts of Facebook, like in news feed. Use your logo or another image that represents yourPage. Choose an image that’s at least 180 pixels wide. If you don’t have a logo, a smallprofessional photo of yourself would be sufficient. Or for a maximum exposure, get a QRcode of your website to act as your logo:http://beinsocialmedia.com/other-cool-stuff-2/qr-codes-for-anythingTo order your Cover Design, please visit:http://beinsocialmedia.com/FacebookCoverDesign.html
  • 5. 3. PIN TO POSTS
  • 6. If you’re running, for example, a great giveaway that creates lots of interest on yourFacebook Fan Page, your post will be pushed down to the bottom of the page veryquickly if there is lots of interest. So some people coming to your site may not find thegiveaway details.Facebook has finally fixed this problem by introducing the new feature to Timeline forBusiness! You will now be able to pin a post to the top of your Fan Page for up to 7Days. This new feature is excellent and a great benefit to businesses trying to promote anevent or a giveaway.So how do you pin the post?Simply hover over your chosen post, a giveaway or a photo with your mouse as shownand click on the pencil icon; click ‘Pin’ and your post will be at the top of your page for 7days. How great is that?
  • 7. 4. STAR YOUR POSTS & PHOTOSIn order to draw attention to your important posts or images, you can ‘star’ them, the feature thatis also available on your Personal Profile Timeline. Just hover over your post with your mouseand press the star- your post or image will now be wider and bigger. To make it regular size, justclick on the star again.
  • 8. 5. YOUR NEW ADMIN PANEL LAYOUTWith the new Facebook Timeline for brands, you can now keep track of all your page’s activity on the‘admin panel’.Your admin is right at the top of your Fan Page. When you first convert your page, the adminpanel appears to be sitting above your main Fan Page and you may feel a rush of panic. Don’t worry- justpress the ‘Hide’ button to go back to a page view.In the new admin panel, everything is much better organized than on the older versions of Fan Pages.Youcan respond when people write on your Page timeline easier, and view your latest insights.  Visit youractivity log to review all your posts and activity. In addition, people can now contact you privately using ‘messages’ which wasn’t possible before.You cansee your messages right in your admin panel.  You can choose to have or not to have the ‘message’ optionin your settings. I personally recommend it, although unfortunately you might get a few spammers.
  • 10. 6. ORGANIZE YOUR POSTSYou now have an opportunity to sort the order of posts on your new Facebook Timeline forBrands pages by the following options: Highlights, Friend Activity, Posts By Page, Posts by Others.This feature is very useful because businesses have different needs.Those that rely on a customer feedback will welcome ‘Posts by others’ feature, especially if manypeople are interacting with the page. The settings are very simple to change, just click on the ‘Postsby Page’ arrow and highlight your choice.
  • 11. 7. YOU CAN’T SET YOUR DEFAULT LANDING PAGE ANYMORE ANYMORThe fact that Facebook disabled its previous feature, ‘Set a default landing page’, came as a shock tomany businesses. This is where most of the marketing was done, the funds were spent to createstate-of-the-art landing pages and mini website pages. With the new Timeline, we’ve lost thispowerful ‘Call To Action’ feature.Now when fans visit your Fan Page, both old and new fans, they will simply land on the wall. Buthere are 2 things you can do to get around this problem:e)a) Create a stylish, head turning Cover Design with a strong ‘Call To Action’ message.g)b) If you have previous landing pages such as ‘Welcome’ page, you can still use thedirect link to that application.
  • 12. Take A Look Here:If I wanted my fans to land directly on my mini website within Facebook, I would simply use the highlighted linkin my browser. True, the link looks messy as opposed to clean, direct Facebook Link, but my point is that it isSTILL possible to take advantage of your previously designed Fan Page applications.
  • 13. 8. Get Ready for the New TimelineSo to sum up, here are some of the things you should do before you convert to the new Timeline:•Create a unique Cover Design for your business (or have it professionally designed by us athttp://beinsocialmedia.com/FacebookCoverDesign.html)•Prepare your business history, adding any important dates, events, how you started, when youopened your first shop, welcomed a celebrity to your business and so on•Clean up photos and posts that you don’t want to be seen on the new Timeline•Prepare your first ‘Welcome to our new design Fan Page’ post to really show off your newTimeline!
  • 14. Only time will show whether these Fan Page changes will be better or worse. For now, thebusinesses will have to get to grips with the new layout and I don’t doubt many will start seeingbenefits.So to start with, order your Cover Design at:http://beinsocialmedia.com/FacebookCoverDesign.htmlWe are here to help you get creative and even run your Social Media campaign for you if it’s toooverwhelming. Just visit us athttp://beinsocialmedia.com/FacebookFanPageConnect.html*We are giving away some really cool Cover Designs that can be used for Personal and Business Timelines.Just visit our Fan Page and become a Fan athttps://www.facebook.com/beinsocialmedia
  • 15. http://www.facebook.com/beinsocialmediahttp://beinsocialmedia.wordpress.comhttp://beinsocialmedia.com/