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Latin is undead
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Latin is undead


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A little look at Latin.

A little look at Latin.

Published in: Education, Technology
  • Thank you Sally for all my school memories......and.......De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum.......and......
    Amore, more, ore, re probantur amicitiae.
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  • That's excellent ...but still for not for everyone to learn... !
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  • Gran trabajo, gracias y un saludo desde España
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  • Most interesting
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  • Ipsa scientia potestas est - knowledge itself is powerful. What a great contribution that is to us!! Quid agis hodie? How are you today? Valeo , gratias. Gracias por su commentario Nikkita. Me gusta mucho.
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  • 1. Remember noun declensions? Singular Plural Nominative Hasta Hastae Genitive Hastae Hastarum Dative Hastae Hastis Accusative Hastam Hastas Ablative Hasta Hastis Vocative Hasta Hastae The Latin
  • 2. And verb conjugations?amo: I loveamas: you loveamat: he, she, or itlovesamamus: we loveamatis: you (plural)loveamant: they love Venus de Milo at the Louvre. Marie-Lan Nguyen/Wikimedia Commons
  • 3. Latin is making a comeback !
  • 4. Why learn Latin? 10. "You acquire a certain logic and intuitive sense about language." -Newspaper editor 9. "Classics gives a perspective on life of beauty and greatness of the Roman and Greek cultures--arts, philosophy, literature, leadership, etc." -Owner of business consulting firm 8. "Improved vocabulary, confidence in front of people, better writing techniques. Key item: The discipline I learned has been a critical success factor, especially in the U.S. Military." -Retired military 7. "...strong vocabulary and the ability to write, two qualities which are sorely lacking in many medical students. Practically any term in medicine comes from Latin or Greek, which allows me to memorize complicated words or phrases more easily." -Medical student 6. "I found law school a breeze because of the discipline and hard work habits I developed in Classics. My awareness of linguistic processes and details is a constant strength in reading, and thinking." -Law school/Texas Legislature 5. "Classics taught me the value of discussion without argument; taught me to listen and appreciate other points of view." -Dentist 4. "Latin definitely has helped me. It implies some skills and character traits: attention to detail, knowledge of how languages work, good vocabulary, good writing skills, worldly outlook ...and maybe even wisdom." -Medical editor 3. "I appreciate having studied the Classics so much that I wish that I had the power to influence/persuade the curriculum writers in my district to take the study of Latin mandatory for all students who are seriously college bound. I see the study of Latin as one possible remedy for the plummeting SAT verbal scores." -English teacher 2. "Because of its great breadth for embracing as it does logical thinking, precise analysis, lucid expression and with its overview of human thought and development, history, economics, business and politics, Classics constitutes the single best preparation in general sense for almost any of lifes available pursuits!" -Founder of a middle school AND THE NUMBER ONE REASON IS: Impressive credentials for any kind of job! Why study Latin?
  • 5. Why students should learnLatin Learning Latin, unlike Russian or Greek is easier because Latin has almost identical alphabet with English. The student does not have to learn a new alphabet. Approximately fifty percent of English words are derived from Latin. Not just any words, but the educated language of theology, other sciences, and the highest English literature and art. Students of Latin score higher on standardized tests than students of other foreign languages. Other languages, such as the Romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish), have up to 80% Latin-based vocabulary. These are much easier to learn once Latin is mastered.  Read more at Suite101: Rachel Schaus
  • 6. Why not learn some Latin? Open University Et pour les Français Y por los espagñoles
  • 7. Perhaps you’d just like to say afew things?
  • 8. Cogito ergo sum I think therefore I am
  • 9. Mellita, domi adsum Honey, I’m home
  • 10. Quid fit ? What is happening?
  • 11. Nil desperandum Never despair
  • 12. credo ut intelligam I believe so that I may understand.
  • 13. semper ad meliora Always towards better things
  • 14. ipsa scientia potestas est Knowledge itself is power
  • 15. si finis bonus est, totumbonum erit All’s well that ends well
  • 16. Felicem diem natalem! Happy Birthday!
  • 17. Linguamne Latinam loqueris? Do you speak latin?
  • 18. Quid agis hodie? How are you today?
  • 19. Valete!@sally07 Roman Empire