21st Century Learning Spaces


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Ideas for what we need in 21st century learning spaces

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  • In education, it's important to transfer existing knowledge but just as important is to teach the new generation how to teach themselves. Because we should be preparing them for jobs not yet in existence while they are in school. Ability to think and learn on their own is paramount for keeping up with the time after the school.
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  • Very interesting!! Thanks for sharing
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  • the call is for consciousness based education already practiced by thousands of students around the globe. Math, physics, chemistry etc. fine, everyone picks up whiat he likes b u t first and foremost every student has to know his SELF, his innermost unbounded reservoir of energy and intelligence. the David Lynch Foundation sponsers consciousness-based education all over the world
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  • Ali, I cannot seem to leave a comment on your wall. Thank you for the careful comment you have put on my slide show. I really appreciate it. We have to be ready! It is already happening! Some are finding it hard but there needs to be constant technical support and encouragement and then some decent inservicing.
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  • Hi Sally...this is very interesting!! Thanks for sharing:))
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21st Century Learning Spaces

  1. 1. 21 st Century Classroom
  2. 2. The easy option <ul><li>I have worked out with very little effort and money my current classroom could have sound booths added, still cater to 30 students and be a far more flexible e-learning space.
  3. 3. The sounds booths could be arranged along the windows on either side of the classroom and provide independent learning areas with some sound dampening facilities for making videos or podcasts. </li></ul>
  4. 4. But in looking at 21 st century learning spaces, what do we really want?
  5. 5. All Areas <ul><li>Tinted windows or windows which do not face the sun.
  6. 6. Solar heating panels/ renewable energy sources
  7. 7. Sound proofing and sound dampening of rooms
  8. 8. Multimedia metal wall plates/boards – plastic vitrifies.
  9. 9. Fire retardant materials
  10. 10. Plants
  11. 11. Good air flow
  12. 12. Climate control
  13. 13. Plenty of power points
  14. 14. Recycling bins
  15. 15. Good use of natural light and heat
  16. 16. Storage space. </li></ul>
  17. 17. Instruction areas <ul><li>Whiteboard
  18. 18. Data projector
  19. 19. Reliable wireless access/wired back up
  20. 20. Clear sound system
  21. 21. Acoustically sound rooms
  22. 22. Central teaching space
  23. 23. Sound dampened
  24. 24. Blinds/curtains/black out facilities
  25. 25. Niche accommodation for independent learning
  26. 26. Pin boards and display areas
  27. 27. Niche accommodation for sound recording </li></ul>
  28. 28. Open Learning Spaces <ul><li>Permanently located teachers
  29. 29. Teacher help
  30. 30. Electronic white board
  31. 31. Data projector
  32. 32. Sound system
  33. 33. Multimedia wall plates/ boards
  34. 34. Weather and energy feedback screens
  35. 35. Plants
  36. 36. Niche spaces
  37. 37. Table clusters
  38. 38. Wet area
  39. 39. Good use of natural light and resources
  40. 40. Access to bulletins/ weekly events/ timetables </li></ul>
  41. 41. Highly desirable <ul><li>Slide presentations and videos which are just interesting and well composed and can be played as inspiration.
  42. 42. Screens with energy and weather feedback
  43. 43. Touch screen for students to access timetables, daily notices, current important information, news
  44. 44. Video access to student services.
  45. 45. Easy access to online wellbeing support </li></ul>
  46. 46. We do not need learning barns <ul><li>Open plan was a disaster in the 70s
  47. 47. Technology barns could get everyone off track even better no matter how beautiful the view.
  48. 48. In the wrong hands learning barns would offer opportunities for online mayhem and onsite vandalism
  49. 49. Larger learning areas need to be carefully thought out so the spaces are well utilised and supervised </li></ul>Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org
  50. 50. T echnology won't make teachers great <ul><li>Good teachers need good tools
  51. 51. Good teachers have taught with slate boards, ink wells, blackboards, text books, pens and paper.
  52. 52. Good teachers will teach with technology
  53. 53. Good teachers need to be constantly encouraged
  54. 54. Good teachers need support networks
  55. 55. Good teachers need to be inspired
  56. 56. Good teachers need to be heard
  57. 57. Bad teachers cannot teach </li></ul>Photo courtesy pics4learning .com Jeff Ingraham
  58. 58. Online safety <ul>No students should be engaging with anyone online who has not been vetted in accordance with the regulations pertaining to face to face contact with students in schools. </ul>CyberSmart
  59. 59. Engaging with others <ul><li>There is a real chance with technology to use the wider community to encourage and foster learning.
  60. 60. Employers can be more visible online and share their needs and knowledge.
  61. 61. Community groups can take advantage of this generation's desire to make a difference and espouse causes.
  62. 62. Higher education institutions can create courses to to enthuse and develop higher level learning.
  63. 63. Students can be part of online groups and activities which have sound learning outcomes but also will provide some choices for individual interests and learning styles.
  64. 64. Qualified and suitable older people can be online mentors for students. Students can actually engage with online mentors who take a genuine interest in their work. </li></ul>
  65. 65. So what do we need? <ul><li>Constant technology inservice at an appropriate level
  66. 66. Good technical back up
  67. 67. Clean air </li></ul>Reliable technology Solid internet connection Flexible spaces Good teachers