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Eng presentation

  1. 1. Background info about the business  Family-based business located in Georgetown, Penang.  The business had been around for about 30 years now.  The supervisor we interviewed has worked in the hotel for 9 years and has a lot of experience and knowledge about this hotel.  The founder was prompted to start this business because they want to provide the best services to the society.  Most of the workers in the hotel are part of the family members and relatives.  The business they are running is considered a small business; hence they have no other branches in Malaysia.
  2. 2. Background info about the business  One-of-the-kind application hotel and the brainchild of South East Asia’s renowned Taylor’s University School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (TCHT).  It is located in the premises of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Malaysia.  The idea behind Ruemz hotel came from its unique hotel-in-a-campus concept.  Their 84 rooms are not just modernsmart retreats for hotel guests, but also serve as a progressive, training seminary for future hospitality management professionals.  There are no other branches in Malaysia.
  3. 3. Sunway hotel
  4. 4. Analysis in terms of competitors, obstacles or challengers, nature of business and strategies used Competitors: Hotel Continental  Number of competitors is approximately around 2-10.  One of the top 3 competitors which are located right beside Hotel Continental is Hotel Malaysia.  Some customers would prefer to stay at the hotel which is around the seaside where they can have a better view of the scenery.
  5. 5. Ruemz hotel • Around 10-50 competitors • Sunway which comprises of Hotels such as Pyramid Tower Hotel and Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa • Sunway’s hotel are more luxurious and has more facilities than Ruemz hotel
  6. 6. Sunway hotel
  7. 7. Obstacles or challengers: Hotel Continental o The opposite view of the hotel is a graveyard o Better and higher rated hotels around it Ruemz Hotel o Low advertisement o Location o Parking place
  8. 8. Sunway hotel
  9. 9. Nature of business and strategy: Hotel Continental  Keep price low and profitable  Provide customers convenience  Provide good service to customers  Assist customers as much as possible  A comfortable lobby lounge for customers  Café for customers to relax during tea time  Laundry service, safe deposit box and postal service for customers  Conference room with broadband Internet for business customers Ruemz hotel  Provide good service to customers  Control price of hotel rooms to make it affordable for customers  A comfortable lobby lounge for customers  Gym equipment’s for customers  Buffet for customers to eat  Outdoor deck, cocktail area and pre-function Asian themed restaurant  Fine dining restaurant
  10. 10. Sunway hotel
  11. 11. Recommendation – future plans, expansion and ways to sustain the business. Continental Hotel: • Expand the hotel bigger and open new branches • Renovate the hotel to make more modern and luxurious • Refurnish, repaint and recarpet the building • Provide more car park space • Provide valet service • Keep price low and profitable
  12. 12. Ruemz Hotel: • Provide package for customers such as special parking places and taxi service • Make advertisements to increase popularity • Hire more senior staffs to teach and survey students from School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (TCHT). • More buffet dishes • Provide 24-hour taxi service • Stabilize price and provide more facilities for customers
  13. 13. Sunway hotel
  14. 14. Price range Hotel Continental Hotel Continental’s room price starts from RM138 to RM208 per day. Ruemz hotel Ruemz Hotel’s room price starts from RM166 to RM250 per day. Sunway Hotel
  15. 15. Type of Customers: - Family trip - Business trip - Tourist