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This study attempts to quantify and rank the digital competence

This study attempts to quantify and rank the digital competence
of 87 magazine brands



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Magazines digitaliq2011 Magazines digitaliq2011 Presentation Transcript

  • ® Magazines SCOTT GALLOWAY NYU Stern J U LY 2 6 , 2 0 11 A Think TAnk for DiGiTAL innOVATiOn© L2 2011
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®: Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT US inTRODUCTiOnOpaqueThere is no shortage of candlepower (i.e., smarts) or innovation in the magazine business. However, even withtotal advertising revenue down more than 20 percent from its pre-financial crisis peak, no company or individual has beenable to paint a cogent picture of what the industry’s next iteration will look, smell, or feel like.1 While analysts and consultants bark about the urgency to through the ether surpassed free content, and several pay walls “embrace digital,” the web efforts of many leading magazines appear to be gaining traction.4 As experimentation with digital wilt under even the most forgiving analytics. In sum, the online edition format, pricing, and subscription models continues, revenue model for magazines remains opaque. analysts at PwC express confidence that annual digital circu- lation revenues associated with magazines could grow from Broken about $4 million last year to $611 million by 2015.5 Technology did not get the memo regarding traditional me- dia’s business model. Re-targeting, coupled with a torrent of Digital iQ = Shareholder Value supply, resulted in online CPMs collapsing 30 percent in the This study attempts to quantify and rank the digital competence 12-month period ending March 2011.2 The latest beacon, the of 87 magazine brands. A close look at the relationship between iPad, has not lived up to its hype, and as of December 2010, all Digital IQ and performance reveals a link between a title’s digital magazines reporting data experienced declining digital edition competence and its advertising revenue per page. Our aim is to sales. The Huffington Post, arguably the most successful In- 3 provide a robust tool to diagnose digital strengths and weak- 1. Publishers Information Bureau (PIB), Full-Year Revenue & Pages ternet media property based on a traditional advertising model, nesses, and thereby help managers achieve greater return on Data, Updated January 10, 2011. 2. Efficient Frontier, Global Digital posted 2010 revenues of $30 million. In contrast, Google will incremental investment in digital. We hope you will reach out Marketing Performance Report, Q1 2011. register over $30 million in revenues in the next eight hours. with comments that improve our methodology, investigation, and 3. “Memo Pad: findings. You can email me at iPad Magazine Sales Drop,” Hope John Koblin, WWD Media, December 29, 2010. Sincerely, 4. “Murdoch’s Leap Finds There is nothing wrong with the magazine industry that can’t be Converts in Cannes As Paywall Use Grows,” Matthew Campbell fixed with what’s right with the industry. Iconic brands, differenti- and Amy Thomson, Bloomberg, June 24, 2011. ated content, deep talent, and robust cash flows to fund experi- SCOTT GALLOwAY 5. Jeff Bercovici, mentation and acquisition should illuminate several paths to a “Digital Subscriptions Will Lift Founder, L2 Magazines But Not Newspapers,” brave new model. In 2011, the amount of paid content traveling Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern Forbes: Mixed Media, June 14, 2011. © L2 2011 2
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USinTRODUCTiOn M A G A Z i n E D i G i TA L i q S C O R E v s . 2 0 1 0 A D V E R T i S i n G R E V E n U E P E R A D V E R T i S i n G PA G E 150 130 110 Digital IQ 90 70 50 30 0 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 2010 Advertising Revenue per Advertising Page (in thousands)© L2 2011 3
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USABOUT ThE RAnkinGS M E T h O D O LO G Y Site - 25%: C AT E G O R i E S Effectiveness of brand site. FunCTiOnALiTY & COnTenT - 75%: 140+ Genius • Technology: Load Time, Integration of Analytics & Optimization Platforms, Video Presence Digital competence is a point of • navigation & Search: User Interface, Site Search differentiation for these brands. Site • home Page: Social Media Integration, RSS Customization, Blog Presence & Implementation content is searchable, shareable, and • User Account: Signup Process, Interoperability, Account Features mobile-optimized. Social media efforts • Content: Shareability of Articles, Photos, & Videos complement wider digital strategy. • Customer Service: Subscription Promotion & Support • interactivity & innovation: Unique Tools, Web Applications, Microsites 110-139 Gifted BRAnD TRAnSLATiOn - 25%: • Aesthetics Brands are experimenting and innovat- • Messaging ing across site, mobile, and social platforms. Digital presence is consis- tent with print product. Digital Marketing - 25%: Marketing efforts, off-site brand presence, and visibility on search engines. 90-109 Average • Search: Traffic, SEM, SEO, Web Authority • Email: Frequency, Content, Social Media Integration, Promotion Digital presence is functional yet • innovation: Recent Brand Initiatives, Presence on Tumblr predictable. Social media efforts are • Blog Presence: Mentions, Sentiment siloed across platforms. Social Media - 25%: 70-89 Challenged Brand presence, community size, content, and influence on major social media platforms. Inconsistent adoption of mobile and • Facebook: Likes, Growth, Post Frequency, Applications, Responsiveness, Content social media platforms. Site lacks • Twitter: Followers, Growth, Tweet Frequency, Online Voice inspiration. • YouTube: Views, Number of Uploads, Subscriber Growth, Content <70 Feeble Mobile - 25%: Investment does not match opportunity. Compatibility and marketing on smartphones and other mobile devices. • Mobile Site: Compatibility, Functionality, Ability to Transact • iOS: Availability, Popularity, Functionality, iPad Differentiation • Other Platforms: Availability, Popularity, Functionality • innovation: SMS, Geolocal, Recent Brand Initiatives© L2 2011 4
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L i q R A n k i n G Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation Rank Brand Parent Category Digital iQ Class Description 1 TiMe Time inc. news & Politics 140 Genius Strong presence across nearly every platform; inspiring Accessible on nearly any screen; launched voting last fall for 2010 Sexiest Man 2 PeOPLe Time inc. entertainment & TV 136 Gifted Alive on Facebook 3 SeLF Condé nast Health & Fitness 134 Gifted Seamless integration of print and Facebook content 4 Men’S HeALTH Rodale Health & Fitness 131 Gifted Cross-platform Workouts are intense 4 SPORTS iLLuSTRATeD Time inc. Sports & Recreation 131 Gifted A breadth of web content, solid mobile offering, and halo effect from CNN’s Sports tab new York Media 6 neW YORK MAGAzine Lifestyle 129 Gifted Culture Vulture and Shop-A-Matic sub-brands are standouts Holdings 7 GQ Condé nast Men’s 128 Gifted Sharp customer service and irreverent Twitter handle 8 GLAMOuR Condé nast Fashion & Style 127 Gifted Impressive social media properties and blogs make fashion accessible YouTube promotion to launch fall TV lineup and partnership with check-in upstart 9 enTeRTAinMenT WeeKLY Time inc. entertainment & TV 126 Gifted GetGlue entertain Digital marketing innovator; turned users into stars in first global digital campaign 10 COSMOPOLiTAn Hearst Women’s 125 Gifted live in Times Square The economist 11 THe eCOnOMiST news & Politics 124 Gifted Smashing infographics and adroit YouTube videos Group national Geographic 12 nATiOnAL GeOGRAPHiC Science & nature 123 Gifted YouTube channel boasts nearly 600 million upload views Society 12 neW YORKeR Condé nast news & Politics 123 Gifted Impressive issue archive and narrated slide shows© L2 2011 5
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L i q R A n k i n G Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation Rank Brand Parent Category Digital iQ Class Description 12 RunneR’S WORLD Rodale Health & Fitness 123 Gifted Social media marathoner 74 percent Facebook fan growth during TV farewell demonstrates power 15 O, THe OPRAH MAGAzine Hearst Women’s 121 Gifted of integrated platforms 16 SeVenTeen Hearst Women’s 120 Gifted Social (media) butterfly; Mstylelab showcases digital efforts with leading retailers 16 WiReD Condé nast Science & nature 120 Gifted iPad pioneer underwhelms with otherwise analog showing Debonair mobile site and clever viral video divert attention from a disheveled 18 eSQuiRe Hearst Men’s 119 Gifted Facebook page 19 Teen VOGue Condé nast Women’s 118 Gifted Stellar Twitter handle and Fashion Click blog 20 eLLe Hachette Filipacchi Fashion & Style 117 Gifted Impressive YouTube and Twitter properties 20 FORBeS Forbes Business & Finance 117 Gifted A rich site 20 inSTYLe Time inc. Fashion & Style 117 Gifted A sleek Facebook page and StyleFind e-commerce BeTTeR HOMeS AnD 23 Meredith Home & Gardening 115 Gifted Mobile site and how-to tools bloom GARDenS American express Cooking, Food, 23 FOOD & Wine 115 Gifted Smooth digital presence overpowers an undercooked mobile site Publishing & Beverage Scores with Fans’ Choice 2011, an online bracket where Facebook fans select 25 GOLF DiGeST Condé nast Sports & Recreation 114 Gifted America’s greatest public golf course 26 FiTneSS Meredith Health & Fitness 113 Gifted Strong mobile site and apps© L2 2011 6
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L i q R A n k i n G Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation Rank Brand Parent Category Digital iQ Class Description 26 PARenTS Meredith Family 113 Gifted Facebook fans thicker than water 26 VOGue Condé nast Fashion & Style 113 Gifted At times geek can be chic, and at others it’s passé to be gifted 29 MARie CLAiRe Hearst Fashion & Style 112 Gifted iPad e-commerce standout FOOD neTWORK Cooking, Food, 30 Hearst 111 Gifted Foursquare and Facebook Places check-in campaigns offer unique flavor MAGAzine & Beverage Faces of 5F Facebook/Tumblr collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman shows 30 LuCKY Condé nast Fashion & Style 111 Gifted social prowess 30 PLAYBOY Playboy enterprises Men’s 111 Gifted Nearly six million Facebook fans Tempting site and QR-code giveaways, but bookmarking can’t possibly 33 ALLuRe Condé nast Fashion & Style 110 Gifted be Reader’s Choice 34 ReAL SiMPLe Time inc. Lifestyle 109 Average Simply average Site has good cadence, but other digital properties lack rhythm; turned over cover 34 ROLLinG STOne Wenner Media entertainment & TV 109 Average choice for August 18, 2011 issue to site users 34 uS WeeKLY Wenner Media entertainment & TV 109 Average Robust mobile site Source interlink 37 MOTOR TRenD Auto & Cycles 108 Average Apps and mobile site are head-turners, but site is middle of the road Media The newsweek Daily 37 neWSWeeK news & Politics 108 Average Daily Beast integration is a disappointment Beast Company 37 WOMen’S HeALTH Rodale Health & Fitness 108 Average Apps and Twitter look good, but YouTube absence damages overall physique© L2 2011 7
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L i q R A n k i n G Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation Rank Brand Parent Category Digital iQ Class Description 40 FAST COMPAnY Mansueto Ventures Business & Finance 106 Average High octane iPad app, sluggish Facebook page BLOOMBeRG 41 Bloomberg Business & Finance 105 Average iPad app is a victory; Business Exchange attempts micro-social effort BuSineSSWeeK 41 VAniTY FAiR Condé nast Lifestyle 105 Average VF Agenda microsite attempts to add spark to otherwise stale site 43 CAR AnD DRiVeR Hachette Filipacchi Auto & Cycles 104 Average Mobile site has more horsepower than full-sized web presence MARTHA STeWART Martha Stewart Rich site and multiple apps—but brand can’t replicate namesake’s success 43 Home & Gardening 104 Average LiVinG Living Omnimedia on Twitter 45 eSSenCe Time inc. Women’s 99 Average Recent site redesign works 45 POPuLAR SCienCe Bonnier Science & nature 99 Average iPad early adopter has made 139 years of the publication available via Google Books Cooking, Food, Android/iOS ebooks and Foursquare presence satisfy, but leaves us craving mobile 47 BOn APPÉTiT Condé nast 98 Average & Beverage apps for the main course 48 BRiDeS Condé nast Women’s 97 Average Best-in-class site and efforts on other platforms need to tie the knot Fortune trumps sister brand Money, but both are hindered by slow consolidation 48 FORTune Time inc. Business & Finance 97 Average under CNNMoney umbrella 48 MAXiM Alpha Media Group Men’s 97 Average Social media that proves sexier than aging site 51 SHAPe American Media Health & Fitness 95 Average Vigorous social media and innovative mobile apps, but a weak site Mentions of ETSY designers aim to be hip, but brand can’t pull away from Hearst 52 COunTRY LiVinG Hearst Home & Gardening 93 Average boilerplate© L2 2011 8
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L i q R A n k i n G Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation Rank Brand Parent Category Digital iQ Class Description entrepreneur 52 enTRePReneuR Business & Finance 93 Average Needs to take more risks Media inc. 52 GOLF MAGAzine Time inc. Sports & Recreation 93 Average Will Ferrell promo helps users select their Celebrity Fab Foursome on Facebook 52 GOOD HOuSeKeePinG Hearst Home & Gardening 93 Average @Home app provides DIY resource to complement print content 52 POPuLAR MeCHAniCS Hearst Science & nature 93 Average In-app subscription functionality is a start 57 ReDBOOK Hearst Women’s 92 Average Impressive mobile site, but main site is still underwhelming 57 W Condé nast Fashion & Style 92 Average Why no apps? 59 WOMAn’S DAY Hachette Filipacchi Women’s 91 Average Live well every day… by engaging more with your Twitter followers 60 HOuSe BeAuTiFuL Hearst Home & Gardening 89 Challenged House Beautiful PaintBrush begins to showcase digital DIY Cooking, Food, 61 COOKinG LiGHT Time inc. 88 Challenged Hungry for more mobile investment & Beverage 61 HARPeR’S BAzAAR Hearst Fashion & Style 88 Challenged Unremarkable 61 PARenTinG Bonnier Family 88 Challenged Functional website is the glue holding together otherwise dysfunctional digital presence Reader’s Digest 64 ReADeR’S DiGeST Lifestyle 87 Challenged 100 Towns in 100 Days YouTube tour proved hard to sustain; acquisition rumors persist Association 64 ROAD & TRACK Hachette Filipacchi Auto & Cycles 87 Challenged Good-looking site, but not much under the hood© L2 2011 9
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L i q R A n k i n G Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation Rank Brand Parent Category Digital iQ Class Description 66 COnDÉ nAST TRAVeLeR Condé nast Lifestyle 85 Challenged Integration with is confusing and dilutive 66 PReVenTiOn Rodale Health & Fitness 85 Challenged Sclerotic site navigation 68 FAMiLY CiRCLe Meredith Family 84 Challenged Momster social network partnership should just move to Facebook 69 FieLD & STReAM Bonnier Sports & Recreation 83 Challenged There’s plenty of game left on other platforms 69 MORe Meredith Womens 83 Challenged More mobile please 71 MOneY Time inc. Business & Finance 82 Challenged In recession 71 SOuTHeRn LiVinG Time inc. Home & Gardening 82 Challenged They don’t use mobile phones in the South? 73 ARCHiTeCTuRAL DiGeST Condé nast Home & Gardening 81 Challenged Impressive aesthetics should reach across multiple platforms eVeRY DAY Reader’s Digest Cooking, Food, 73 81 Challenged Mobile campaigns for a magazine with no mobile site? WiTH RACHAeL RAY Association & Beverage American express 73 TRAVeL+LeiSuRe Lifestyle 81 Challenged Digital has never been abroad Publishing Smithsonian 76 SMiTHSOniAn Science & nature 79 Challenged Museum-quality mobile site can’t make up for underwhelming social media institution 77 eSPn THe MAGAzine Walt Disney/Hearst Sports & Recreation 78 Challenged No dedicated URL (anymore), that’s gotta hurt… 77 HeALTH Time inc. Health & Fitness 78 Challenged Infirmed© L2 2011 10
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L i q R A n k i n G Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation Rank Brand Parent Category Digital iQ Class Description Dow Jones & 79 SMARTMOneY Business & Finance 77 Challenged Answer Engine registers, but no mobile presence Company inc. 80 LADieS’ HOMe JOuRnAL Meredith Women’s 75 Challenged Dear Journal: Create a mobile site and/or apps 81 TRADiTiOnAL HOMe Meredith Home & Gardening 69 Feeble Uploaded ad images are not traditional, just outdated 82 MuSCLeS & FiTneSS American Media Health & Fitness 64 Feeble Ninety-pound weakling Designer Registry mentions drive Facebook wall conversation away from core 83 eLLe DeCOR Hachette Filipacchi Home & Gardening 59 Feeble readership 84 STAR American Media entertainment & TV 55 Feeble The last to know 85 Men’S JOuRnAL Wenner Media Men’s 52 Feeble No daily blog and spotty incorporation of video content 86 TOWn & COunTRY Hearst Lifestyle 43 Feeble Is anyone home? 87 in TOuCH WeeKLY Bauer Publishing entertainment & TV 32 Feeble A lot of opportunity to improve© L2 2011 11
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS D i G i TA L i q D i S P E R S i O n % of Brands per Digital iq ClassMany Are Gifted, TIMEBut Only One is ... GeniuS GeniuS DiGiTAL iQ People Wired Self Esquire 1% >140The distribution of brands per Digital IQ class is heavily skewed Men’s Health Teen Voguetowards the Gifted classification. Less than one-third of brands GiFTeD Sports ELLEsurveyed were categorized as Challenged or Feeble, high- Illustrated Forbes New Yorklighting adoption of digital best practices across the sample. Magazine InStyle Better HomesHowever, only one Genius brand emerged from this study: GQ and GardensTIME Magazine. Glamour Food & Wine Entertainment 37% Golf Digest Weekly DiGiTAL iQAlthough most brands achieve adequate digital competence, Fitness Cosmopolitan 110-139few invest in additional tools and features that could distinguish Parents The Economist Voguethem from a crowd of above-average performers. National Geographic Marie Claire Real Simple Bon Appétit New Yorker Food NetworkMagazines that appear poised to enter the Genius class Magazine Rolling Stone Brides Runner’s Worldshare two features: O, The Oprah Lucky AVeRAGe Us Weekly Fortune Playboy Motor Trend Maxim Magazine 1. Allure Newsweek Shape Seventeen Balanced, sustained investment across social Women’s Health Country Living media platforms. DiGiTAL iQ Fast Company Entrepreneur 30% Bloomberg Golf Magazine 90-109 Businessweek 2. Good Vanity Fair Housekeeping Recognition that a successful mobile strategy Car and Driver Popular extends beyond the iOS platform. Martha Stewart Mechanics Living Redbook House Beautiful Southern Living Essence W Cooking Light Architectural Harper’s Bazaar Digest CHALLenGeD Popular Science Woman’s Day Parenting Every Day with Rachel Ray Reader’s Digest Travel+Leisure Road & Track Smithsonian DiGiTAL iQ Condé Nast 24% Traveler ESPN 70-89 The Magazine Prevention Health Family Circle Smart Money Traditional Men’s Journal Field & Stream Home Ladies’ Home Town & More Journal Muscles & Country Money FeeBLe Fitness In Touch DiGiTAL iQ ELLE DECOR Weekly 8% <70 Star© L2 2011 12
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS A TIMe -ly Victory Lightbox: Despite its demonstrable success, TIME is not afraid to innovate— it recently launched a best-in-class photo blog in March. Diverse investment Across Mobile Platforms: TIME is one of a handful of publications that develops across nearly every platform, including Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nook, and Kindle. well-Managed Digital TIME Mobile App: Footprint: One of the rare mobile offerings that One-stop access to TIME’s brings Facebook and Twitter buttons into expanded digital footprint. the app. Proves distinct from both mobi- lize-optimized site and tablet offerings.© L2 2011 13
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS A TIMe -ly Victory (continued) Allie Townsend: TIME gives personality to its @TIME Twitter account by hand- ing over the reins to the brand’s Facebook Page: resident geek. Dedicated Twitter tab, integrated video library, and direct subscription signup—all implemented without redirects. never Pay Twice for the Same Content: Adopted “All Access” sub- scription plan on July 19, The Page iPad App: granting current print sub- Instead of introducing feature creep into the well conceived iPad edition of scribers unrestricted use the magazine, TIME has begun to create complementary tablet apps that of the title’s content across feature separate content driven by its commentators and analysts. ALL its digital versions.© L2 2011 14
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSSize MattersIn aggregate, brands that belong to a larger parent companyperform better than those associated with a smaller publica-tion house or independent venture. Companies that manageten or more brands register an average Digital IQ 11 percenthigher than their smaller counterparts. The one exception,Rodale, which garnered the highest organizational IQ at 112,has tapped into a Health & Fitness category-specific formulathat translates across its four titles. Condé Nast nabbed the topspot of the large conglomerates, registering an average DigitalIQ of 110 across the 16 magazines scored.The higher Digital IQ scores associated with larger companiessuggest these organizations have leveraged economies ofscale—employing common site templates and mobile apparchitecture across their titles.The five Hachette Filipacchi brands (ELLE, ELLE DECOR,Car and Driver, Road & Track, and Woman’s Day) performbelow those of Hearst, which completed its acquisition of thecompany on May 31. This merger will provide a valuable casestudy for the export and/or exchange of digital best practices. As a group, hearst magazine brands outperform hachette Filipacchi Media brands online. Three of these five titles stand to gain from their new parent company’s digital best practices.© L2 2011 15
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®: Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT US kEY FinDinGS Auto Business Entertainment Family Fashion Cooking, Food, Health Home Lifestyle Men’s News Science Sports Women’s & Cycles & Finance & TV & Style & Beverage & Fitness & Gardening & Politics & Nature & Recreation A V E R A G E D i G i TA L i q BY PA R E n T C O M PA n Y Organizations with More than One Brand in the index170 Genius Disparity140 Disparity 62 Disparity 53 46 Disparity 82 Gifted Disparity Disparity 34 Disparity 58 46 Disparity110 AVG IQ 112 AVG IQ 57 110 AVG IQ Disparity 106 16 Average AVG IQ Disparity 100 AVG IQ 98 AVG IQ 40 Disparity 93 AVG IQ90 92 AVG IQ 90 AVG IQ 90 6 Challenged AVG IQ 84 AVG IQ70 71 Feeble30 n= ale 16 t 13 . 13 t hi s n= ith n= chi n= i e r n= dia n= i o n t n= dia n= Inc n= as n= ars at s is es ci ige 4 7 5 3 3 3 n= ng ed nn ac N d e e bl pr He Ro rM M e 2 so D er 2 Bo é lip Pu n Ex m nd an As r ’s M Ti ne Fi Co ic e a en te ad ic er et W er Am Re ch Am Ha © L2 2011 16
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS T O P E i G h T R E F E R R A L & D E S T i n AT i O n S i T E S FOR MAGAZinE BRAnDS Upstream and Downstream Traffic to and from Social Media SitesButton vs. FeatureEnsuring content is distributed across social networks is critical Upstream Traffic Downstream Traffic To Brand Site From Brand Sitefor brands seeking to enhance referral traffic. However, therelative gains from implementing additional sharing features 100% 99% 99%beyond the dominant platforms is modest. = FACEBOOKWhy? First, upstream traffic from social media sites is over- = TWITTERwhelmingly driven by Facebook, which represents more than = YOUTUBE15 percent of such traffic across the top eight referral sites (and = SOCIAL BOOKMARKING 80%three fourths of the upstream traffic originating from social me-dia sites). Second, our data demonstrates no detrimental effecton annual traffic growth when brands exclude additional socialbookmarking buttons, despite recent reports that Stumble- 62%Upon is becoming a major driver of upstream traffic across all 60%industries.6 51% 52%Instead, basic improvements to the accessibility, diversity, andinteractivity of content, as well as the incentives provided torecurring site visitors (or lack thereof) appear to have the most 40%demonstrable impact on traffic. 32% 20% 15% 16% 14% 14% 3% 3% 2% 1% 1% 1% 0% % of Brands % of Upstream Traffic % of Brands % of Downstream Traffic for whom the following to brand sites for whom the following from brand sites are a top eight source originating from the are a top eight source to the following6. “StumbleUpon sends more traffic to US websites than Facebook,” Colleen Taylor, GigaOM, July 5, 2011. of upstream traffic following sources of downstream traffic destinations© L2 2011 17
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS SiTE COnTEnT & TOOLS i M PA C T O F S i T E C O n T E n T & T O O L S O n T R A F F i C G R O w T h % of Brands with and without the Following Features: % Year-on-Year Growth for Brand Sites with and without the Following Features: 34% = WITH Content: 8% 92% = WITHOUT Video = WITH = WITHOUT 15% 85% Comments Increasing 16% 84% 13% Brand/Editor Blogs 59% 41% 6% 5% 4% Interactive Polls & Quizzes 1% 0% 84% 16% 0% Traffic Growth Sweepstakes & Giveaways Video Commenting Original Blog Interactive Sweepstakes on Content Content Polls & Quizzes & Giveaways Tools: 3% 97% 0% Facebook Open Graph = WITH -4% -3% = WITHOUT 10% 90% Twitter Decreasing 38% 62% Sharing Widget (e.g., ShareThis) 60% 40% Social Bookmarking -27%© L2 2011 18
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSBlog DiversityBlogs are becoming a standard feature of magazine sites as i M PA C T O F B LO G i M P L E M E n TAT i O n O n T R A F F i C G R O w T hreaders demand original content between print cycles. Eighty- % Year-on-Year Growth for Brand Sitesfour percent of the brands in the Index maintain at least one with and without the Following Features:blog. However, unlike other site features that demonstrate ahigh degree of conformity across the industry (e.g., subscrip- = WITHtion sign-up), blog implementation is diverse. = WITHOUT 18%Only 70 percent of the brands with a blog integrate content onthe home page. This figure is surprising low as blogs typicallygenerate some of the timeliest content and provide some of Increasingthe best opportunities for community engagement. More than90 percent of brands that maintain a blog allow users to submit 8%comments in response to a post. On average, users spend 30 5% 5%percent more time on sites that allow commenting. 0% 0% Traffic Growth Blog Content Blog Permits Blog Promotes Blog Permits Viewable on User Comments Author of Post User Comments Home Page (Follow, Contact, etc.) Without Sign-in 0% -1% -4% Decreasing -15% New York Magazine’s home Page integrated feeds from Vulture, its popular culture blog, as well as foodie-based Grub Street and fashion-oriented The Cut© L2 2011 19
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSFacebook: The new OSAll 87 brands in the Index are present on Facebook. The average M A G A Z i n E S U B S C R i P T i O n i n T E G R AT i O n O n FA C E B O O kmagazine has 250,000 “likes” and posts 26 times per week. The % of Brand Facebook Pages with and without the Following Features:most active post upwards of 10 times per day. Both Family andHealth & Fitness brands tend to perform better on Facebook, pro-viding a diverse mix of wall content, including tips-of-the-day, recom- = WITHmended workout routines, daily recipes, and community questions. = WITHOUTPlayboy leads the Facebook arms race, focusing on brandedand co-branded content exclusives delivered by rich media,interactive applications, and custom social media integration. O, 49%The Oprah Magazine leads all titles in Facebook growth, utilizingcompetitions and event promotion offers coinciding with the final 51%episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in May to grow its page 74percent during the data collection period.More than 38 percent of all online referral traffic now originatesfrom Facebook, and 49 percent of brands in the Index registerFacebook as their number two source of upstream traffic (after Subscription Offer Link (Any Link in Any Tab)Google).7 Publishers have been using the platform to grow brandawareness and drive traffic, but most have neglected to leveragetheir page to drive subscription services.Today, nearly a quarter of new magazine subscriptions are se- 68% 8%cured through Internet promotions.8 Although 100 percent of thebrands in the Index maintain a link to a subscription page on theirhome page, only 49 percent of the brands provide such a link 92%on their Facebook page and just 32 percent provide a dedicated 32%Facebook tab outlining the current subscription offer. Only sevenbrands maintain a Facebook app that allows visitors to sign upfor a subscription without leaving the Facebook domain (i.e.,F-commerce). Dedicated Subscribe Tab F-Commerce Subscription Signup7. “ShareThis Study: Facebook Accounts for 38 Percent of Sharing Traffic on the Web,” Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch, June 6, 2011.8. Association of Magazine Media (MPA), Internet Subscription Survey, 2010.© L2 2011 20
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS T O P 1 0 B R A n D S : FA C E B O O k L i k E S T O P 1 0 FA S T E S T- G R O w i n G FA C E B O O k A C C O U n T S (June 2011) (May–June 2011) 5,828,349 O, The Oprah Playboy 74% Magazine Vogue 1,456,537 Parents 37% Better Homes People 1,269,243 33% and Gardens Cosmopolitan 987,306 Shape 28% Seventeen 856,783 Self 28%The Economist 790,451 National Geographic 26% Teen Vogue 783,347 Town & Country 25% Us Weekly 472,893 Bon Appétit 23% Parents 375,520 Golf Digest 23% Maxim 345,214 Parenting 20% 0 20% 40% 60% 80% 0 0 0 0 00 00 00 00 0 0, , , 0, 00 00 50 00 0 5 1, 1, 2,© L2 2011 21
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSSize vs. engagementWhile much of the conversation regarding Facebook has been FA C E B O O k C O M M U n i T Y S i Z E v s . E n G A G E M E n T R AT E Sabout the size of an organization’s page, we believe that a more Excluding brands with less than 1500 fans (n=85)important metric is the percentage of the community interactingwith brand content. Across magazines, interaction rates werenegatively correlated with page size. FAMILIES TRIBESOnly one brand in the Index, Parents, maintains a high interac- Field & Streamtion rate within a comparatively large fan base. The magazineaccomplishes this through an inquisitive voice (almost all com-ments are framed as questions to fuel discussion) and content Architectural Digest Parentsthat resonates with its primary audience (including informational Size + Interaction securedtips and inspirational comments). by inquisitive voice, community polling, and frequent updatesBrands closing in on the desirable “Tribes” quadrant includeEntertainment Weekly, O, The Oprah Magazine, and Essence. O, The Oprah Magazine Essence Entertainment Weekly Runner’s World Sports Illustrated ELLE Playboy Teen People LEVEL OF EnGAGEMEnT Maxim Vogue = “TRIBES” BRANDS: Magazines with Large Facebook Communities and High Engagement = MAGAZINES WITH THE BEST CHANCE OF BECOMING “TRIBES” BRANDS by Increasing Fan Base, Engagement, COHORTS CROWDS or Both SiZE OF COMMUniTY note: Horizontal axis (Size of Community) is graphed on a logarithmic scale.© L2 2011 22
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS OVERAChiEVERS & UnDERAChiEVERSCirculation ≠ Fans and Followers Actual Facebook Fans vs. Predicted Facebook Fans Based on Circulation Data (Linear Regression)There is a weak relationship between a magazine’s circula- l nation and its number of Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers. Overachievers: e me g La ous nics M ’ Ho epin ur Jo In Mon e St Jou y tr y m l H ha e ’s eek al Ho ey ekOnly three brands on Facebook and three on Twitter maintain un 250% c rn Go r Me M hW Co Sm al ion & uc laa fan/follower base that meets or exceeds their average circula- s t dit die od ar wn pu To en ar or Tra Po Totion per issue. No brands manage to accomplish this feat on 0% oy k M gue ine sm ple co n t ve e Us een Pa y s Te mis gu kl nt e E litaboth platforms. b ee az Co Peo re nt Vo Vo ay Th opo no W ag Pl en Se -250% orThis suggests that the social media battleground is about more tw Ne dthan just active readership—a frightening prospect for some of o Fo -500%the most widely read brands, which arguably have the most toprove online (i.e., successfully transitioning a large audience -750%online without cannibalizing print revenue). -1000% 2 0 1 0 T O TA L PA i D & V E R i F i E D C i R C U L AT i O n Underachievers: (Average per issue) Avg. Circ. Per issue Rank Brand (FY2010) Actual Twitter Followers vs. Predicted Twitter Followers 1 Better Homes and Gardens 7,660,754 Based on Circulation Data (Linear Regression) ns & ome rde 2 Reader’s Digest 5,822,924 Ga Overachievers: Co ing Ro nal nd St ly Fie h W y ep To ous t io s a H es tr am k er ay 3 National Geographic 4,493,067 ke db ack ee un ig 250% e H Re ’s D re Tra Hom Go ’s D Re Tr k oo an & uc & r dit od wn om ad ad tte Good Housekeeping 4,423,181 To 4 ld Be W In 0% 5 Woman’s Day 3,907,651 E ple e en ired Ne ekly ek co lth Ne New ist ag r ine k M ke tyl TIM we m a az o or Yor InS He W e Pe no tW ws 6 Family Circle 3,845,395 eE -250% m Th n tw tai 7 Ladies’ Home Journal 3,834,461 ter od En Fo 8 People 3,578,189 -500% 9 TIME 3,313,739 -750% 10 Sports Illustrated 3,193,688 Source: Association of Magazine Media (MPA); Circulation Facts & Figures, Circulation for All -1000% Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) Magazines, 2010 Underachievers:© L2 2011 23
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSTwitterAll 87 brands in the Index maintain an active presence on Twitter,averaging 330,000 followers and 17 tweets per day. The mostactive 20 percent of the brands in the Index tweet upwards of40 times per day.News & Politics and Fashion & Style publications have the mostprominent Twitter followings. Both categories excel at deliver-ing time-sensitive information bites and links to the latest blogentries. The strongest brands don’t just broadcast, they alsoengage in conversations.Last year, Seventeen offered a special subscription deal to itsTwitter followers ($5 for 12 issues), which resulted in 170 paidsubscriptions in less than 24 hours.9 Promotional content helpspublications like Seventeen achieve high growth in followers (14percent during the study period), despite the fact that the brandtweets half as frequently as its primary competition, Teen Vogue. Seventeen builds its Twitter base viaOnly 34 percent of magazines posted links to other social media a healthy stream ofaccounts from their Twitter stream, suggesting limited social promotional contentmedia integration.9. “How Magazines Use Social Media to Boost Pass-Along, Build Voice,” Susan Currie Sivek, PBS: Media- Shift, March 16, 2010.© L2 2011 24
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGS B E S T i n T w E E T: T O P 1 0 F O L LO w E R S T O P 1 0 FA S T E S T- G R O w i n G T w i T T E R A C C O U n T S (June 2011) (May–June 2011) Time 2,646,954 Vogue 22% People 2,626,367 ESPN The Magazine 18% InStyle 2,022,690 Seventeen 14% Entertainment Weekly 1,619,847 ELLE DECOR 12% Wired 1,417,223 In Touch Weekly 12% Newsweek 1,392,836 Bloomberg Businessweek 12% Health 1,350,541 Bon Appétit 12% The Economist 1,215,258 Prevention 11% Sports Illustrated 1,039,866 Parents 11% National Geographic 1,014,028 GQ 10% 0 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 00 00 00 00 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 00 50 00 50 00 50 3, 1, 1, 2, 2,© L2 2011 25
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSYouTubeA recent study of video viewing habits found that 57 percent of TOP 10 BRAnDS: YOUTUBEsurvey respondents are more likely to watch rich media content Brand Channels with the Most Upload Viewswhen it is shown in the context of an article, suggesting an op- (June 2011)portunity for magazine brands to increase perceived value ondigital properties.10 National Geographic 566,153,387Ninety-three percent of the brands in the Index maintain anactive YouTube channel. On average, they boast 289 videos, Sports Illustrated 140,928,267nearly 12,000 subscribers, and approximately 400,000 channelviews. During the time period in which this study was conduct- Motor Trend 102,273,730ed, brands averaged more than 9,000 upload views per day.Over the past two years, YouTube has engaged in content part- Playboy 83,614,262nerships with National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and MotorTrend, recognizing the important role publishers can play in the Seventeen 67,443,234platform’s growth. However, Southern Living registered the fast-est growth in upload views during the study period, incorporat-ing video links to instructional content featuring contributing Maxim 53,285,940editor Troy Black within its recently released iPad app (Big Bookof BBQ). O, The Oprah 51,729,694 Magazine Us Weekly 41,858,716 Parents 40,429,532 Maxim 36,218,917 0 0 0 00 00 00 00 00 00 0 0 0 0 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 00 00 00 00 00 00 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 60 10 20 30 40 5010. “Yahoo Study Shows Online Video Watching Shifting to Primetime,” Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch, June 29, 2011.© L2 2011 26
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSemailMore than 90 percent of the publications in the Index have email TOP 10 BRAnDS:marketing programs. However, 16 of the brands that offered Average Emails Per weekopt-in failed to respond within six weeks of signup. Participatingmagazines averaged 2.5 emails per week. Entertainment Weeklyleads the pack with 29 emails per week.11 Across the Index, Entertainment 28.9nearly 80 percent of email content is viewable on mobile devices. WeeklyHowever, nine out of 10 publications failed to incorporate sharingoptions directly into emails via application programming inter- Money 8.8faces (APIs) provided by social media platforms. Every Day with Rachael Ray 7.6 EMAiL MARkETinG % of Brands with & without the Following: Parents 7.5 7% 93% Email Signup TIME 6.5 21% 79% Viewable on Mobile Lucky 6.3 31% 69% Newsweek 6.3 Customization Options 54% 46% Prevention 5.9 Brand Social Media Links 90% 10% Glamour 5.9 Personalization Fast Company 5.7 92% 8% Social Sharing 0 5 10 15 20 25 3011. Entertainment Weekly has incorporated an “Alerts” for Hollywood Insiders option into their e-mail newsletter sign-up process. This 24/7 breaking news coverage serves to inflate its steady-state aver- age. “Alerts” also form the basis for a secondary Twitter feed (@EWAlerts).© L2 2011 27
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSApple-Centric (Apple of Their eye) MOBiLE COVERAGE % of Brands Participating on the Following Platforms:A review of mobile-centric efforts reveals a pervasive prioriti-zation of the iOS platform—with more brands present in theiTunes store than any other platform, including mobile web = MOBILE WEBdevelopment efforts (which are device agnostic). Only 57 per- = iOS PLATFORMcent of magazine brands have created mobile-optimized sites, = OTHER PLATFORMSperhaps working under the assumption that users will pick-up = E-READERS 82% = SMStheir Apple device and reflexively jump right to the iTunes App = GEOLOCALStore instead of Safari. Only 31 percent of brands maintain adual strategy—actively maintaining a mobile site and develop- 67%ing apps for each iOS device.Magazine demographics explain some of this disparity in the 60% 59% 57%context of other device platforms. A recent Forrester Research 51%study shows an interesting gender divide between tablet ande-reader owners, with the men skewing towards the former and 44%the women towards the latter. Top sellers on Barnes & Noble’s 40%Nook Color e-reader include: Us Weekly, Shape, Women’sHealth, and Every Day with Rachael Ray.12 Our findings support 31%the hypothesis that many magazines are choosing to selective-ly invest in either tablets or e-readers, with less than 70 percent 20%of brands providing content on both. 20% 18%With respect to magazines, Apple maintains a clear lead when 11% 10%it comes to mobile operating system development. Each of the 7%27 magazines with an Android app also has either an iPhoneor an iPad app, with Android app functionality closely mirroring 0% iz - S s oid ry k io le S e ok tim bile Ap & o ar ppthat of its iOS peers (which were typically first to market). iO SM Si ed nd Zin er No o ps d ne dr qu eb eA Op Mo kb Ki te An iPa ho rs c ac tiv Fa u iP Fo Bl Na th Bo d iPa Mobile iOS Platform Other E-Readers SMS Geolocal Web Platforms12. “Female Magazine Fans Flock to Nook Color,” Jeremy Peters, New York Times, May 22, 2011.© L2 2011 28
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USkEY FinDinGSiPad iSolationWe reviewed more than 90 iPad-native applications producedby brands in the Index. Of the 58 brands present on the tabletdevice, only 43 make the full digital edition of their print productavailable on the iTunes store as a unique application (exclud-ing those brands relying exclusively on Zinio’s cross-platform S U B S E T O F i PA D A P P S R E P R E S E n T i n Greader). D i G i TA L E D i T i O n O F T h E P R i n T M A G A Z i n EEfforts on this platform are impressive, but consistently lack a % of Brands with and without the Following Features:key feature in terms of functionality. Despite the near-universalability to share a link to site content via Facebook or Twitter,only 42 percent of the brands publishing an iPad digital edition 14% 86%enable sharing of app content to either social media platform. Rich Media Content 28% 72% Link to External Content 33% 67% Interactive (“Gesture”) Page Elements 58% 42% Embedded Social Sharing = WITH = WITHOUT© L2 2011 29
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USD i G i TA L P R O J E C T i O n S L2’s road map for navigating Today Tomorrow the past, present, and future of magazines online Yesterday Cross-Brand Digital newsstand App Store Download Sales Outlet Corner newsstand Targeted Social Media Annoying Pop-Ups Annoying 3x5 Cards Promotion (Like to Subscribe; Disrupt Viewing Subscription Promo Disrupt Reading Reward for Referral) Experience Experience Fully interactive Dynamic Cover Static hTML5 iPad Platform for Digital Edition Zinio Modular Print / Digital Discounted Price; Full newsstand Price; Subscription Digital-Only Subscription Digital Pricing Model no Subscription Option Ability to Aggregate Content Ability to Share Content/ Must-Have Moving Covers and Across Sister Publications Enhanced Readability Digital Edition Feature interactive Graphics Enable Access to “Social” Become interoperability Unlock Ability Site Features User Accounts with 3rd-Party Credentials to Comment Discontinued Defunct Forums Active Basis for Microsite Free Archives Premium Curated Content on Pass-Through Storefront “Shown in image” Specialty Retail Site E-Commerce via Search Partner References Google+ — — iTunes newsstand Google E-Reader X-Factors Amazon Tablet© L2 2011 30
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT US Starting in March, Self adoptedFLASh OF GEniUS a “like gate” strategy for its Facebook page, synced to fresh content inspired by each new issueROUTinE, ROUTinE, ROUTinEThe strongest magazines on Facebook have fueled growth inpage “likes” by updating the brand’s Facebook landing pagein conjunction with the release of a new issue and coupling thisfresh content with rewards, promotions, and access to live eventshosted online. By maintaining a timely content program, Selfprovides an additional dimension to its print content and fostersa sticky relationship with its Facebook fans. FACEBOOk TiMELinE: Brand “Likes” Per Day on Facebook MAY 26 Continued momentum from 5/25 Twitter (May 8 – June 8, 2011) community solicitation: “Our Facebook page is 1,000 fans away from 100,000 fans! Like our page & help us reach our goal (& you’ll get fun perks!)” 4,000 3,500 MAY 25 JUnE 6 Dr. Ayala from Herbal Tone It Up 3,000 MAY 17 MAY 27 Sweepstakes #1 Leslie Blodgett Water hosts Brand Manager (Executive Chairman Facebook for Sweet Leaf (Workout DVD) MAY 23 of makeup company Kraft Foods guest event Tea hosts 2,500 Bare Escentuals) hosts Facebook Facebook event hosts Facebook event as part of JUnE 5 event the 2011 Healthy Karena & Katrina 2,000 MAY 11 Food Awards (trainers from Angus Mitchell JUnE 1 health & fitness JUnE 7 Salon hosts Exclusive Tone It Up company Tone MAY 10 Facebook event MAY 24 subscription Sweepstakes #2 Jillian Dempsey Transition It Up) host 1,500 rate for Facebook event (10 pairs of (Global Creative to June Sketchers Tone- Facebook fans Color Director issue Ups shoes) for Avon) hosts promotion 1,000 Facebook event 500 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5/ 5/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/ 5/© L2 2011 31
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUSChAnnELinG FAn EnThUSiASMLess than 25 percent of magazines incorporate interactiveFacebook applications and less than 15 percent solicit user-generated content beyond commenting.Golf Digest does both—recently porting a bracket version of itsannual ranking of America’s 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses(published since 1966) to Facebook. Each week, fans vote on ahead-to-head matchup of public courses, and over summer willdetermine the 2011 “Fans’ Choice” for the best public course inthe country. Golf Digest engages with its users by allowing them to choose America’s Greatest Public Golf Course through a competitive bracket Golf Digest’s static version of the rankings on their site© L2 2011 32
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUSOn YOUR MARk, GET SET… CO-BRAnDAs magazines rapidly expand their digital footprint to leadingsocial media platforms, advertisers are often left behind. TheFacebook app “BreaKaway” is designed to blend into the socialmedia mold by presenting profiles of various running championswho use K-SWISS gear to win races. It goes on to present socialmedia links to official K-SWISS online properties, a series of tipsand tricks for running enthusiasts, and an interactive gallery of K-SWISS shoe models with direct links to the brand’s online store. The k-SwiSS sponsored Facebook app provides Runner’s World Facebook users with profiles of their favorite running champions, tips and tricks, and an image gallery of their latest running shoe models© L2 2011 33
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUSE(DiTORiAL)-COMMERCEDeclining advertising revenue combined with growing online retailsales has created an opportunity for Fashion & Style publications.Several of these brands have launched affiliated shoppingmicrosites or exclusive partnerships with members-only shoppingsites.13, 14 These opportunities allow magazines to leverage theireditorial influence while maintaining a degree of separation fromdirect product sales and fulfillment.Glamour’s shopping portal (powered by ShopStyle) aggregatesthousands of products across several hundred online retailers.15While the portal contains several innovative features such as“sales alerts,” its “genius” becomes apparent when browsingGlamour’s main page. Within select photo galleries, users arepresented with an option to “Shop This Look”—which then The Glamour shopping microsite is filled withredirects them to similar items or the point-of-sale if the item products, sales alerts,is one-of-a-kind. and shoppable photo galleries with click through to point-of-sale13. “GQ, Gilt Groupe Team Up on E-Commerce Site,” Lucia Moses, Adweek, June 16, 2011.14. “Social Shopping Gets Personal: Lucky Magazine Partners With This Next,” Lydia Dishman, Style Inc., July 11, 2011.15. “The Great Glossy Sell-Out,” Kat Stoeffel, New York Observer, July 5, 2011.© L2 2011 34
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUSCROwDSOURCinG REinTERPRETEDThe majority of the brands reviewed in the Index have been slowto offer user-centric tools, features, or access privileges thatdiverge from the successful sweepstakes model. One notableexception is National Geographic’s “Your Shot” program.“Your Shot” enables readers to submit their own photos.Each weekday, magazine editors select 12 photos for furtherconsideration by the user community. Each month, thecommunity is given the opportunity to vote for their personalfavorites. All uploaded photos are archived on the site, and aselection of each month’s best images is printed in the magazine.Since launching in June 2006, the site has accumulated nearly138,000 users and more than 970,000 images. National Geographic’s “Your Shot” program has accumulated nearly one million user-generated images since its launch in 2006© L2 2011 35
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUSwhAT’S OLD iS nEw AGAinAlthough more than 40 percent of the brands analyzed maintainan issue archive, only a handful differentiate. Some of the moreengrossing archives (e.g., New Yorker, Rolling Stone) are offeredas premium content or as a subscriber perk. Alternatively, someof the most voluminous archives (e.g., Popular Science) areaccessible thanks to Google Books’ archival efforts.However, only Vogue uses its archive to introduce a new sitefeature. “Voguepedia,” launched in early May, is an encyclopediafor all things Vogue.16 The tool draws from 119 years of contentand allows readers to retrieve profiles on designers, brands,models, personalities, and makeup artists. Profile pages arebroken down into useful sections, each with forwarding linksto accessible Vogue content, including archived collectionslideshows and recent appearances in web content. “Voguepedia” enables users to retrieve profiles on designers, brands, models, personalities, and An archive of makeup artists various celebrity personalities can be found in “Voguepedia”16. “119 Years of Vogue, Now Available on Voguepedia,” Misty White Sidell,, May 9, 2011.© L2 2011 36
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUSSOniC BLOOM-BERGAvailable since April, Bloomberg Businessweek for iPad satisfiesthe needs of readers seeking both news and research. The appfeatures intuitive, persistent “Table of Contents” navigation aswell as an expansive company index. A “Related” tab on theright-hand side provides access to additional information about Bloombergcompanies cited within articles, such as stock quotes and other Businessweek’s iPad app is equipped withrecent news. Users can share content via email, Facebook, and intuitive navigation, sharing, and searchTwitter in addition to saving content to a personal in-app library. featuresThe app’s advanced search functionality is equally impressive,allowing users to customize their search by company and overmultiple issues. SEARCh ACCESS CLiP ShARE© L2 2011 37
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUS +PaRlEz-VouS innOVATiOn?Despite the propensity of women to consume magazine contentvia e-reader rather than tablet platforms, iPad editions of Fashion& Style brands are among the most innovative in the industry,featuring cutting-edge interactive elements and rich media alike.EllE and Marie Claire are ahead of the pack, showcasing contentand featured products through animated covers, tap buttons thatreveal additional content, as well as interactive quizzes and livecontests.Perhaps most impressive are the native e-commerce tools EllE showcases content by providing readers with the opportunity to learnshowcased in both apps. EllE’s app has a “Buy Now” API more and/or buy with the touch or(powered by ShopStyle) that is naturally integrated within its flick of a fingercombined swipe and scroll navigation. Marie Claire’s app offersusers 360-degree views of items with live links to each product’srespective storefront. Marie Claire highlights links that direct to brand sites without even leaving the app Marie Claire’s 360° view provides readers with a closer look at each of its showcased products© L2 2011 38
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUS LiVE YOUR BEST APP O, The Oprah Magazine does a commendable job of leveraging both design and technology on its Oprah gets closer to her readers by inviting them iPad app. Tapping the cover of the poetry-themed to interact with each issueApril issue launches an embedded video of Oprah reading aselection from the collected works of Langston Hughes. Keepingwith the theme, there is an issue-specific interactive poetrygame that enables users to create poems and save them totheir image galleries. Likewise, the “Reading Room” sectionshowcases books, allowing users to read excerpts, share viaemail, add content to favorites, and buy the full edition throughAmazon or Barnes & Noble. Beyond books, featured productsare effortlessly browseable, easily shared by email, and linked toOprah’s “O List” storefront and other e-commerce sites. Browse books, products, and recipes; Read and share book reviews & excerpts; View recipes and watch how-to videos; all within this app© L2 2011 39
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USFLASh OF GEniUS OLD SChOOLHTML5 CNNMoney’s Tablet View Beta—DODGinG ThE APP-ALAnChE provides tile view of breaking storiesAlthough many magazine brands are investing heavily in tabletapps, others are bypassing the iTunes store and Androidmarketplace altogether, creating both mobile-optimized andtablet-optimized sites.Given that the latter are such a recent phenomenon, the degreeto which brands have adopted this “pass-through” strategy variesconsiderably. CNNMoney, the parent brand of Fortune and Moneymagazines, has released the beta version of, a scaled-down adaption of the main site designed forviewing in landscape mode.17 nEw SChOOL Forbes and Marie Claire’sAnother Time, Inc. publication, Sports Illustrated, made waves last tablet-optimized hTML5 sitesyear with a well-received HTML5 demo that spurred a fresh cycleof innovation across the industry. Since then, there have beenseveral advancements. This June, Google Labs released Swiffy,a free barebones Adobe Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool.18Forbes and Marie Claire have followed this lead, offering HTML5-powered, tablet-optimized sites that look and behave like iPad-native apps.19 This platform, pioneered by Onswipe, provides theopportunity to recapture subscription revenues lost to Apple andmitigates some of the bandwidth, memory, and time demands ofa permanent application.17. “Will Publishers Choose the Open Web Over Apple’s Walled Garden?” Matthew Ingram, GigaOM, May 24, 2011.18. “Swiffy: convert SWF files to HTML5,” Gordon Michael, The Official Google Code Blog, June 28, 2011.19. “Onswipe Makes Any News Site Touch-Enabled With HTML5 Magic,” Ryan Singel, Wired: Epicenter, June 21, 2011.© L2 2011 40
  • DiGiTAL iQ Index ®:Magazines Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? COnTACT USTEAMSCOTT GALLOwAY MAUREEn MULLEn JOn wEinBERGClinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern L2 L2Founder, L2 Maureen leads L2’s Research and Advisory Practice where Jon Weinberg began his career as a strategist andScott is the founder of L2, a think tank for digital innova- she helped developed the Digital IQ Index®. She has bench- copywriter at The Moderns, a boutique Manhattan-basedtion, and Clinical Professor of Marketing at the NYU Stern marked digital marketing, e-commerce, and social media branding consultancy, where he worked with clients rang-School of Business where he teaches brand strategy and efforts of more than 300 brands across Pharma, Auto, ing from start-ups to Fortune 1000 corporations. Whiledigital marketing. Scott is also the founder of Firebrand Luxury, Specialty Retail, Beauty, and the Public Sector. Mau- there, he managed digital strategy for both the firm andPartners, an operational activist firm that has invested over reen also has led digital strategy consulting engagements its clients. Jon received an A.B. in Government with a$1 billion in U.S. consumer and media companies. In 1997, for a variety of Fortune 1000 clients. Before joining L2, Mau- secondary in Near Eastern Language and Civilizationshe founded Red Envelope, an Internet-based consumer reen was with Triage Consulting Group and led managed from Harvard University, where he served as an associategift retailer (2007 revs, $100mm). In 1992, Scott founded care payment review and payment benchmarking projects editor for the Harvard International Review.Prophet, a brand strategy consultancy that employs over for hospitals, including UCLA Medical Center, UCSF, and250 professionals in the United States, Europe, and Asia. HCA. Maureen has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford LinDA MATELJAnScott was elected to the World Economic Forum’s “Global University and an M.B.A. from NYU Stern. L2Leaders of Tomorrow,” which recognizes 100 individuals Linda began her career as a consultant at DTZ Pieda Man-under age 40 “whose accomplishments have had impact R. DAniELLE BAiLEY agement Consultants in London, where she worked on devel-on a global level.” L2 opment feasibility projects for leisure and retail real estateScott has served on the board of directors of Eddie Bauer, Danielle began her career at The Home Depot, Inc., where clients. She went on to manage the investment optimizationThe New York Times Company, Gateway Computer, and she led a variety of internal consulting engagements of a $30 million real estate trust, as well as develop brand-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. focused on supply chain, merchandising, and in-store pro- building initiatives for such clients as La Prairie and JPMor- cess improvement. She went on to manage the implemen- gan Chase in the United States. Linda has a Bachelor of FineCOLin GiLBERT tation of award-winning mobile initiatives for several large Arts from the University of Western Australia, a BA Hons (1st)L2 media clients, including The New York Times Company, in Business from the University of Westminster and an MSc in NBC Universal, Disney/ABC, Maxim magazine, and Zagat. Real Estate Investment from the University of Reading.Colin is a strategic consultant with more than three years of Danielle has a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the Univer-experience working at the nexus of the public and private sity of Virginia and an M.B.A. from NYU Stern. JESSiCA BRAGAsectors. Serving as a principal at the Civitas Group in L2Washington, D.C., he helped lead research, advisory, and ChRiSTinE PATTOn Jessica, a freelance art director, specializes in identity,due-diligence engagements for a range of clients spanning Creative Director, L2 iconography, event graphics, and invitations. Initially begin-technology start-ups, defense contractors, and governmentagencies and specialized in matters pertaining to cloud Christine is a brand and marketing consultant with more ning her career in fashion, designing textiles and prints at Eliecomputing, cybersecurity, and online privacy. Colin received than 15 years of experience creating brand identities Tahari’s design studio in New York City, she then focused ona B.A. in History from Stanford University and an M.P .A. and marketing communications for aspirational and the Elie Tahari brand aesthetic and consistency in designfrom the London School of Economics. While completing luxury brands. As creative director of L2, she leads the across its many developing disciplines. Desiring to explorehis graduate studies abroad, he worked with Accenture to translation of the L2 brand across all touchpoints, with a other facets of design, she went on to become the art direc-construct case material used to demonstrate the versatility particular focus on the visual packaging of L2’s research. tor of a small, prestigious design firm in Chelsea, where sheof the firm’s Public Service Value (PSV) methodology. She began her career at Cosí, where she developed the focused on event graphics, digital and print collateral, and brand and oversaw its evolution from concept through brand aesthetics for companies both large and small. Jes- growth to 100 restaurants. Since then she has provided sica holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, as well as an A.A.S. creative direction for a wide array of clients, including the in Illustration, from Rochester Institute of Technology. launch of Kidville and CosmoGIRl! magazine. Christine received a B.A. in Economics and Journalism from the University of Connecticut and an M.B.A from NYU Stern.© L2 2011 41
  • uPCOMinG 2011 eVenTS 07. 28.11 L2 Clinic Video & Celebrity This half-day immersion explores successful strategies to drive engagement and brand awareness through the use of online video and traditional—and untraditional—celebrities. 09. 09.11 L2 Clinic ChinaL2 is a think tank for digital innovation. A full-day clinic devoted to raising brands’ Digital IQs in theWe are a membership organization that brings together thought leadership world’s biggest—and soon-to-be most digitally savvy—from academia and industry to drive digital marketing innovation. consumer market. 10. 14.11 L2 Clinic The Social Graph: Pharma An intensive workshop examining social media’s platformsRe SeARCH and best practices through a Pharmaceutical industry lens.Digital iq index®: The definitive benchmark for online competence, Digital IQ Index® reports scorebrands against peers on more than 350 quantitative and qualitative data points, diagnosing their 11. 10.11 L2 Forum innovation 2011digital strengths and weaknesses. Called the “TED for marketing,” L2’s third-annual InnovationeV e nTS Forum will bring together the highest density of scholars,Forums: Big-picture thinking and game-changing innovations meet education and entertainment. business leaders, startups, and marketing executives inThe largest gatherings of prestige executives in North America. North America.300+ attendeesClinics: Executive education in a classroom setting with a balance of theory, tactics, and uPCOMinG 2011 ReSeARCHcase studies.60 –120 attendees PRESTiGE 100® Reports: Chinaworking Lunches: Members-only lunches led by digital thought leaders and academics.Topic immersion in a relaxed environment that encourages open discussion. DiGiTAL iq inDEx® Reports:12 – 24 attendees Specialty RetailMBA Mashups: Access and introduction to digital marketing talent from top MBA schools. Beauty Fashion & Leather GoodsCO nSu LT inG watches & JewelryAdvisory Services: L2 works with brands to garner greater return on investment in digital initiatives.Advisory work includes Brand Digital Roadmaps, Social Media Strategy, and Site Optimization GEn Y AFFLUEnTS Reports:engagements. Prestige Brand RankingMeMBe RSHiPFor membership info and inquiries:
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