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Trade exhibition + mini symposium + knowledge index       Material driven Innovation and Design                           ...
The Exhibitor                           Tenth Materials Engineering exhibition inAre you active in the field of de-      c...
The full-service formula                                   KNOWLEDGE INDEX MATERIALS ENGINEE-During both event days one ca...
GENERAL EXHIBTION INFORMATION                               The organiser:Date                                            ...
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Materials engineering brochure


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Transcript of "Materials engineering brochure"

  1. 1. Trade exhibition + mini symposium + knowledge index Material driven Innovation and Design 10th editionfunctional and SMART MATERIALS Materials Engineering 25 & 26 May 2011 Beursgebouw Eindhoven The Netherlands
  2. 2. The Exhibitor Tenth Materials Engineering exhibition inAre you active in the field of de- changing timessign and materials & processes?Than exhibiting at this event is a The first Materials Engineering exhibition took pla-must! ce in 1993. Terms such as nanotechnology, cradle- 2cradle, upgrading of recycled materials and smart· Functional & smart materials were hardly heard then. At that time, materials high-tech materials, including composites, were· Structural materials at that time regarded as the future for the indus-· Products try, but currently they are also the subject of criti-· Tests (materials)· Coatings with surface (pre) cal discussion. What do you do with thousands of treatment windmill blades after they had been replaced?· Surface technlogy· Coating technology The most important change perhaps, is that the· Organic cover layers material is not all that important any longer, but ra-· Inorganic cover layers ther what can be done with it. Dematerialization is· thin film technology a term on everybody’s lips nowadays. The less ma-· Product development terial, the better. This trend is not necessarily limi-· Joining techniques· Fastening techniques ted to materials only. As a designer you are asked· Materials research more and more frequently to drastically reduce the· Material recycling number of components, and this, in turn, provides· CAD / CAM / CAE new challenges for material selection and associa-· Heat treatments ted manufacturing processes.· Nano-technology In order to respond to these changing times, the theme for the tenth exhibition of Materials Engi- neering on May 25 and 26, 2011 will be “Functional & Smart Materials.” What do these developments mean for the biennial “Materials Engineering” exhibition? • A further shift in focus from “structural” material applications to “functional” application of materials • A shift from “material selection” to “ma terial and production processes”. In thisThe visitor Trade Exhibition Materials Engineering! shift, the innovative capabilities in maThe Materials Engineering trade nufacturing (e.g. “Connection Techniques”) areexhibition is directed primarily at The trade exhibition offers a synoptic and transpa- strongly linked to the improving of thedecision-makers in all companies rent business-to-business platform for material, pro- “life” of the product, without losing sightinvolved in the application of ma- duct, and design technology.The theme of this 10th of the economic realities.terials and techniques in the pro- exhibition is: “Functional & Smart Materials”. Someduct development and manufac- thematic lanes, each from within their own discipli- • A further shift was made from the “maturing processes. ne, will exhibit a section of the suppliers of the Total king” of new materials to the “designing” Supplier Column.· Processors of materials of new materials.· Heads of production Exhibitors offer the latest developments on material,· Product developers· Material Experts product, and design technology. In addition, they· Constructors appeal to decision makers from a wide but specific· Designers public concerned with the application of materials/· Shapers techniques in the product development and manu-· Buyers facturing process.· R&D Look for the latest developments at
  3. 3. The full-service formula KNOWLEDGE INDEX MATERIALS ENGINEE-During both event days one can make unlimited use RINGand at now costs of all the facilities on the exhibitionfloor. Amongst others the lectures, mini symposiumand the exclusive catering.This formula creates a relaxed atmosphere where visi-tors and exhibitors can do business, network, maintainrelations and get new ideas. kennisbank The Materials Engineering knowledge index is a spe- cialized index of applicable scientific information (white-papers and articles) for product technology, material technology, and design technology. Busi- nesses publish high-quality white-papers and infor- mative articles. These extensively explain the ap-Marketing plicability of various technologies and materials in“Collaboration is the key word to a successful exhibi- product development and manufacturing processes.tion” Advantages for your companyCorrect marketing is one of the elements to ensure · Increase exposure of your (innovative)the success of your participation in the exhibition. For products, techniques, solutions and com-this reason, we, as an exhibition organization, provide panya wide range of offline and online channels, in order · Increase your (sales) networkto bring the right visitor in contact with you the “ex- · You are not time and place boundhibitor”. But even more important is that you apply · Increase exposure on the internetall possible means to inform your own network about · Making new sales contactsyour participation in the exhibition. Objectives: Sharing knowledge and more sales!Some resources and inputs we offer : Why the online knowledge index Materials Engi-· The new Materials Engineering neering? website ( The online knowledge index is a solution to canalize· Online knowledge index your online exposure, through a segmented, profes-· Platform for Functional & Smart Materials sional and transparent platform.· News bulletin of Materials Engineering· The relationship-invitation cards Publish your white papers? Contact Mark A. Romera y Gerritsen of Bureau Bos-Peripheral program man BV, via 0031 (0) 40 280 84 10 or mail to mark@Besides the exhibition program, an interesting and Visit the site at www.materialsen-informative peripheral program will run during this .year’s exhibition. This program will be carefully com-posed by the organization in collaboration with theSteering Committee. The peripheral program willonce again consist of exhibitor’s lectures and a mini-symposium. Other initiatives that fit into the Functio-nal & Smart Materials theme will also be considered.
  4. 4. GENERAL EXHIBTION INFORMATION The organiser:Date “The 10th exhibition of Materials Engineering is a conti-Wednesday, May 25, 2011 nuation of an initiative taken in 2009 to more intensivelyThursday, May 26, 2011 involve the world of research. We want to be of service to the visitor, not only concerning the current state of theVenue art, but would also like to provide insight into the future.Beursgebouw Eindhoven The gap between the present and the future is rapidlyLardinoistraat 8, 5611 ZZ Eindhoven closing. These days, it takes only a year or two for a newThe Netherlands discovery to be applied in practice. Examples can be found in nanotechnology and in light-emitting polymers”Time - Bureau Bosman B.V.Both days 10.00 – 17.00 hoursConstructionMonday, May 23rd 2011Tuesday, May 24th 2011DismantlementThursday May 26th 2011 (after exhibition)Friday May 27th 2011General participation costsThis covers: unlimited and exclusive catering during ex-hibition days, cleaning of stand space, link to your web-site on , mention in theexhibition catalogue, and provision of free relationshipinvitation cards.This amounts to € 415, 00 per exhibitor.Stand spaceYou rent x number of square meters (minimum 12 m²)of bare floor space. You provide your own floor covers,walls of at least 2.50 meters high, electric appliances,and lightingInvestment amounts to € 129, 00 per m².Stand constructionThis includes: black walls to a height of 2.50 meters,fascia with company name, two double spotlights per12 m2, one electrical connection (220V/ 3kW includingusage) and anthracite carpeting.Investment amounts to € 65, 00 per m².All prices quoted above exclude VAT (19%) and € 1, 00environmental levy per/m2Bureau Bosman BVNuenenseweg 167 | 5667 KP Geldrop |The NetherlandsT +31 (0) 40 280 84 10 | F +31 (0) 40 280 84 |www.materialsengineering.nlProject manager : Mark A. Romera y