Lent Rise School Reporting To Parents

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  • 1. Exploiting Technology to Enhance Parental Engagement Brenda A Bigland CBE M.A., B.Ed. Hons., A.M.B.D.A.
  • 2. Vision To ensure information offered to parents is enough to inspire engagement and support for each child to achieve their full potential
  • 3. To help pupils to learn effectively Main reporting should: •Involve the pupil Aims •Inform about individual progress •Enable strengths and weaknesses to be identified •Indicate the next step in the learning process •Help the pupil to define their own targets whilst still being supported by parents and teachers •Allow parents to support appropriately by giving them the tools to do so •Motivate the child and the parent through success
  • 4. To help teachers to work with Main parents Aims Reporting should include: •Evidence of pupils work •Standards at any given time showing attainment, achievement, attitude to learning, behaviour, attendance. •It should offer parents a chance to help to define the way forward working with their own child •Systems and strategies for parents to help at home •Level indicators for their child's age and ability
  • 5. What do we share? •Progress and achievements Parental across a wide range of activities Engagement •Attainment in National Curriculum subjects •Current Targets and Targets for future learning (and/or behaviour) •Pupils work through their own portfolio •Family Learning activities •And so much more!!
  • 6. Why? (1) •To develop a strong cohesion Parental between parent, pupil and Engagement teacher •To encourage parents to not just get involved but to act as role models for learning •To allow the “hard to reach parents” where their own learning may have been neglected to get involved by allowing their children to “lead” the way through sharing learning.
  • 7. Why? (2) •To make meetings between Parental home and school even more Engagement meaningful •To ensure that for those parents who cannot come in to school ICT is used effectively to enhance parental engagement •To motivate and encourage pupils •To improve behaviour – an informed parent is often more supportive!!
  • 8. How? •Real Time Reporting Parental •Initial meetings with information offered across a variety of areas (Goody Bags) Engagement •Home / school partnership agreements •Written reports (twice a year) •½ termly targets •Through reading / homework diaries / postcards/ Parent Packs •Formal meetings (twice a year) •Informal meetings •Website for information offered •VLE to encourage and motivate Lifelong Learning and to encourage parents to drive learning •Emails / texts/ letters •Fliers on Key Services
  • 9. •The Head meets every parent prior to the child starting school On Entry •Parents evenings •Parents goody bag to •Flier on Exploiting technology to enhance parental engagement School •Flier of Extended Services •Flier on Sustainability •Information on eSafety •Internet Use •How to help at home •Grandparents support pack •Healthy schools information and one Red apple!! •Teddy Bears Picnics and a Seeing is Believing trip around the school
  • 10. Website •General School Information •Admissions Main •Policy Documents •News and Newsletters Aims •Information on class work •Curriculum information •Calendar of events •PTA page •How to contact the school •Photo gallery •Guestbook •Video sharing practice •Roll of Honour •Links to other communication sites
  • 11. Lent Rise Learning World •Individual portfolios/Children's targets •“Real Time” reporting •Individually tailored materials for Main pupils •Challenges in each subject area Aims •Homework •Quizzes •Adult Learning through links into courses •Advice to parents on standards / how to support their child •Parent Forums •Chat rooms for Headteacher to seek children's opinions •Chat room for Year 6 •On line discussion forums for Healthy School/ Sustainable school/ 2012 dialogue •On line questionnaires for pupils and parents
  • 12. Main Aims Early Lent Rise •Information on the setting •Sharing pupils work •Encouraging Home School links •Lennie and Lottie •Celebrating successes
  • 13. Healthy Lent Rise Main •Promotes our Healthy School Aims Status •Engages parents with the “Well Being” Indicators •Information about work done in school against the 8 Key Areas •Children's work on PSHE •A news and events section •Information on the work done by the Healthy School Council •Initiatives undertaken by the school e.g. Walk to School Week.
  • 14. Main Lent Rise – A Sustainable Aims School •Works to promote sustainability for the school community •A Past pupil guides the way through the 8 Doorways •Calendar of upcoming events •Links to relevant and useful sites for the family •Links to the work of the Healthy School/ Eco Council
  • 15. Video and Podcasting Main •Lent Rise Media World Aims •Lent Rise Radio World •Videos showing partnership with Magdalen College Oxford •Videos showing children's / staff and parents opinions of what makes our school special!!
  • 16. We grow.... (1) Overall •Confident and happy learners Impact •A culture for learning within the whole community •Eager and responsive pupils •Pupils who know they have a voice •Pupils who know their own strengths and weaknesses and how to develop further
  • 17. We grow.... (2) Overall •Pupils who can make educated Impact choices supported by their families •Parents who are involved and who learn to ask the right questions to support their children with future learning
  • 18. KS2 SATs Results 2009 Level 4+ Overall English 97% Maths 97% Impact Science 100% Level 5+ English 66% Maths 69% Science 76% Value Added 101.7 (with higher than national average figures for pupils with Special Educational Needs)
  • 19. Exploiting Technology to Enhance Parental Engagement Brenda A Bigland CBE M.A., B.Ed. Hons., A.M.B.D.A.