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Learning Platforms Powerpoint Presentation


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  • 1. Learning Platforms Journeys Presenter name (school)
  • 2. Aims and objectives The presentation will • Explain why we need a learning platform • Represent our own school practice • Give you examples of leading practice • Share some criteria for success • Give you an opportunity to reflect and plan a way forward for your school • Set up a people network for sharing future developments
  • 3. Why we are doing it (1) • Transforms the learning experience for all children beyond the traditional boundaries
  • 4. Why we are doing it 2 • Addresses personalised learning • Assessment for Learning • Assessment for Pupil Progress • Leads to raising standards • On line reporting • Workforce reform
  • 5. Why we are doing it (3) Statutory requirements • 2010 for secondary • 2012 for primary • Harnessing Technology and Next Generation Learning makes funding available
  • 6. It is more than…… • a one off web site trapped in time! • an electronic set of resources which have no interactivity • the job of one person! • A classroom tool • just a management information system • just an on-line prospectus!
  • 7. Reflection 2 – where colleagues are from the same school • Read Becta Self Review Framework (section x ) • Plot where you think you are now • Discuss with your colleagues where you think you are now
  • 8. Looking ahead - Individual school practice • Where you were
  • 9. Individual school practice • What went well
  • 10. Individual school practice • Challenges
  • 11. Individual school practice • Review – where we are now!
  • 12. Looking even further ahead We are all on a journey Stick in some prize winners! Video/visual learning materials/links to live websites or VLEs. Give choices as to how they access them either with presenter or as individuals.
  • 13. Feedback activity • Share one thing that you will take back to your school
  • 14. Some common lessons • The next activity is planning but before you do ….. some thoughts…. • Full support of governors heads and SLT • An ICT strategic leadership group needs to be set up • Regular and dedicated CPD for all staff • Timescales and planning provide structure and leadership • You are going to make mistakes!
  • 15. Next steps • Planning framework Share purpose of framework Ask colleagues to spend some time • Planning • FAQs on post its • Any future training needs
  • 16. FAQ/Networks • Feedback on key next steps as shown in plan • Facilitator feedback on those questions we can answer • Finish with setting up of network to address any future training needs.