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Personal powerpoint

  1. 1. Conventions of an indie genre
  2. 2. For female artist For a indie female artist I will be focusing on Katie White from the ting things (extra info-: started in 2004 their company are Sony Music, Columbia Records, Red Ink and Roc Nation. Although they are indie pop and are singed to a major record companies, they show codes and conventions of the indie genre. With their first album ‘we started nothing has a straight to number 1 hit ‘that's not my name’
  3. 3. Retro themes of bright colours in their music video Bright backgrounds for digi packs creates eye focus for the buyer Star persona of retro eighties theme continuity of the bright colours and rock-ish hair style Katie white wears bright coloured eye shadow which was popular in the 80’s
  4. 4. (be the one) Indie genres do unique things to grab a more mainstream audience, for example in this video they had use graphic match with projectors using these tricks make it a repetitive video (Great Dj) colour coding the band members shows team work. Also changing the backgrounds from pink and blue can connote the fact that they’re a boy/girl band it can also illustrate they lyrics (That’s not my name) the white background focus the audience eye to the passion pink wire and Katie’s red and blue outfit that matches with Jules top.
  5. 5. For male artist For the indie male artist I am focusing on Ok Go (extra info-: started in 1998 their companies are Capitol and Paracadute. Retro themes of electro fashion from the 50’s (blazers) and 60’s/70’s (suit) (grey with flash of colour)
  6. 6. They are known for their themed colours that will also be linked to other things for example the digi pack links to their clothes with they typography in white and blue (links to background as well) Codes and conventions Very challenging to other genres i.e. r’n’b or metal, they would go to the extreme for example the picture on the left has links to wall paper from the Victorian times
  7. 7. (here it goes again) v=dTAAsCNK7RA&ob=av2e The cinematography is very simple as it only set on mid shot, this allow us to see them dance fully. While their clothing has themes of bright colors that is conventional in a indie genre they all have a certain star persona (of an extra accessory i.e. a tie, white shoes ect) to make them an individual There star persona is of this indie band shows a electric fashion with retro plaids and pinstripes this represents more of a costume appearance.
  8. 8. For female audience Social network sites for new artist Girly technology Michael Xcera indie actor For buying music Girls style Shopping at Camden market Girl clothing
  9. 9. For male audience Social network sites for new artist Female artist/finding new artist Boys technology Male style Shopping at Camden market
  10. 10. Major or indie labels Sony Warner brothers EMI BMG WMG SME Universal music group