My pitching for initial ideas


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My pitching for initial ideas

  2. 2. CONTENT Pitch idea...... The theme will be 80’s space. Using friths theory of being a performance and conceptual vidoe my idea will be the band performing in front of a green screen or dark room that will be linked to space theme ( using glow sticks in the dark room and a video about space that will taken from a youtube video) I would like to create rotoscoping at the bridge this would be linked to the 80’s convention of unique and quirky videos. Also using stop motion for the opening title by using wool and writing the title Off the radar
  3. 3. THEORY I will be using... FRITHS I will be using performance and conceptual as indie genres is connected to these styles Intertexuality Music genre I will be using intertexuality by reference to Scott Pilgrim by using a form of rotoscoping and drawing the actors into cartoon forms voyeurism The song will be popular music since Indie has become a more mainstream genre it will have a bigger effect for the mass media economic market. Theories that I will use for my music video.
  4. 4. GENRE The indie genre started of as an independent label however some artist are seen as indie even though they are singed to a major record label Pet shop boys and A-ha in the 80’s would of been singed to an independent company compared to the Kooks or Kate Nash Because Indie has lots of sub genres I will place the song “OFF THE RADAR” as indie electron other artist like them are… The conventions will be Bright colours/patterns old desings
  5. 5. MISE-EN-SCENE LOCATION Dark room to film Clear spacing For the bands normal scenes As the band are going into the bridge they go into a dark room with glow sticks Shoreditch (indie area) Film shots of the band around the river thames
  6. 6. STYLE AND FORM and representation I will be conforming to the indie genre, their styles and forms are big(perportion), bright, or wired slogans and shapes. I will show this by doing the 80’s renovation this will include..... BRIGHT COLOURS (CLOSE TO NEON) 80’s style renovation 80’s big hair style and bows accessories Slogans or patterns
  7. 7. REPRESENTATION Every one will be linked through. Guitars and drums Bright colours (can be linked through on theme Tops with the name of the band or lyrics Wired things to match personality
  8. 8. CINEMATOGRAP HY Beauty shots Beauty shots are mostly for the important band member or character Freeze frame One shot that is printed in a single frame several times to make an interesting Other shots that i will be using: Mid shot Long shot Establishing shots Panning Low and high shots Composition
  9. 9. CINEMATOGRAP HY Aerial shot Crane shot Dolly shot Can be filmed in a shaky mode to keep up with the electron beat For a more flowed effect when it get’s to the bridge An opening or ending shot Flowing shot This would link to the Friths theroy by acting as the camera is persuing the actor Forced perspective A more quirky effect for the indie genre i would use a toy space ship and allow the actors to interact with it freely This can be done by using rope
  10. 10. EDITIN G Axial cut Where we would film non stop of a scene while every once in a while would either zoom or moving the camera in or out. We would then editing the unneeded footage. Wipe (transition) Using the iris wipe to connect or follow the story Match cut Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey I would use intertexuality of the bone and turn the match cut into a drum stick to start the opening Cuts: Fast and slow Pov 180 dergrees
  11. 11. SPECIAL EFFECTS Rotoscoping Stop motion Green screen We would add a starry background to link to the space scene This is one of the longesr special effects After we filmed certain scenes for example as the dolly tracks around the band there wolud be an element of rotoscoping (intertexuality from Scott Pligram) Stop motion can be either the actors or a object (rocket ) that moves around the screen All three will have to be considered as it takes a lot of time to achieve a good standard
  12. 12. AUDIENCE research Indie started out as a niche genre and has only became mainstream in recent years this will split the audience in two however I will target the commercial audience AUDIENCE research Shopping at indie and retro shops (charity shops) Social network sites for new artist Magazines Going to concerts or cinemas Going to partys Hearing new songs Fan service
  13. 13. AUDIENCE research AUDIENCE research Use technology to store music Age is 15-25 Music shops Tv shows Misfits