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Google+ Tips for Success
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Google+ Tips for Success



Published in Education
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  • 1. Google+  Tips  for  Success!   #FVIMS    
  • 2. Who  Is  Rebecca  Wardlow?   •  Social  Media  &  Google+  Expert   •  Social  Media  Instructor  at:       –  –  –  –  Kishwaukee  College   Rock  Valley  College   Waubonsee  Community  College     Heartland  Community  College   •  Social  Media  Speaker,  Trainer   &  Consultant   •  Web  Design  &  Development   since  1998   •  eCommerce  Project  Mgr.   #FVIMS    
  • 3. Google+  The  Social  Layer   #FVIMS    
  • 4. What  Is  Google+   #FVIMS    
  • 5. Google+  Is  Business   •  Google+  is  Business.  A   referral  from  Google+  is   worth  an  average  of   $10.78,  compared  to  a   Facebook  referral  at   $2.35  and  a  Twi[er   referral  at  $1.62.    Email   shares  were  the  most   valuable  at  $17.93.   Source:   #FVIMS    
  • 6. Tip  #1:  Your  Profile  –  About  Secaon   #FVIMS    
  • 7. Tip  #2:  Your  Hovercard   Where  is  the  Hovercard   displayed?     •  All  posts   •  All  comments   •  The  acavity  tab  on  a   Google+  post   •  The  +1  acavity  on  any   comment   •  A  +menaon  in  a  post  or   comment   •  Your  posts  when  someone   is  searching  a  related   hashtag  on  a  post   #FVIMS    
  • 8. Tip  #3:  Formabng  Your  Post   #FVIMS    
  • 9. Tip  #4:  Sharing  to  Circles  vs.  Publically   •  Only  public  posts  are  eligible   to  be  listed  in  Google  search   results   •  Posts  shared  to  circles  or   individuals  cannot  be  seen   by  the  average  person.   •  Sharing  posts  with  specific   individuals  sends  them  a   noaficaaon   •  When  sharing  to  a  circle,  do   not  use  email  noaficaaon  as   a  means  of  alerang  people   to  your  presence.   •  Use  Circle  no:fica:on   sebng  to  be  noafied  of   posts  made  by  people  in   that  circle.   #FVIMS    
  • 10. Tip  #5:  Create  An  Empty  Circle   •  “To  Read  Later”Circle   •  Save  important  posts  in   one  place   •  Visible  to  original  poster   and  others  in  the  acavity   stream  of  that  post   Pro  Tip   •  Have  a  circle  with  your   Evernote  email  address   #FVIMS    
  • 11. Tip  #6:  Use  Images   •  Visual  plahorm   •  Post  with  images  see   more  engagement   •  Aim  for  high-­‐res,  1200+   pixels   •  Large  images  trigger   mula-­‐column  posts   •  Monitor  image  views   #FVIMS    
  • 12. Tip  #7:  Blog  On  Google+   h[ps://   #FVIMS    
  • 13. Tip  #8:  Share  Other  People’s  Content   •  Google+  is  great  for   content  discovery   •  Share  content  from   influencers  and  like-­‐ minded  people   •  Say  thank  you  with  a  h/t   +menaon   •  Add  your  own  view,   thoughts  and  comments   #FVIMS    
  • 14. Tip  #9:  Google+  Hangouts   Google+  Hangout   •  Add  person  to  chat   •  Similar  to  iMessage   •  Up  to  11  people  in  text   chat   •  Instantly  add  video  chat   Hangouts  on  Air   h[p://     •  Live  Broadcast   •  Stream  your  hangout   publicly  on  Google+,  your   YouTube  channel,  and   your  website.   •  Save  instantly  to  YouTube   #FVIMS    
  • 15. Tip  #10:  Add  Value  By  Commenang   •  Don’t  just  +1,  add  value   by   –  Leaving  a  comment   –  Sharing  the  post   •  Build  your  reputaaon   •  A[racts  engagement   •  Comments  make  you   more  visible   •  Build  your  followers   •  Build  your  Author  Rank   #FVIMS    
  • 16. Tip  #11:  Use  Google+  Noaficaaons   17  types  of  noaficaaons   Control  your  noaficaaons     •  •  •  •  •  Account  Sebngs   (Les  menu  on  bo[om  >  Sebngs)     Circle  Sebngs  (Bell  icon)     Community  Sebngs  (Bell  icon)     Muang  Posts   (top  right  corner  of  post,  drop-­‐down   arrow)       Muang  Individuals   (drop-­‐down  under  follow  bu[on  on   profile  page)   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12.  13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  Menaon  them  in  a  post   Share  a  post  with  them  directly   Share  a  post  and  you’re  in  a  circle  they   subscribe  to   Comment  on  a  post  they  created   Comment  on  a  post  aser  they  comment   on  it   Add  them  to  a  circle   Suggest  new  people  to  add  to  their  circles   Tag  them  in  a  photo   Tag  one  of  their  photos   Suggest  a  profile  photo  for  them   Comment  on  a  photo  aser  they  comment   on  it   Comment  on  a  photo  they  are  tagged  in   Comment  on  a  photo  they  tagged   Start  a  conversaaon  with  them   Send  them  an  invitaaon  or  update  an   event   Remind  them  about  events   Any  acavity  on  events  they  created   #FVIMS    
  • 17. Tip  #12:  Create  An  Event   •  Invite  people   •  It’s  a  party  –  Add  photos   to  shared  gallery   •  Event  automaacally   connect  to  Gmail   calendars   •  Host  a  event  hangout   #FVIMS    
  • 18. Tip  #13:  Google  Authorship   Google  Authorship  creates   credibility     •  2-­‐step  process   –  Linking  G+  profile  to  your  site/ blog   –  Adding  authorship  tab  on   blog/website  with  your  G+   URL   Benefits   •  Profile  photo  &  credibility   •  Prime  real-­‐estate  in   personalized  search  results   •  You  are  righhul  owner  of   your  content   •  Build  a  presence  and   create  credibility  in  your   industry   #FVIMS    
  • 19. Tip  #14:  Join  A  Community   h[p://   #FVIMS    
  • 20. Tip  #15:  Integrate  With  Website   •  Increase  traffic  to  your   Website  with  Google+   •  Google+  Website  bu[ons,   links,  badges,  snippets   h[ps:// plugins/share/     •  Google+  Comments     plug-­‐in  for  Blogger  and   WordPress   #FVIMS    
  • 21. Tip  #16:  Start  Networking   •  Talk  with  people,  don’t   talk  at  people   •  Help  solve  people’s   problems  or  issues   •  Provide  free  advice  or  aps   without  request,   expectaaon,  reciprocaaon   or  compensaaon   •  Connect  with  others  who   have  same  passions  you   do   #FVIMS    
  • 22. Connect  With  Rebecca   Email     •  Website     •  Google+       h[p://       •  TwiDer   h[p://www.twi[ rwardlow7     •  Facebook   h[ps:// GetSocialSoluaons       •  Pinterest     h[p:// SocialSoluaons   #FVIMS