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Presentation for Non-Profit Day at NIU

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  • Connect with others
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  • Whether its B2B, for-profit or nonprofit, people are turning to people like themselves for the information they need to make smart choices.

    Social Media Marketing seeks to engage customers in the online social locations where they naturally spend time. Social Business picks up on what they are talking about and what they are interested and connects this back into the business where it can be processed and used to create the next round of customer experiences and conversations.

    Consumers are no longer satisfied with advertising and promotional information as a sole source for learning about new products and services.

    Consumers have taken to the Social Web in an effort to share among themselves their own direct experiences with brands, products and services to provide a “real” view of their research. And these same consumers are relaying on the experiences of others, BEFORE they make an actual purchase themselves.

  • Social media marketing give you an unique opportunity to humanize your brand.
  • WORK TIME:::
    10 minutes to look at current profiles (BRANDING CHECKLIST)
  • To tie your marketing goals into your overall business goals, think about how well your website is performing currently and what the overall online business goals are for the future. Look at each goal, whether its focus is revenue, retention, or service, and then decide how to translate to content.
  • Think About: How often do you visit a website once you’ve visited for the first time?
  • Effective social media works similar to that quote. Give first, then receive.
    Let me explain the title of this blog post…
    You = Your business
    Them = Your audience/customers/fans/potential customers/followers/subscribers
  • You do not need to be on all Social Media sites!  Be where your customers are! Ignore the hype of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc.  Put your focus on your local audience and use the site they are using.  Search these four main sites, are your customers there?  Then you should be.  You should join a location-specific group or create a group of your own on at least on of these social media sites.

    Join or participate in niche sites specifically designed for local audiences, such as local magazines, newspapers, blogs, government sites and Chambers of Commerce. Once there, search the header and footer of the site(s) to find ways to participate in blogs, Q&A’s, forums, discussion boards and like the page. Don’t sell your products, create personal relationships with the people on the forums, blogs, and discussion boards.  When posting on these sites, include your company information in your signature.
  • Track Your Progress
Social media can be measured and it should be measured.  Decide what your goal is — more foot and website traffic, inquiries and ultimately sales. Measure your website traffic using a tool like, Google Analytics.  This tool will tell you where your traffic is coming from.  Start by reviewing the stats from the social sites you’re using and track your your goals.  And don’t forget, when you receive a phone call, ask the caller how they heard about you.

    Getting started in social media will take some time.  Look at it as an investment in your business.  If done right, social media can increase customer satisfaction, create brand loyalty and increase revenue.
  • There are a lot of tutorials on how to use Google Analytics online.  YouTube also has some great videos if you’re more of a visual learner.  Just make sure that the article and/or video that you’re using to learn from was created within the last 6 months to a year.
  • Be Unique - Build A Social Community

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Why Build A Community?
    3. 3. Social Business A Social Community picks up on what their audience is talking about and what they are interested in and connects this back into the business
    4. 4. The Shift … Customers, donors or stakeholders become participants rather than viewers Your customers are willing to take their time and energy to talk to you & about you in conversations They have taken a personal interest in what you bring to the market Your customers are now part of your marketing department In fact, your customers and what they think and share with each other form the foundation of your business.
    5. 5. Get To Know Your Audience Who is posting about your company, competitor or about a topic relevant to your company? Search keywords & #hashtags on: Twitter Search Facebook Graph Search Google+ Search Follow People > Start Conversations > Engage
    6. 6. Your Brand On Social Media Across the various social media platforms, your brand identity must stay consistent Profile photos Cover photos Tabs
    7. 7. Optimize Your Profiles Complete About Pages! Consistent messaging Include important keywords Add a complete address (Facebook Location and Google+ Local & Maps)
    8. 8. 3 Steps To Success 1. Gain an understanding of what people are saying about your brand, organization, product or service (LISTENING) 2. Analyze what you find to extract meaning (SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS) 3. Develop a response program (ACTIVE LISTENING)
    9. 9. Set Your Objectives Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Search Visibility Social Mentions Web page links Social Shares Social Links Visitors to your website Visitors to your social destinations Newsletter subscribers Blog and social content subscribers, fans, friends and followers Comments Measurable marketing outcomes Downloads Webinar or other online event Leads Sales Referrals Brand advocacy
    10. 10. Do You Own Your Fans/Followers?
    11. 11. What Do You Own? Your Website Your Email List
    12. 12. Think List Building! Networking Events People who visit your physical location Donors You need permission to add subscribers to your list!!! You must ask!
    13. 13. It’s Not About You!
    14. 14. Facebook: Share Stories Nobody wants to be sold to, but we all love a good story! Connect with your audience, help them understand who you are and why they should care about you and your organization How can you inspire and encourage your audience to share their stories?
    15. 15. Facebook Tips Advertise – Typically $0.50-1.50 per lead/fan Be social – post as your page on active complementary pages Regularly invite your audience to your Facebook page via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Post great content that gets shared Connect with influencers in your niche
    16. 16. Google+ , Search, YouTube & SEO Instant Indexing Google+ Local Listings in Search Results Hangouts On Air Communities YouTube integration Dominate your name in search
    17. 17. Google+ Tips Spend time on Google+ Use Ripples to find your tribe Post your blog links with images Join or start a Community Circle influencers in your niche Connect with established Hangout On Air hosts & be interviewed Create your own Hangout on Air show
    18. 18. YouTube Tips Include external links to your email capture page Partner with other well-known YouTuber(s) in your niche Advertise on the top 1% of YouTube videos Post video on Google+ with extended comments
    19. 19. How Can You Use Twitter? Generating TRAFFIC to your website BRANDING your organization and products LISTENING to what is being said about your company or industry PROMOTE & SHARE your blog content, special offers, events & more REACH new people daily Share and get the latest NEWS NETWORKING with others who share your passion
    20. 20. Twitter Tips Follow to get followed – use lists, searches, hashtags Tweet with influencers in your niche Retweet others Participate in Tweet Chats or create your own Regularly invite your audience to your Facebook page via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
    21. 21. Utilize the Power of LinkedIn Focus on the quality of your connections, not the quantity. Business decision makers are on LinkedIn Recruit talented, qualified team members Engage with others in your industry Build a community Lead generation tool
    22. 22. LinkedIn Tips Connect with 20-30 new connections per week Research people and companies Join Groups and connect with influencers in your niche Regularly invite your audience to your Facebook page via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    23. 23. Pick Your Platforms You do not need to be on ALL Social Media sites Be where your customers are! Put your focus on your local audience and what platforms they are utilizing. Join location-specific groups or create your own Don’t sell your products, create personal relationships Include your company information in your signature
    24. 24. Share Your Online Presence You need to tell your customers and fans how they can connect with you online Add links to Your website Email newsletter Email signature Put out signs Print materials
    25. 25. Track Your Progress Social media can be measured and it should be measured. What is your goal? — more foot and website traffic, inquiries or donations? Measure your website traffic using a tool like, Google Analytics Each social media platform also has it’s own version of Analytics. When you receive a phone call, ask the caller how they heard about you.
    26. 26. What Can You Measure? Tangible measures: Sales through a mobile site or app Number of app downloads Number of Tweets, ‘Likes’, blog posts, etc. Non-Tangible measures: Brand awareness Market presence Reputation / Impression Education
    27. 27. Google Analytics – What to Watch Unique Visitors Bounce Rate Pages / Visits Duration on Site Number of New Visits City Browser Operating System Traffic Sources Search Referrals
    28. 28. Start Planning Think about how you will move forward as a Social Business, creating communities, brand awareness, leads and donations. You are welcome to reach out to me for assistance with: Web Site Audit Web Site Re-design Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy Social Media Training Social Media Management Online Reputation Management Social Media Policies Social Media & Web Site Reports Online Advertising
    29. 29. Questions?? Email me: Social Solutions (815) 780-9062