Managing Content to Enhance Client Value - MASAE Annual Conference


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Whether we like it or not, associations are in the content marketing business. So how can we do it better? This session focuses on how to effectively grow and improve your content portfolio, achieve strategic goals, better engage members and build thought leadership. Presented at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives, held Nov. 28-29 in Atlantic City, NJ.

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Managing Content to Enhance Client Value - MASAE Annual Conference

  1. 1. Managing Content to Enhance Client Value Becky Rasmussen AMR Management Services @Becky_Rasmussen #MASAEAC12
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover …• What is content marketing?• What does it mean for associations?• Why is it so darn hard?• 6 signs of good content• 7 things you can do to instantly improve your content• Your questions #MASAEAC12
  3. 3. Another Buzzword? Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action. - Content Marketing Institute #MASAEAC12
  4. 4. The Origins of Content Marketing 1931 “Celebrating Today’s Farmer” Published today in English, Spanish & Russian #MASAEAC12
  5. 5. And Today … #MASAEAC12
  6. 6. What’s Changed?• Cost of entry• Content platforms• Availability• Speed• Globalization• Expectations• Amount of content• Attention span #MASAEAC12
  7. 7. If you’re not Content Marketing, you’re not marketing. • Increased traffic • Social sharing • Customer loyalty & retention • Brand advocacy • Lead generation • Shortened buying cycles • Consumer engagement & relationship building • Increased trust and authority • PR on your terms • Increased sales and revenues • Improved employee morale and engagement #MASAEAC12
  8. 8. What does this mean for associations? Your Goal: To be THE World’s Leading Expert in Your Niche Everywhere Your Members Are” - Joe Pulizzi, Junta42/CMI #MASAEAC12
  9. 9. Associations SHOULD be great content marketers … = We have a wealth of content #MASAEAC12
  10. 10. If you took a content inventory, what would you find? • 224 magazine issues • 117 newsletter issues • 29 conventions • 33 marketing conferences • 13 webinars • 17 videos • 1,000s of photos • 55 blog posts • 1,030 tweets • 300 Facebook posts #MASAEAC12
  11. 11. e-books Research Journals Ebooks Learning Benchmarking Centers Books Blogs Listservs White papers Videos Articles Webinars Private social ConferencesWebsites networks Print newsletters Magazines Mobile Apps Podcasts Infographics Enewsletters Online Communities #MASAEAC12
  12. 12. #MASAEAC12
  13. 13. Associations SHOULD be great content marketers … We have established relationships #MASAEAC12
  14. 14. Associations SHOULD be great content marketers … We have a foundation of #MASAEAC12
  15. 15. So what holds us back? #MASAEAC12
  16. 16. Challenges• Our wealth of content• Established relationships• Foundation of trust But that’s not all … #MASAEAC12
  17. 17. Challenges Association Membership Model #MASAEAC12
  18. 18. What does yourassociation “sell”? #MASAEAC12
  19. 19. Information Association Expert Knowledge Members #MASAEAC12
  20. 20. ChallengesStructure & Resources • Boards • Volunteers • Staff #MASAEAC12
  21. 21. #MASAEAC12
  22. 22. ASSOCIATION content should:• Advance your mission• Address member needs and pain points• Position the association as a trusted resource• Target a specific audience• Provide a call to action• Tell an engaging story #MASAEAC12
  23. 23. Advance your missionTo protect and advocate for the farm-grown Christmas Tree industry #MASAEAC12
  24. 24. Address Member Needs and Pain Points #MASAEAC12
  25. 25. Address Member Needs and Pain PointsWhat can you do for your members that they can’t do for themselves?How is the content you provide going to help them improve their business or advance their career? #MASAEAC12
  26. 26. Address Member Needs and Pain Points #MASAEAC12
  27. 27. Find Out What Keeps Them Up at NightMember/reader surveysCommunications audit/focus groupsEditorial committeesSocial mediaGoogle alertsWhere else are they hanging out?LISTEN! #MASAEAC12
  28. 28. Refrigerator JournalismWhat is your organizationcurrently producing that Your is so relevant and Story Here valuable that it earns a spot on your members’ “fridge”? #MASAEAC12
  29. 29. Position your association as a trusted resource #MASAEAC12
  30. 30. Position your association as a trusted resource #MASAEAC12
  31. 31. Position your association as a trusted resource #MASAEAC12
  32. 32. Target a specific audience #MASAEAC12
  33. 33. Target a specific audience Bob Steve• Manages 3,600 acres of trees • Small Choose & Cut farm• Pacific Northwest • Gulf Coast of Alabama• Sells to big box stores • Offers tours, Santa, train• Biggest concern is rising rides freight costs • Biggest concern is weather• Gets news online • Prefers print #MASAEAC12
  34. 34. Target a specific audience #MASAEAC12
  35. 35. It’s not just about members …• Mainstream media• Industry media Is your• Consumers/general public association• Researchers the expert in• Policymakers• Students/youth their eyes?• Potential members #MASAEAC12
  36. 36. Provide a call to action #MASAEAC12
  37. 37. Provide a call to action #MASAEAC12
  38. 38. Provide a call to action1ST CALLPurchase additional content, click to learn more, sign up, signin, subscribe, connect, engage, vote, contact, share, talk, “like”, comment, visit website, etc.2nd CALLJoin association, register for event, contribute/donate, volunteerAre you aiming for a relationship or a transaction? #MASAEAC12
  39. 39. Tell an engaging story #MASAEAC12
  40. 40. Tell an engaging story Google Chrome: #MASAEAC12
  41. 41. Tell an engaging story Better Way to Stay/ Professional Innkeepers: #MASAEAC12
  42. 42. Tell an engaging storyU.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance: #MASAEAC12
  43. 43. Tell an engaging story(or help your members tell theirs) #MASAEAC12
  44. 44. 7 Things You Can Do to StartImproving Your Content Today #MASAEAC12
  45. 45. #1 - Find an internal champion(s)• Thinks like a publisher/ journalist• Nose for the news• Passion for telling stories• Passion for new technology• Problem-solver• Multi-tasker• Customer-focused #MASAEAC12
  46. 46. #2 –Conduct a content inventory #MASAEAC12
  47. 47. #3 – Start Listening #MASAEAC12
  48. 48. #4 – Set Goals for Your ContentVia Copyblogger …• To build trust and rapport• To attract new prospects• To explore prospect pain• To illustrate benefits• To overcome objections• To attract strategic partners• To deepen loyalty with existing customers• To develop new business ideas• To build your reputation with search engines #MASAEAC12
  49. 49. #5 –Develop a Content Calendar #MASAEAC12
  50. 50. #6 – Give your content new life Reducing Antibiotic Residues #MASAEAC12
  51. 51. #7 - And most importantly …Focus on what works for your association and members. #MASAEAC12
  52. 52. What are yourassociation content challenges? #MASAEAC12