Getting down to business with social media for flooring dealers

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  • Thanks Becky, I enjoyed the info you shared & look forward to trying Gist, See you next week in T-Town!
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  • “People think about it and might not buy for eight months, but when they’re ready, they’re ready right now.” Source: Floor Focus, Nov 2011. Answer customer questions. It could be worth $60,000 to you.
  • Café story: booking business by being “out there” and easily findable.
  • Write down customer questions.
  • Many businesses collect email address but don’t do anything with them. Let customers opt in for your blog posts by email.
  • Find the good stuff, and then tell why it’s good. Be ethical: Always cite your sourcesShare on your website, blog, Facebook, etc.
  • Limit your shots and editing will go a lot fasterShoot one video per week, 30-45 seconds
  • Include (VIDEO) in the post title to get more click throughs.
  • Real, local photo = activity
  • +: shows you are doing videos-: shows you don’t post videos to FB-: you are the only who likes your stuff


  • 1. Getting Down to Business with Social Media Becky McCray
  • 2. Roadmap:1. Small Town Style 2. Recommended Tools 3. Finding the time
  • 3. 1. Small Town Style
  • 4. Provide valuable information “Give customers something they’ll hold onto until they’re ready to buy.”•Jim Henderson, Carefree Carpets, Charlotte, NC
  • 5. Speak naturally onlineBe yourself. Use your ownvoice.Use a variety of media andstyles.
  • 6. Be a social media mirror.Talk less about you and more about them.Boost your local community.Talk about your people.
  • 7. Learn from others onlineFollow smart people.Listen more than you talk.
  • 8. 2. Recommended Tools
  • 9. Recommended social media tools Blog Face Video book
  • 10. Blogging
  • 11. What to talk about on your blog Design Products Installation inspiration Problems Cleaning Myths to avoid
  • 12. Picking the right blogging serviceWhat you say is more important than where you say it. Posterous WordPress Tumblr Blogger
  • 13. Use email to deliver blog postsMailChimp
  • 14. Video
  • 15. Borrow good video from othersYour TV commercialsVideo created by brands you carryHow-to videos from YouTube
  • 16. What to show on video Your Customers’ Demos people solutions Your Experts communityHow to use video to promote your small business
  • 17. Keeping video simple Sketch a plan Keep videos short
  • 18. How to do simple videos Start with the Prepare and camera you pick the right Use a tripod have spot Edit with your Shoot more existing than once softwareHow to do simple videos for your business
  • 19. Share and distribute video YouTube Your Blog Facebook
  • 20. FacebookRecommended Tools
  • 21. Facebook Pages for flooring dealersClaim your Page, not create a ProfileKnow your purposeShare customer stories, photos, videos
  • 22. Facebook Pages for flooring dealersEncourage customers to share theirphotosTie-in with brand contests andpromotionsFollow up with individuals, post-purchase
  • 23. Other Tools
  • 24. Use other people’s pagesReviews influence whether people give you a chance. Google Yelp Local pages
  • 25. What about Twitter, Foursquare, etc.? Spend your time where your customers are Use to find out
  • 26. 3. Finding Time
  • 27. Finding the time for daily actionsCreate daily goals Make that a checklist Use it daily At a specific time
  • 28. Sample daily goals Answer a customer question Update your Facebook status Respond to comments Post a new picture
  • 29. Multiply one blog post about a customer’sexperience Post on your Share photos blog Email with Quote on MailChimp Facebook Page
  • 30. A look ahead It’s all Pinterest mobile Offers & deals
  • 31. Getting Down to Business with Social Media Becky McCray