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HPG's expertise in the manufacture of Blades, Vanes, Buckets, Impellers, and Diffusers is matched by none in the industry!!

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HPG Limited - Blades & Impellers

  1. 1. Quality Group of Companies On Time Delivery Precision Machining Flexible Capabilities We help companies succeed by providing  them with world class service for precision  machined components and complex  assemblies...
  2. 2. Welcome to TRIMASTER! “We help companies succeed by providing them with world class service for precision machined components and complex assemblies...” TRIMASTER Group of Companies is a full-service provider of precision machining and fabrication solutions, with capabilities that are continually expanded and upgraded to meet and exceed the demands of the various industries we serve. Our strict attention to high quality, timely delivery, and low costs represents a very competitive sourcing option for a wide range of domestic and international customers. Leading-edge CAD/CAM systems, fixturing, tooling, machines, and rigorous process/quality control are key elements of our strong customer-focused culture. Enclosed with this information package, please find a brief summary of the machine types and capabilities used in our production of components for industrial, commercial, and military systems. A selection of pictures of the wide variety of components we produce are also included to provide further insight on the abilities of our talented engineering and production personnel. The TRIMASTER Group of Companies sales team would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about any potential business development opportunities. Please contact us at thru the information provided below with any comments or questions about the TRIMASTER Group of Companies supporting your organization through the supply of precision machined components and complex assemblies. Thank you for your interest in TRIMASTER Group of Companies! Sincerely, Robert Micoli Sales & Business Development Manager TRIMASTER Group of Companies rmicoli@trimastermfg.com Office: (519) 823-2661 Cell: (519) 829-0787 Ken Wiegand New Business Development TRIMASTER Group of Companies kwiegandjr@trimastermfg.com Cell: (248) 761-8962 Becky McClanahan New Business Development TRIMASTER Group of Companies bmcclanahan@trimastermfg.com Cell: (513) 520-3007
  3. 3. Blade Runner software support available. operates three facilities totaling approximately122,000 sq. ft. All of these facilities are located within 45 minutes of each other in Ontario, Canada. Also, within the group of companies is Hoppe Technologies located in Chicopee, Massachusetts and MMPCO located in South Paris, Maine. With over 550 highly-skilled employees over the 5 facilities, TRIMASTER Group of companies specializes in the manufacturing of components for aerospace, power generation, defense, digital projection and paper industries, involving technologies such as precision machining, welding, fabrication, and highly detailed assemblies. State of the art manufacturing capabilities in climate controlled facilities. Employees are accountable for their work and take pride in their on-time delivery record. We closely monitor machining processes using statistical process control. We utilize the latest in electronic inspection equipment to assure machining accuracy. We readily adapt our quality control system to support the unique quality control specifications of our customers. Quality TRIMASTER has developed a sound reputation for high-quality, on-time deliveries, with thorough and quick responses to customer needs. All the Company’s employees understand and focus on achieving unparalleled service for its clients. TRIMASTER Group of Companies are certified to ISO 9001:2008 , AS9100C, and hold certifications for Controlled Goods and Computer Information and Data Security Insurance.
  4. 4. On Time Delivery World Class Performance TRIMASTER understands the competitive landscape of the modern world of manufacturing. And the need for meeting On Time Delivery.   99% delivery performance 99.5% Quality Ratings Products Environment & Safety TRIMASTER is very sensitive to environmental protection. The Company and its divisions are active in various projects aimed at finding new ways of achieving high quality manufacturing processes always mindful of the environment. Our mission and vision include a commitment to the health and safety of its employees and a respect for our environment. We believe in protecting our assets and, even more importantly, our people from all loss or potential loss due to accident, injury or unforeseen circumstance. Manufacturing capabilities of all complex, highly engineered designs. An ideal single-source solution for close tolerance fabrication, & machining of alloy, specialty alloy, and composite materials. Materials ranging in hardness from Aluminum to MP35. Part Digitizing Flexible Capabilities For almost 40 years, our facilities have supplied superior quality precision machined components and fabricated assemblies to the aerospace, defense, optics, paper handling equipment (ATM hardware and mailroom equipment), digital projection and simulation equipment and automated laboratory equipment industries.
  5. 5. Blade, Vane, Impeller Capability Closed Faced Impellers Open Faced Impellers Blades & Vanes - Up to 25” length" Diameters from 4” to 33” Precision Machining Diameters from 6” to 22”
  6. 6. Shortest Lead Times in the Industry • • • Modular Fixtures designed to maintain process capability • • • Precision Machining • • Modular part holding Standardized cutting tools Standardized machine tools Standardized material removal Installed laser tool monitoring Automated tool adjustment technology Standardized Packaging Standardized Design and Inspection Tolerances HPG is capable of achieving and maintaining the following tolerances: Packing Angles (+/- .00025”) Profiles Root (+/- .00025”) Airfoil (+/_ .004”) Leading/Trailing Edge (+/- .0015”) Boring (+/- .00025”) Turing (+/- .00025”) Wire EDM (+/- .0001”) Surface Finish 12RA Engineering Software • Mastercam X6 • 5 seats • Design, Lathe and Milling 3 to 5 Axis • NREC • 2 seats • 1 Open and 1 Closed Face Impeller Suite
  7. 7. Quality System For us, quality assurance isn't just a department - it's something that's built into everything we do! All of our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 & AS 9100C Certified • Continuous Improvement culture • Preventative Maintenance • Single Piece Flow • Lean Initiatives • • PCDMIS Blade Runner • • Produces Blade Profile Graphics for CMM Scan Results SP600 Probe Heads • Full contact airfoil scanning Customers Served Precision Machining Climate Controlled Inspection Facilities • 20 °C / 68 °F Inspection Software
  8. 8. Class 1000 Clean Room Value Added Services In the modern world of manufacturing, it is supply chain vs. supply chain. We have the experience to manage it all! Machining All of our facilities utilize stateof-the-art computer-controlled metal working equipment to provide customer satisfaction at competitive prices. Our in-house capabilities include manufacturing engineering, multi-axis CNC machining, CNC Swiss-style turning, grinding, elastomer molding and grinding, sheet metal fabrication and complex assembly. Equipment includes: Positive Pressure Testing Area Engineering Capabilities Design for manufacturability Cost Down partnerships Lead time reduction Manufacturing optimization Part Digitalization Manufacturing simulation software Statistical Process Controls Multiple File Formats Available Concurrent Engineering CNC Horizontal Milling  58 Machines  Up to 41” dia. x 39” H  Up to 5 Axis CNC Vertical Milling  40 Machines  Up to 25” x 33” x 80”  Up to 5 Axis CNC Turning  54 Machines  Up to 27” dia x 60”  Up to 7 Axis CNC Vertical Milling and Contouring  Up to 24” x 54” Mold Presses Precision Machining Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Complex Assembly Electromechanical Testing Positive Pressure Testing Areas – 3 Class 1000 Clean Room Grinding Elastomer Grinding Welding Black Oxide CMM Inspection Supply Chain Management Direct Ship to End-use Customer
  9. 9. About TRIMASTER Group of Companies TRIMASTER‘s head office is located in Guelph, Ontario. Founded in 1974, TRIMASTER is a one source, one responsibility supplier for customers who demand tight tolerances on complex, medium volume components. HPG is capable of manufacturing the most complex turbine components in the shortest possible time frames. Accuracy, Precision, and Consistency are achieved by our investment in state-of-the-art equipment, and the development of specific manufacturing processes that are executed by a team of highly skilled professionals. Robert Micoli Sales & Business Development Manager Trimaster Group of Companies rmicoli@trimastermfg.com Office: (519) 823-2661 Cell: (519) 829-0787 Becky McClanahan New Business Development Trimaster Group of Companies bmcclanahan@trimastermfg.com Cell: (513) 520-3007 Ken Wiegand New Business Development Trimaster Group of Companies kwiegandjr@trimastermfg.com Cell: (248) 761-8962 TRIMASTER Manufacturing Ltd. 95 Curtis Drive Guelph, ON N1K 1E1 Phone: (519) 823‐2661  www.trimaster.promachining‐solutions.com
  10. 10. Offers precision machining solutions including multi-axis machining, Swiss style machining, elastomer molding and complex electromechanical sub-assemblies for various Fortune 500 companies and the defense market. World class manufacturer of complex turbine components for gas and steam turbines with the shortest lead times in the industry. One of the largest CNC facilities in the Northeastern US with over 60 CNC machines and a Class 1000 hard wall clean room, serving the defense, aerospace, oil and gas markets and others American industry leader of precision machined components and assemblies serving the aerospace, defense, optics, power generation and commercial industries. TRIMASTER Manufacturing Ltd. 95 Curtis Drive Guelph, ON N1K 1E1 Phone: (519) 823‐2661  www.trimaster.promachining‐solutions.com