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Got BIM?

  1. 1. GOT BIM??? Thirsty Thursdays August 25, 2011Larry BlackburnTurner Construction Company859-323-0395x105Matt GilliesStites & Harbison, PLLC502-681-0589 3D BIM
  2. 2. Virtual Design and Construction -3D - BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING – BIMLarry Blackburn 3D BIM
  3. 3. Virtual Design and Construction • Mission: Improve Communication using 3D modeling to Visualize, Analyze, Simulate & Validate. Avoid Disruptions and Mistakes in the Construction Process. Build Digitally First. 3D BIM
  4. 4. Design VisualizationVisualize building early in the process tosupport and accelerate the decisionmaking processSchedule VisualizationVisualize construction process to reviewand optimize the construction sequenceand the schedule Design ValidationIntegrate 3D models of all trades toidentify interferences andconstructability issues before theymaterialize in the field EstimatingTie scope of project to a price;Manage scope changes more efficiently 3D BIM
  5. 5. BIM – Design Validation • Overlay of discipline models • Early detection of conflicts and inconsistencies • Involve all disciplines and allow experts to bring their knowledge to bear • Throughout pre-construction and construction phase 3D BIM
  6. 6. BIM – Design Validation 3D BIM
  7. 7. 3D BIM
  8. 8. Construction Phaseg ne rs or 3 rd p a r t y 3 D m o d e le r s A r c h it e c t u r a l D e s ig n A r c h it e c t u r a l M o d e l S t r u c t u r a l D e s ig n S truc tu ra l M o d e l Tu r n e r M e c h a n i c a l S h o p d r a w i n g sM e c h a n i c a l M o d e l In t e g r a t e d M o d e l P lu m b in g S h o p d r a w in g s P lu m b in g M o d e l E le c t r ic a l S h o p d r a w in g s E le c t r ic a l M o d e l O t h e r S h o p d r a w in g s O the r M o d e l Au to m a te d S u b c o ntra c to rs Cla s h De te c tio n R e vis io n o f C o o r d in a t io n C la s h R e p o r t De s ig n M e e t in g F o r m a liz e d P r o c e s s S h o r t F e e d b a c k C y c Ee s u r e C o n s t r u c t a b i l i t y l ns R e lia b le C la s h C h e c k 3D BIM
  9. 9. Harborview – Clash Report 3D BIM
  10. 10. iRoom – Harborview Medical Center 3D BIM
  11. 11. Turner iRooms Harborview Millers Children’s Univ. of KYSutter Sacramento Salem Hospital Boston University 3D BIM
  12. 12. iRoom – BU Medical Center Plumbing CoordinatorFire Sprinkler Coordinator Mech Pipe Coordinator Electrical Coordinator Turner MEP ManagerDuctwork Coordinator Turner Model Coordinator 3D BIM
  13. 13. Electrical J-BoxAccess space for J-Box 3D BIM
  14. 14. Reasonable Abstractions J-box w/access VAV w/access Can light w/access 3D BIM
  15. 15. Construction Process 3D BIM
  16. 16. Construction Process 3D BIM
  17. 17. Construction Process 3D BIM
  18. 18. Construction Process 3D BIM
  19. 19. Construction Process 3D BIM
  20. 20. Construction Process 3D BIM
  21. 21. Construction Process 3D BIM
  22. 22. Construction Process 3D BIM
  23. 23. Construction Process 3D BIM
  24. 24. Construction Process 3D BIM
  25. 25. Construction Process 3D BIM
  26. 26. Construction Process 3D BIM
  27. 27. BIM - Site Logistics 3D BIM
  28. 28. BIM - Site Logistics 3D BIM
  29. 29. BIM - Site Logistics 3D BIM
  30. 30. BIM - Site Logistics 3D BIM
  31. 31. Laser Scanning 3D BIM
  32. 32. Laser Scanning • Accurate documentation of existing conditions • Digital format for design coordination and validation • Leica HDS 4500 – Indoor scans – On wheels – Effective range 0.3 … 20m – Scan time <1min – 3..5 scans per hour 3D BIM
  33. 33. Laser Scanning C ondu it s D uc tw ork C o lu m n M a in D uc ts 3D BIM
  34. 34. 3D Model Created From Point Cloud 3D BIM
  35. 35. Conclusion • More reliable coordination • Proactive problem resolution • Reduce disruptions in the construction process • Reduced risk • Secondary effects – Less Change Orders – Increased confidence in coordination – Higher level of prefabrication • Design Validation benefits all, The Owner, the General Contractor and the Subcontractors 3D BIM
  36. 36. Contact Information: • Larry Blackburn • Healthcare Account Executive • Email: 3D BIM
  37. 37. Contract & Legal Issueswith BuildingInformation Modeling Matthew A. Gillies Stites & Harbison, PLLC 3D BIM
  38. 38. Multiple Models – “Federation” • Architectural Model • Structural Model • Mechanical Model • Electrical Model • Lighting Model • Etc. • Some “Derivatives” of Others 3D BIM
  39. 39. BIM Uses – Design Visualization – Structural Analysis – Design Drawing Preparation – Energy Analysis – Systems Coordination – Constructability Reviews (Clash Detection) – Scheduling/Sequencing Reviews – Site Planning/Utilization – Cost Estimating – Prefabrication – Project Communications – Model Integration – Emergency Simulations – Operations and Maintenance 3D BIM
  40. 40. BIM Benefits – Decreased Design Conflicts – Increased Budget/Schedule Control – Greater Dimensional Precision – Enhanced Communication/Collaboration Amongst Construction/Design Team – Improved As-Built Documentation – Improved Ability to Modularize and Prefabricate Building Components – Reduced Project Delivery Time 3D BIM
  41. 41. BIM IS A GOOD IDEA “Best Way To Kill a Good Idea is to Bring in the Lawyers” 3D BIM
  42. 42. BIM Challenges – Momentum/Inertia Challenges • Delivery Methods – Technical Challenges <Interoperability> – Legal/Contractual Challenges 3D BIM
  43. 43. BIM Legal/ContractualChallenges • Does it alter traditional responsibilities of Owner, A/E, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers? • What are Risks of Sharing Models? • How Should Intellectual Property Rights be handled? • Does BIM alter post-design or post- construction deliverables? • How can the contracts help, rather than stifle, the BIM process? 3D BIM
  44. 44. Legal/Contractual Challenges (cont.) • Is BIM an additional service? • How is BIM to be reflected in the parties’ agreements? • Does BIM change who owns (or has the right to use) the design? • Who bears the risk of defective or sub- optimal software? • Insurance Issues? 3D BIM 44
  45. 45. Contract Mantras • Contract 3 “C”s – Clear – Coordinated – Consistent • Contract Risk Allocation – Control – Insured – Paid 3D BIM
  46. 46. Level of BIM Integration & Need for“BIM Contract Language” • “Baby BIM” :Non-Integrated Use of BIM [Specific BIM Contract Language Not Needed] • Designers Use BIM to Assist With Design BUT only Deliver 2D Plans to Contractor • Contractors/Subs Might Use BIM to Create Owner Models for Means & Methods BUT Not Shared Back with Designer 3D BIM
  47. 47. Level of BIM Integration & Need for“BIM Contract Language” • “Toddler BIM” :Non-Integrated Use of BIM [Specific BIM Contract Language Not Needed] • Designers Use BIM to Assist With Design • Deliver 2D Plans to Contractor AND • Deliver Digital Model to Contractor BUT – With Broad Disclaimers (No Right To Rely) • MOST COMMON PRACTICE : Parallel Universe – Collaboration in Digital Models BUT – Documents Legally Governing Work Remain 2D plans/specs – Parties Must ensure that decisions made in modeling process reflected in contract documents (i.e. follow change order documentation process . . .do not assume agreement on model sufficient if legally using 2d & not model for contract documents) 3D BIM
  48. 48. Level of BIM Integration & Need for“BIM Contract Language” • “Grown-Up” or “Full BIM” . ..Integrated Use of BIM [Specific BIM Contract Language IS Needed] • Designers Use BIM to Assist With Design • Contractors Begin Modeling in Design Phase • Model Sharing • Subcontractor Modeling • Early Collaboration 3D BIM
  49. 49. “Full BIM” What Needs to be in theContract?* • Specific Models Required • Milestones (when Models Available) • A/E not resp. for M&M • GC/Sub not resp. for design – Or, to the extent responsible • Downloading/uploading process • Specification as to who may modify a model • Definition of contract documents (whether any of the digital models will be CD) 3D BIM
  50. 50. BIM Contract : What is Needed?*• RFIs and designer responses documentation• References in BIM protocol to the contract change provisions (how are changes/change orders handled)• ID which aspects of shared models where reliance is permitted• ID which parties may create derivative models from models of others• Appropriate Compensation for Those Providing Models with Right of Reliance 3D BIM
  51. 51. BIM Contract : What is Needed?*• Process for Creating Record Copies (read-only versions)• Allocation of Risks for Data Degradation during transfer• Waiver of CDs• Model Manager Role/Specifics• Force Majeure (including model damage & data loss)• Intellectual Property Rights (creator of model owns model)• Agreed-to standards of reliance – At least needs to be equivalent to their 2d versions (model info over and above what would have normally been available in 2d may/may not be info others can rely on) *Listing Info Compiled from Dwight Larson’s and Kate Golden’s 2008 white paper “Entering the Brave New World: An Introduction to Contracting for BIM” 3D BIM
  52. 52. BIM Contract Language Standard Forms are Good Starts . . .but Use Caution (should tailor to project and not simply pull off the shelf) *Corps of Engineers *ConsensusDOCS (CD 301) – Assumptions/Structure *American Institute of Architects (E202) – Assumptions/Structure – Model Element Table – Level of Development 3D BIM
  53. 53. Building Information ModelingCD 301- BIM Addendum • DOES NOT change party roles/relationships • DOES outline roles responsibilities in accordance with the contract documents • BIM Execution Plan 3D BIM
  54. 54. CD 301 BIM Addendum – RiskAllocation • Each Party Responsible for Contributions to Models (including access/modification of models by lower tier subcontractors) • Standards of care from governing contracts apply to each party • No Party shall be responsible for damages resulting from use of its Model beyond the uses set forth in the Addendum • Defects in the software for Model entitles parties to time extension “or other excuse from performance” . . . But duty to mitigate 3D BIM
  55. 55. CD 301 BIM Addendum – TheInformation Manager • Information Manager – Responsible for management of BIM program – Create/maintain/manage/delete user access – Record following info for each data entry in Model: • User Name & Role, Contact Info, Date/Time – Maintain Backup/Restore of all data – Selected by Owner • A/E, GC/CM, or “Other” 3D BIM
  56. 56. CD 301 BIM Addendum – The BIMExecution Plan • 30-day trigger (K & subsequent major subs) • Model Manager (selected by O . . A/E, GC/CM, Other) • Common coordinate system • Convention as to units for Models • File formats/structures/naming conventions • Measures needed for interoperability • How BIM to be utilized in RFI/Change Order processes • Utilization of Project BIM website • Extent of co-location of participants (BIM pit) • Specification of Project Close-out & deliverables 3D BIM
  57. 57. CD 301 BIM Addendum – IntellectualProperty Rights • Each Party – Warrants that Party is • Owner of copyrights in its Contributions • Licensed/authorized by copyright holders – Indemnifies other parties from 3rd party claims arising out of infringement claims – Grants to other project participant license to use Contributions for purposes of Project 3D BIM
  58. 58. AIA BIM Protocol Exhibit • AIA Document E202 (2008) – Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit – Focuses on modeling – Sets forth protocols – Addresses model ownership – Parties responsibilities vis-à-vis the model – LOD matrix 3D BIM
  59. 59. AIA E202 BIM Protocol Exhibit – Levels of development (LOD) • 100- “overall building massing, indicative of area, height, volume, location, and orientation” • 200- “generalized systems or assemblies with approximate quantities, size, shape, location” • 300- “ specific assemblies accurate in terms of quantity, size, shape, location and orientation.” • 400- “specific assemblies accurate in terms of size, shape, location, quantity and orientation with complete fabrication, assembly and detailing information.” • 500- “as constructed assemblies actual and accurate in terms of size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation.” 3D BIM 59
  60. 60. AIA E202 BIM Protocol Exhibit• Reliance on Model Elements – Model Element Table – Can Be Relied Upon in Accordance with MET – Any use/reliance inconsistent with LOD listed in MET shall be at user’s sole risk and without liability to Model Element Author – Indemnification of MEA if used inconsistent with LOD 3D BIM
  61. 61. Other Legal Issues • Consequences of Model as Contract Doc • Standard of Care • Insurance Coverage – Model Design & Input – Software Issues • Liability Concerns for Post-Project Use for O&M • A/E “Responsible Control” of design 3D BIM
  62. 62. QUESTIONS???Matt Gillies ( Blackburn ( 3D BIM