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TUA Overview


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • The technology computer resources covered by this agreement include all computers and networks owned and operated by the Oconee County Schools. OCS whether accessed from home or school and any privately owned devices used on the OCS network or at an OCS campus/activity
  • OCS The Oconee County Schools reserves the right to review any material stored and transmitted in school system computers technology or on school provided network resources.  This monitoring is intended to determine whether specific uses of the network are appropriate School issued cell phone records are monitored and available to public inquiry. Abuse of cell phone minutes may be cause for disciplinary action. Using personal cell phones and personal email accounts to conduct school business may be subject to open records requests. Therefore, all electronic communications should be conducted through the OCS account.  Personal cell phones should not be used in classrooms during instructional blocks or duty assignments. Smartphones, like laptops, may be used for educational purposes as directed by a teacher, when approved by the building administrator. The use of student cell phones is prohibited during the instructional day.
  • OCS has no responsibility for a student’s personal wireless device if stolen or damaged at school. Help and support will not be provided for any technology resource not purchased/leased by the system. 
  • Your password is confidential and should be protected.  Each user has a unique id.  No one should logon to the network using another person’s id.  You are accountable for all actions taken under your login
  • You must password-protect or encrypt all student information stored on your laptop, USB drive, or other portable storage. Electronic communications are not guaranteed to be private. Wireless connections can easily be hijacked: your data can be read and copied by others.   All electronic transactions are monitored by OCS and are subject to open records requests and discovery motions.  Deceptive electronic mail is easy to fake, including the sender and technical information in the header.  If there is reasonable suspicion to believe that students have violated school policies, regulations, or guidelines, OCS may examine students' devices brought on school property or on school-sponsored activities and search its contents.
  • When evidence of cyberbullying is brought forward to the administration, the administration may investigate and discipline the sender as warranted by the code of conduct or if warranted, refer the matter to the proper authorities. If you feel that you have been a target of cyberbullying, speak with a teacher, counselor or law enforcement. See Oconee County Schools – Code of Conduct, 241 Bullyingfor more information.
  • All students with personal wireless devices must use the District provided wireless which is filtered according to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements. Students are not to use non-District wireless service providers while on District property. Personal network devices are not to be connected to the wired network. 
  • (During other times on campus, students may use their approved technology resources and must remain in compliance with this agreement.)
  • OCS provides web publishing mediums for all teachers: Moodle, Blogs, etc. Any site that represents OCS in any capacity not hosted on system servers cannot be linked to or referenced by teachers UNLESS the school system has been granted administrative permissions to such an external site. OCS retains full editorial control of any site.   All posts must be moderated.All web publishing should strive for the highest standards of grammar and conventions. Any outside references should be appropriately sited.All web pages should be in support of the classroom and school mission without advertisements to any other services or products.Online publishing must follow all FERPA guidelines.  Any copyrighted materials must be posted within password-protected areas.Individual teachers will review their students’ material before publication.  The quality and completeness of any published work should be such that both student and teacher are proud that a larger audience can experience it.  District-sponsored teacher pages must link back to campus websites: Campus websites must link to district sites. All websites should maintain current information. Names of staff person or volunteer maintaining the page and contact information.Each page will post a disclaimer: Any link beyond this Web site does not constitute an endorsement by Oconee County Schools.  Oconee County Schools takes no responsibility for and exercises no control over the organizations, views, or accuracy of the information presented by other sites. Safety GuidelinesPictures that include the heads of students should be posted only if standard release form for videotaping and newspaper photographs has been signed by parents.Unless parents opt out, OCS may publish the following directory information a. Student’s name;b. parent or lawful custodian’s name;c. grade level classification;d. students participation in officially recognized activities and sports;e. weight and height of athletic teams;f. diplomas, certificates, awards and honors received.No telephone numbers for students. Note: All works of authorship are copyrightable by Oconee County Schools (OCS) under the terms of an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons Public License. Under this license, OCS permits anyone to copy, distribute, display and perform the blog content, royalty-free, on the condition that they credit your authorship and OCS each time they do so. OCS also permits others to distribute derivative works of your content, but only if they do so under the same Attribution-ShareAlike license that governs the original content. For more information on Creative Commons visit
  • Transcript

    • 1. OCS Technology Usage Agreement
      Adopted 2010
    • 2. Computer Device
      Network Technology
      What’s in a name?
    • 3. OCS equipment
      Personal equipment
      Your computer or ours?
    • 4. School-issued cell phone
      Personal cell phones
    • 5. Use guidelines &
      Educational Uses
      Student Cell Phones
    • 6. Be polite and use appropriate language
      Use of the computers to circulate chain letters and pyramid schemes is not permitted
      Do not use technology resources the computer in such a way that you would disrupt the use of the computer by other users. (Sounds, and/or Excessive bandwidth usage: radio/audio streaming, video streaming)
    • 7. Your computer,
      Your responsibility.
      Student Laptops
    • 8. Passwords are secret.
      To everyone.
    • 9. Student data / grades:
      If it leaves the building,
      it must be encrypted.
      All computers have
      TRUE CRYPT installed.
      Data Encryption
    • 10. Harassment is defined as the persistent annoyance of another user, or the interference of another user’s work including unwanted electronic communications. Uninvited amorous or sexual messages are likely to be construed as harassment. Harassment should be reported to a teacher or school administrator.
    • 11. Cyberbullying is defined as any electronic communications done with the intention to cause mental or emotional harm and may result in legal action.
    • 12. NO   
      Bring your own Wifi?
    • 13. If you have received controversial material through electronic communications, do not forward or duplicate it in any form. Notify your teacher or building administration.
      Never pass it on.
    • 14. During class time, each student's access to and use of approved technology resources (personal and district-provided) will be under the teacher's direction only and monitored as a regular instructional activity. 
      Ask your teacher.
    • 15. Observed staff violations of this agreement should be reported to a building administrator. 
      The buck stops here.
    • 16. Do not make copies of copyrighted music, video and/or software without permission of the copyright owner
    • 17. Moodle v. Blog
      Outside site guidelines
      Current information – website reviews
      Outside links? = Disclaimer
      Online Publishing