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City of San Antonio Historic Design Guidelines


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  • 1. City of San Antonio Historic Design Guidelines
  • 2. About the Guidelines• Respond to Strategic Historic Preservation Plan (2009)• Provide clarity and predictability to applicants andproperty owners• Based on Secretary of the Interior’s Standards andexisting UDC provision• Respond to common requests and local conditions• Improve customer service• Adopted by City Council on November 8, 2012
  • 3. Structure• Overall guidelines broken into 8 documents for easeof use (5 are Guideline documents)– Using the Historic Design Guidelines– (a) Guidelines for Exterior Maintenance and Alterations– (b) Guidelines for Additions– (c) Guidelines for New Construction– (d) Guidelines or Site Elements– (e) Guidelines for Signage– A Guide to San Antonio’s Historic Districts– Glossary
  • 4. Application of the Guidelines• Applicable to historiczoning overlay (H, HS,HS, HL)• Supplements andreplaces existingprovisions• Does not include RIOguidelines
  • 5. Example Pages
  • 6. Using the Historic Design Guidelines• Explanatory document(who, what, why, how)• Outlines variousprocesses, reviewbodies, purpose• Overview of Secretaryof the Interior’sStandards– Preservation– Rehabilitation– Restoration– Reconstruction
  • 7. Using the Historic Design Guidelines
  • 8. Guidelines for Exterior Maintenance and Alterations• Most commonly applied• Standards forrehabilitation• Guidelines andexamples specific toexteriors
  • 9. Guidelines for Exterior Maintenance and Alterations• Format– (1)Heading– Guidelines• (A)Subheading– (i)Guideline• Example: Whenconsidering replacing ashingle roof with a metalroof– see UDC sec. 35-6##(a)(3)(B)(vi) Materials:metal roofs – Use metalroofs only on…• Responds to Secretary ofthe Interior’s Standards
  • 10. Guidelines for Exterior Maintenance and Alterations• Example page• Increased clarity =better results!
  • 11. Guidelines for Exterior Maintenance and Alterations
  • 12. Guidelines for Additions• Residential andCommercial / MixedUse• Appropriateorientation, scale andmaterials• Save customers timeand money• No surprises in designreview process
  • 13. Guidelines for Additions
  • 14. Guidelines for Additions
  • 15. Guidelines for Additions
  • 16. Guidelines for New Construction• Vacant lots, infill in bothcommercial andresidential context• Compatible yetdistinctive• Replaced previousprovisions in UDCsection 35-609
  • 17. Guidelines for New Construction
  • 18. Guidelines for New Construction
  • 19. Guidelines for New Construction
  • 20. Guidelines for Site Elements• Yards, landscaping• Fences• Sidewalks and ROWelements• ADA compliance
  • 21. Guidelines for Site Elements
  • 22. Guidelines for Site Elements
  • 23. Guidelines for Site Elements
  • 24. Guidelines for Signage• To work in conjunctionwith existing provisionsin 35-612• More stringency(internal illumination,modern channel lettersand cabinet signs)• Encourages pedestrian–oriented signage
  • 25. Guidelines for Signage
  • 26. Guidelines for Signage
  • 27. Guidelines for Signage
  • 28. Historic Resources Guide• Educational andillustrative tool• Historic Districts andStyle Guide• Contains no guidelines
  • 29. Historic Resources Guide
  • 30. Historic Resources Guide
  • 31. Glossary• Legal definitions andarchitectural terms