Center City Implementation Plan


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Center City Implementation Plan

  1. 1. Infill Development WorkshopJune 7, 2013
  2. 2. SA2020 vision and goalsAchievegreaterbalanceDiversifyproducttypesAttractresidents,workersImprovelivingexperienceDream ItMap ItDo It
  3. 3. Strategic Framework Plan RecommendationsHousing First StrategyCreating a Vibrant PlaceStrategic Framework Plan
  4. 4. Strategic Framework Plan RecommendationsRecommended Implementation ActionsDowntown InvestmentHousing IncentivesManagementRegulation
  5. 5. Downtown Investment: Increased investment in urban infrastructureAnticipatedFunding:$180 mFrameworkPlan CapitalPriorities$350 mFundingGap:$170 m +Source: HR&A analysis of investment needs andCOSA capital funding expectations$80 m$40 m$23 m$17m$17m
  6. 6. Downtown Investment: Increased investment in urban infrastructureDenver DallasInvestment range: $65-80 million per year
  7. 7. The Tobin Performing Arts Center Comes Alive
  8. 8. Henry B Gonzales Convention Center
  9. 9. The San Antonio RiverImprovements ProjectA partnership comprised of:• Bexar County & CoSA• SA River Authority• SA River Foundation• San Antonio River Oversight Committee• U.S. Army Corps of Engr.• Total cost for entire project over $358 million.
  10. 10. The Museum Reach• Extends 3.5 miles• Investment of $84.7m• Connects the San Antonio Museumof Art, the Witte, and the Pearl todowntown• Includes Public art Installations• Increased area for running, bikingetc.
  11. 11. The Mission Reach• Extends 8 miles• Cost just over $245 million• Innovative ecosystem restoration project• Reconnect river to historic Spanish missionsThe project will include over15 miles of trails along theriver for pedestrians andbicyclists to enjoy.
  12. 12. CommunityEndorsed.$93 million for Downtown Area•Streets ($48.7 M)•Parks ($31 M)•Facilities ($13.1 M)2012-2017 BondProgram
  13. 13. TransformingTransportationVIA, the City of SanAntonio and Bexar Countyare working together totransform San Antonio• $190M Downtown Streetcar project• West Side Multimodal• VIA Primo
  14. 14. Downtown Streetcar Project
  15. 15. Downtown InvestmentRecommendation: identify additional downtown funding sourcesTIRZPublic-PrivateDevelopmentFederal and StateFundingIncremental CapitalSourcesAdditionalProperty TaxCorporateSponsorshipsHotel Occupancy Tax Parking Fees & TaxesSales Tax forEconomic DevelopmentPublic ImprovementDistrict
  16. 16. Housing Incentives: Residential development requires incentivesFour-Story StickNon-Core AreaFeasibility Gap (average unit)$155kLand CostsLand CostsBuilding CostsBuilding CostsParking/PublicParking/PublicImprovementsImprovementsCost of CapitalCost of Capital $10k$125k$20kValue BeforeValue BeforeIncentivesIncentives$140k$15k$140kGapCost per Unit ( No Incentives) Capitalized Value of Net Income
  17. 17. Housing Incentives: Feasibility gap is more pronounced in the CoreMid-Rise Steel or ConcreteCore AreaFeasibility Gap (average unit)$185k $160kValue BeforeValue BeforeIncentivesIncentives$30k$160kGap$15k$140k$30kLand CostsLand CostsBuilding CostsBuilding CostsParking/PublicParking/PublicImprovementsImprovementsCost of CapitalCost of CapitalCost per Unit ( No Incentives) Capitalized Value of Net Income
  18. 18. Housing IncentivesRecommendation: Support housing development with financial incentives22Public Land DispositionCentro PartnershipStrategic Housing FundPredictable City TaxIncentives andInvestments
  19. 19. • 20 housing projects withinthe original 36 square miles• 2,451 housing units• Total investment of $383 M• Total value of incentivepackages $39.7 MLofty Goals
  20. 20. Management: Mission-focused coordination: City resources
  21. 21. ManagementRecommendation: Mission focus for Centro PartnershipSet a corestrategicvisionSupportcoordinated actionfor catalyticprojectsForum forstrategic thinkingand planning27
  22. 22. HR&A Advisors, Inc. 21Regulation: District strategic planning and design review
  23. 23. HR&A Advisors, Inc. 22RegulationRecommendation: Incremental design review and regulationPhase One Phase TwoCurrentZoningOrdinanceDesignGuidelinesForm-BasedOrdinanceUrban DesignReviewCommissionDesignGuidelines
  24. 24. HR&A Advisors, Inc. 23• 77 UDC Amendments• Lonestar Community Plan• Downtown Design Guide• Northwest Quadrant StudyRegulation Update