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Mums 80 th

Mums 80 th






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    Mums 80 th Mums 80 th Presentation Transcript

    • Elsie’s 80th Mom,Mummy, Mum, Mama, MamaElsie, Lau Sim, Sio Sim, Aunty,Zhou Sim, Lan Cheng Ee, Cheh, Jee Koh, Auntie Heng 80 Years1| |2
    • Preface Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mom many situations that often stared at our lives and leaving us helpless. You have shown us that there is a better way around our lives. And this is you in our eyes. Celebrating one’s 80th birthday is a big deal and a major milestone. Our first thought is how could we capture You have a big heart for all of us, you display that by showering us with gifts from your and preserve this moment for you and for all of us too. travels. We are always on your mind when you traveled to places and wherever you went, you often brought back special gifts for each of us. For all the most unique We want to create a legacy for you. One that will bring treasures you have showered us with, we are most thankful and grateful for. about immediate gratification and appreciation of our LOVE for you. You have been a wonderful Mom, Aunty, Lau Ee and Ah Nothing is impossible with you. A complaint of any illness will be taken care of with a Cheh to all and through these pages that follow in this book we cure from your ancient book of herbs and certainly they worked even though some of would like to express ourselves to you. We would like to remind us may not admit that. Your concern for our good health is unbelievable. you of some special moments in your life with us and recalling them for you through the years. Well Mom, we hope that you will have many wonderful moments reading this book compiled with everyone’s wishes for your 80th birthday. We know you will treasure it as Firstly we want acknowledge you for your most caring attitude much as all of us. A book that will go down with the generations for all of us. for us. You always step up to help where you can and you have difused Lots of Love from all of us3| |4
    • Elsie’s 80th Elsie’s 80th Content - 02 Preface 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 07 Jessie Heng 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction 01 Introduction5| 6| |6
    • Jessie Heng Jessie Elsie’s 80th My Dear Ah Ee, Today is a special day and certainly an opportunity to say thank you for always being there – like the time when I fell and dislocated my shoulder, you were the first person I could think of to call. You are someone all of us can rely on to take charge. Your tireless energy in cooking and making festive goodies will be something that we will always remember. You certainly know how to keep us fed and our stomachs happy! May you have many, many more Happy Birthdays to come and enjoy the very best of health! With Love, Jessie7| 8| |8
    • Cathy Heng Elsie’s 80th My dearest dearest Mummy, Well, as much as I can, I’m going to piece together some of your stories to leave behind for your grandchildren and great grandchildren so they’ll be able to think of you and It’s hard to believe that you’re 80 this year. It didn’t seem so long ago that you were in Papa fondly and be proud to pass on your stories to their family. the ‘Humana Hospital’ holding Jade in your arms when she was born. This is for all your grandchildren... Well, I hope that when I reach that, I will some of your boundless energy, your passion for life, your generous spirit, your wisdom, your devoted care in always putting your Mama Elsie was born in Singapore on the 16th November 1929. family and friends first. Mama’s mother, was Bernadette Chua Sai Eng (a buddist and then later converted to Catholicism). I’m really lucky to have you as my mentor, my guide, my guru and with that I hope I’m Mama’s dad, was Joseph Tan Kim Hoe, (also a buddist and then later converted to able to pass some of those values on to Jade and Lee. And because of who you are, I Catholicism). He was a civil servant, english educated, had 7 children, mama was one know that’s what makes me who I am today. I’m lucky to have a loving family. of 3 sisters and there was 4 brothers. He loved playing tennis as I recalled. I just remembered that as a small child I used to sit and watch him play tennis with friends. I love you and thank you so much for always being there for us, mummy. They lived in Newton, quite near to the Newton hawker center. Till now, I’ve been thinking that one of these days I’ll find a little space in my busy life Mama was at school till the age of 13, then 2nd world war broke. The Japanese to write down things that you have told me about yours and Papa’s past. You might occupied Singapore. Mama’s dad, Kong Kong, was out of work because his office had recall that I was quizing you so much during our holiday in Umbria. to close down. So mama started working at the age of 14 to help the family.9| | 10
    • Elsie’s 80th Elsie’s 80th She worked at a local factory that made soya sauce and ketchup and mama’s job was washing bottles and labelling them by hand. And that didn’t bring in enough money so mama had a second job working in the evening at an amusement arcade called ‘New World’. She worked as a cashier at a games stall and because she finishes work at about 11pm, she would cycle to work every day. She had a boyfriend then but unfortunetly her mum thought that he was too young to marry her. Later, what was sad was, while he was working as a bus conductor, he was stabbed to death. It was a tough time for all, while the Japanese occupied Singapore, they use to take advantage of their position and would get inebriated in the evening and then go and knock on doors of households to see if they could find any young single girlsto rape. Because of this Kong Kong would always hide mama and another young girl (who came to stay with them) in the loft of the house. The japs didn’t believe Kong Kong was telling them the truth, so they would end up hitting him. Mama says that during the day when they were sober, and as long as you bowed to the Japanese solders they were polite enough to bow back.11 | | 12
    • Dave Trott Elsie’s 80th MUMMY Six months later the drains started to back up and overflow. They thought some of the bends in the pipes might have been too sharp. When Mummy comes to stay with us, she likes to watch the English workmen. So they dug them up and replaced them. It always makes her laugh. The system still didn’t work. One man will be working down a hole, while two men will be standing around the top They thought the angle of the drop might not have been steep enough. watching him. So they dug down and raised part of it. She thinks they are so inefficient and lazy. It still wasn’t flowing properly. A few years ago we were having the house renovated and she was watching the All the experts stood around and looked at it. workmen putting in the drains. They sucked air through their teeth and scratched their chins. She went over and said to them, “Excuse me, I think you should put a cover on the They were out of ideas. manhole while you’re working.” The only thing to do was put a CCTV camera down there. The workman said, “Sorry love?” Send it along the pipe and see if it could locate the problem. She said, “Otherwise you could get rubble in the drainage pipes and it could be a This cost a lot of money, but they located the source of the blockage. problem later on.” Rubble. The workmen looked at each other. The very same rubble that Mummy had advised the workers about when they were They figured it was just a Chinese lady getting confused. putting the pipes in. They said, “Don’t you worry love, we know what we’re doing.” If they’d listened to her, and covered up the manhole, they would have saved And they ignored her and carried on. themselves a lot of time and money.13 | | 14
    • Dave Trott Elsie’s 80th A little while later we were having a new shower fitted. So they assumed she didn’t know what she was talking about. Mummy was watching the workman putting it in. What they didn’t know was that in Singapore she ran a large plumbing company, also She said to him, “Excuse me, is that a fibreglass shower tray?” a cast iron foundry, and a stainless steel works. He said, “Yeah, probably.” Her husband had built up these companies. She said, “Fibreglass is no good, you need a fired-clay shower tray.” But because he didn’t speak or write English, he needed her help to run them. He said, “Pardon?” And, because she was better educated, she had to translate everything he wanted She said, “Fibreglass won’t take the weight.” done. He looked at the Chinese lady and said, “Don’t you worry love, I’ll put a wooden frame He would want her to order large submersible pumps from Germany. under it.” So she would need to know the pressure rating, the rpm, and the rate of fluid He thought that would keep her quiet. movement, etc. But Mummy said, “Wood is no good. The basin will move and it will leak. He would want to order massive steel pipes from Australia. If you’re going to use a fibreglass shower tray you’ll need a concrete base. Otherwise So she would have to know the diameter, the connections, the lining, the rate please put in a fired-clay shower tray which will take the weight and not move.” of flex, etc. The guy went back and checked with his boss. Then she would negotiate contracts and tender for jobs. They checked with their suppliers. She would also need to direct the workers on site, and at the factories, and check And sure enough it should have been a fired-clay shower tray. the quality of their work. So they put it in and it hasn’t leaked once. All the English workmen saw was a Chinese lady bringing them a cup of tea. All the workmen saw was a Chinese lady being curious. What they didn’t see was a blue-collar trained, hands-on specialist-plumbing15 | | 16
    • Dave Trott Elsie’s 80th contractor. She had handled jobs larger than any of them ever had. Mummy had been born at a time when women weren’t equal. When women were expected to cook and raise the children, and leave work to the men. So she did the cooking, and raising a family, and everything else women do. But she also did everything men do, better than most men. That’s a side of Mummy that’s been a great example to her daughters and her granddaughters. You don’t have to do what anyone tells you you’re allowed to do. You don’t have to do what everyone tells you you’re supposed to do. You can make your own rules. Just like Mummy did.17 | | 18
    • Bebe Heng Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mummy, found in most countries and this would allow us to recreate your recipes and make it as authentic as possible and finally a reality for us. Your 80th birthday is here ( November 16, 2009) and it is a great occasion to celebrate with you. My wish is for you to live many more years and enjoy your travel as I know Thank you for being my mom and for all the love you have showered on me and my that the change in environment from time to time gives you great excitement and family. I would never change you for another mom and from the bottom of my heart, pleasure. ‘A Happy and Blessed Birthday to you’. Always remembered and always treasured. Your quick shopping trips are also much treasured by you and YES I wish that you’ll have much more lined up from year to year. As the family is scattered around the world Lots of Love to you you have greater opportunity to fly around the world to see us. We have always enjoyed Bebe your visits especially when we know that we will be well fed with all the wonderful delicacies from your expert cooking. Everyone remembers what is “Mama cooking” and that is the love you leave with all of us. I am still compiling the old favorites recipes so that we can replicate the wonderful dishes one recipe at a time. We are fortunate that the most weird ingredients are now19 | | 20
    • EricLim Elsie’s 80th Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mum, It is hard to imagine that you are now celebrating your 80th birthday when you were only celebrating your seventy some birthday with us in Arizona. Coming from my heart, I would like to wish you many more birthdays to come and may the LORD Bless you dearly while you celebrate this wonderful day. You have taught us to take care of our health and I am certainly going to do this so that I can follow your footsteps of a long and healthy life on this planet. As many would say it, wealth without the health is futile. Live life fully and enjoy the grandchildren and soon great grandchildren in the coming years. Love from us in Arizona Eric21 | | 22
    • Tony 80th Elsie’sHeng Elsie’s 80th My dearest Mum, Mum, as your son I cannot thank you more for the education of life, where there are no books I can turn to. I do hope you approve of my way of bringing your three Wow...so quick...time flies... Mum, you have lived through 80 illustrious years and grandchildren Eldon, Krystal and Tiffany. If they misbehave in any way, do correct them counting. Yes, through life we all have our ups and downs. I remember the times when for me. Thank you Mum. Papa was alive, he ruled the home with an iron fist, very tough and at times very unreasonable. Mum you were our saving grace. Only you could stand up to him and you My children and I wishes you a happy 80th bithday and many more to come. fought hard for all of us. We children are eternally grateful and can only love you more as we grow older and grasp deeper your feeling at the time. Thank you Mum. Dont get Love always... Tony. me wrong Mum we love Papa for what he was, he had many stong points in family values we love him too, but from you we draw strength,courage and tenacity to deal with what lies ahead in our lives. Once again thank you Mum. The softer side of you is also amazing, your strong belief in Buddhism/Toaism...your years of support and love for Kuan Imm Teng, Koh Thye and Koh Neo, is indeed uncanny, but as I get older Mum, I now understand how you find solace and hope with the help of your strong belief and indeed your love and mentor Koh Neo especially. I can never forget the pain you suffered with her passing on. Till today I still see you talk to her in your own way... indeed beautiful.23 | | 24
    • Betty Heng Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mum, How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated your 70th, and now a decade has gone by and youre 80, quite unbelievable and still so energised and up and about as youve always been. Being active, as I remember ever since the very early days at Lynwood is like a a routine for you from Tong Nams days right till today as you visit the Temple everyday helping as many whos there. And I remember in the midst of all your "busy-ness" you always enjoyed cooking and through your love of cooking we enjoyed popiah parties, mee siam gatherings, the CNY nyonya lunch feast which all the relatives and family alike love year after year. I shall remember all those times you called me to join you for the home cooked dinner meals you prepared altho simple because they were just usual weeknight meals but still delicious and mostly it was also the casual chit- chat over the meal that mattered. ....... enough of my nostalgic ramblings, I just want to wish you many more healthy and happy years. God Bless! lots of love, Bet25 | | 26
    • Alex Heng Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mum, You have been my greatest inspiration and mentor through the years of my life. You me from the arrival lounge and I could see that you were kind of panicking. You were were always there when I needed you and I thank you for your help and support. dashing this way and that hoping to find me. I saw your panic and instead of I cannot believe that you are now celebrating your 80th birthday. Happy, happy birthday confronting you, I decided to creep up behind you to surprise you. When that happened to you and many more to follow. your words to me were "see nan kia". I could then see the relief in your face to say the least. Keep doing what you love and live your life fully and meaningfully as you deserve it. Travel as much as you can as I know that makes you happy and keeps you going. Mum I love You and may God bless You. Alex My most treasured memories of you is when you always make sure my meals are taken care of and always create the food that I have thought of eating. You are a great chef and I have followed your footsteps and I have been trying to cook the food the same like you. I know that when you cook a meal you don’t need a recipe and it is always done with the greatest passion and that is why it always so tasty and yummy. The funniest moment for me is this one… during one of your returning trips from China with your friends, I was at the airport waiting for you. And of course you could not see27 | | 28
    • Linda Heng Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mummy, A Very Happy Birthday to you and may you be blessed with longevity and the best of health in the many years to come. I cherish the many lessons I learnt from you. I remember the time when Alex, you and myself were on holiday and you taught me how to enjoy many types of food from the different countries. You have also equipped me with ideas of how to stay strong and practical when I travel for business. I am now a braver traveler and I am able to cope with food a lot better. I do not drag my feet when I am given an assignment overseas. You have been my mentor as far as work and family goes. You have also taught me to stay healthy and be happy and that I am grateful for. Being in the financial world life gets very hectic and stressful and I have learnt to cope better in that situation. Thank you for all the things I have learnt from you . Mummy once again Thank you and god bless you for the years to come. Love Linda29 | 30 | | 30
    • Angy 80th Elsie’s Heng Elsie’s 80th My Dear Mummy, A birthday comes around but once a year, but to reach the grand age of 80 is indeed an Many Happy Returns of the Day, Mummy! occasion worth celebrating and remembering! Today, we celebrate the special person that you are and the many things that you have done for each of us at various stages of With Lots of Love, our lives. Angy Your amazing energy and enthusiasm puts most of us to shame – always ready to jump in and participate. Your love for life and enjoyment is an inspiration – I remember well the times when you visited Hong Kong and would be ready to start the day whilst I would still be struggling to get out of bed!!! How you would trek around the shops and streets……always remembering to buy this and that for this person and that - it’s amazing! Today, I wish you all the special things in life, Good Health, Fun, Laughter, Love and above all, I wish you Peace. Today, for once, take time off, kick off your shoes put your feet up, relax and pamper yourself. May you have many, many more Happy Birthdays to come.31 | 32 | | 32
    • Bradley Lim Elsie’s 80th Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mama When mum said you were celebrating your big birthday this year I was excited and happy for you. I always think of you as the mama that flies around and gave us warm awesome kampong local meals and laughter. Despite the fact that you are now 80 years old I still think of you as the mama that cared for us when we are younger. As a kid you took me and Eldon places that provided great fun, like Serene center and McDonalds and the video arcade. You were so patient in waiting for us and that I am thankful for. I miss celebrating Chinese New Year with you and enjoying your homemade pineapple tarts and cakes. Thank you for allowing me to stay with you for the first year, when I was home for NS, I will never forget that! I wish you all the best on your 80th birthday! Lots of Love, Bradley33 | 34 | | 34
    • Jade 80th Elsie’sTrott Elsie’s 80th35 | | 35 36 | | 36
    • Elsie’s 80th Eldon Heng Elsie’s 80th Some of the fondest memories I have of Mama Elsie are when Bradley and I were growing up and she would take us out to play, be it at a McDonalds playground or a video game arcade. She was always cool with us going crazy whilst playing and we didnt have a care in the world. I guess the main point was that she was just really happy to be spending time with us and we were happy whilst we were with her and that in retrospect, means so much more to me than just an outing. Thanks Mama! Happy 80th birthday with many more blessed years to come! Love, Eldon37 | 38 | | 38
    • Elsie’s 80th Holly Lim Elsie’s 80th39 | | 39 40 | | 40
    • Elsie’s 80th Lee Trott Elsie’s 80th41 | 42 | | 42
    • Elsie’s 80th Krystal Heng Elsie’s 80th Dear Mama Elsie, Congratulations! You’ve officially survived the last 8 decades and have come out pretty fabulous. I remember when we used to have weekly Friday night dinners where everyone would come together to eat good food and drink milk tea. Especially the rare popiah nights when all the kids would make a huge mess and end up eating popiah “skin” for dinner. Wait, that was just me and Tiff. I’ll never forget the incredible house that you used to live in with the scary dogs in the kitchen and the huge backyard. The hours we spent inventing new games in the playground upstairs were undoubtedly the best times of my childhood. Happy Birthday Mama, I love you and I hope that you’ll live to be 120 years old so that we’ll still have time to create more awesome memories. All my love, Krystal xx43 | 44 | | 44
    • Elsie’s 80th Tiffany Heng Elsie’s 80th Dear Mama Elsie, Happy 80th Birthday Mama Elsie! Happy 80th Birthday! I found this quote, and I immediately thought of you… “Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.” ~Author Unknown Yeah that’s right, you were never one to dwell on any of my wrongdoings and was always there to support me. I’ll never forget the way you always managed to sort out my incessant quarrels with Krystal and find a way to make us both happy. You’ll always be the grandma who never hesitated to give whatever she could just so that her grandchildren would be happy. You taught me to be generous and giving, and for that, I am forever grateful. Lots of love, Tiffany xoxo45 | | 45 46 | | 46 | 46
    • Elsie’s 80th Ryan Heng Elsie’s 80th Mama’s 80th birthday story Mama you are so cool. To me, you are: World’s best Chef Best traveling companion - Best trip together – Hong Kong 09 Best dressmaker - “Private label Elsie” silk pyjamas exclusive to the Hengs Shopping buddy – love cheongsam making in china and all the bling bling My movie buddy – Harry Potter full series I picked this small passage for you The bond we have remains unchanged by time and distance. A friendship based on love, respect and a genuine liking of each other as a person. You are a precious and valued person who deserves all the best in life……. Ryan47 | | 47 48 | | 48 | 48
    • Elsie’s 80th Darrel Heng Elsie’s 80th49 | | 49 | 49 50 | | 50
    • Elsie’s 80th Teng Beng Heng Elsie’s 80th Dear Lau Sim, Thanks so much for taking care of me when I came to Singapore and stayed with you in my growing up years. Ive managed to learn good family values from both you and Lau Chek. Your home cooked food was and is always excellent. In addition you have given me lots of guidance when I came from Bangkok and taught me to speak English and tutored me in my other subjects. Ive been blessed to have been part of your family. I owe my success to both you and Lau Chek. Ive attached 1 photo taken at Arthurs wedding last year. Have a wonderful and happy 80th Birthday!" Heng Teng Beng51 | 52 | | 52
    • Elsie’s 80th Imm Heng Elsie’s 80th “Sio Sim, thank you for your Care and Guidance during my younger days. Wishing you Great Health always and a Happy 80th Birthday!” from Ah Ying53 | | 53 54 | | 54
    • Elsie’s 80th SengWoo Heng Elsie’s 80th Dear Sio Sim, I often told my children and I hereby, acknowledge that you are my benefactor and I owe greatly to you for what I am in life. Among others, I always mentioned that you and late Sio Chik helped me richly in the following : i) Made it possible for me to continue study and complete my secondary and subsequently, tertiary education whilst working part-time in Tong Nam; ii) Accommodated me to stay in Bradell Heights home till my marriage; iii) Gave financial help in the construction of my family old attap house into a better zinc-brick house to live in; iv) Notwithstanding the tight office schedules, you attended my two Singapore Poly technic convocations. Your valued presence invariably moved me to pursue hard in my further studies and career. On your 80th birthday my family and I wish you a happy and blessed BIRTHDAY! Heng Seng Woo, Siew Luang and my grandkids55 | | 55 56 | | 56
    • Elsie’s 80th Teng Huat Heng Elsie’s 80th Dearest Aunty, Time flies! Since I came from Thailand in 1957, it has been more than 50 years. I remembered that when I came from Thailand to study in Singapore, my command of English was poor. During my school days, you patiently gave me English tuition every night and I treasure the hardship and time you spent on me. I will never forget your most caring attention. In 1972, I was married and I now have two sons who have married. I am grateful that what I have achieved today cannot be possible without your kindness and care in my growing years. My family pays respect to you every Chinese New Year and we always make it a point to taste your excellent cooking. Your home cooked traditional Teochew dishes are always dearly missed when my family or I lives or travels far from Singapore. Thinking of the Teochew dishes to the kiamchye duck soup, buahkeluak and vegetarian food always bring back old memories!57 | | 57 58 | | 58
    • Elsie’s 80th Vincent Heng Elsie’s 80th I have managed to find two very old photos of our family and like to share with you. One photo is of my wedding in 1972 that was taken with you and uncle, another photo is my family went to one of the Indonesia islands for holiday. May Health, Happiness accompany you, always. HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY! Happy 80th Birthday From Ah Huat and family. to you Lau Sim May God grant you good health and your heart’s desires on this special day. While we may be miles away, we want you to know that we all miss you and are thinking of you. From : Ah Howe (Vincent), Meigui (Rose), Asaph, Dorcas and Clara59 | | 59 60 | | 60 | 60
    • Elsie’s 80th Janet Heng Elsie’s 80th Heart Wishes from Singapore! Wishing you all your dreams come true on your special day, Lao Sim! From: Janet, Rebecca, Hillary and Kok Meng61 | | 61 62 | | 62
    • Elsie’s 80th Meow Leng Koh Elsie’s 80th Dear Lau Sim, We, five sisters (Ah Choo, Mary, Ah Hiang, Ah Hoon and myself, Ah Meow), daughters of Koh Chiak Kim and Heng Boon Keow, would like to wish you a very HAPPY 80-YEAR- OLD BIRTHDAY. May you be blessed with good health in your golden years. Our relation exists because my mother is a daughter of the Heng family. That makes me a distant descendant of the Heng family tree. Time flies. You have relinquished your senior position to your children and are promoted to a mentor now. Congratulations! That is the circle of life. Just like the Chinese proverb goes: the back wave will push the front wave........ You must be very comforted that your children have compiled a birthday book for you. Its a priceless gift. I am also very honoured to occupy a leaf of this novel book. Lau Sim, thank you for giving me some precious moments in my childhood. I had always looked forward to accompany my parents to Braddell Heights to attend Lau Cheks and Lau Sims birthday celebrations and also during Chinese New Year to pay63 | | 63 64 | | 64
    • Elsie’s 80th Chong Hwa Koh Elsie’s 80th our respect. Your Home was where the Sua Theng kampong me could get to enter a Dearest Zhou Sim, Jia Huang Chu and enjoyed good food, like the ngoh hiang, satays, curry, tiam tng, chuk huey tng..... With age comes with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. At 80, it is undeniable the richness of knowledge and experience you bring forth to the younger generations. During Chinese New Year, you never failed to fill up my handkerchief with Van Houten Chocolate bricks to take home. How I had wished that girls handkerchief was as big Being 80 is special. The number Eight symbolizes prosperity and living to this age is as the boys! Greedy, right? Pardon me. Chocolate treat came only once a year then. like entering a different era of aging – it brings forth good fortune. Good fortune is really how fortunate one feels and it can only be measured by oneself. It is important to Also, not forgetting all the help my humble family had gratefully received from Lau feel fortunate. Chek. Thank you Lau Chek. The Heng family has done much for the Koh family. Till to date, my parents and The world of today is small. We are connected though physically apart. family will remember the generosity levied to us during hard times. While there is no Most importantly, treasure this very moment ......... with your loved ones......... way to recover such kindness, for the younger generation who knows, it will stay in Happy Birthday Lau Sim once again! our hearts. With best wishes, Zhou Sim, on behalf of the Koh family, we wish you good health. Grandniece Koh Meow Leng To wish that you will live to a ripe old age is an understatement. More importantly, we65 | | 65 66 | | 66
    • Elsie’s 80th Henry Lim Elsie’s 80th wish you to live to the fullest you can be. Live every moment like your last and you will Dear Lan Cheng Ee / Mummy, feel fulfilled and forever happy. You have filled our lives with fond memories through the years in your own special “Happiness is what we build for ourselves, not what is bestowed upon us” ways. Happy 80th Birthday. Your spontaneity to help us (brothers and sisters) get into good institutions of learning had indeed opened up opportunities for us in one way or another. For this we are grateful. Johnny also remembered vividly how our mother would look up to you for guidance and approval. During his primary school days (in the 1960s) and when our father was out of town, our mother would always ask you to review his school report card after each exam and sign-off on her behalf. Again thank you for all the support you have given to our family. Your graciousness in opening your home for our mum and aunties to gather together to cook / bake during the many festivals are never forgotten. Your generosity to offer a delectable spread for the various occasions are well enjoyed and remembered.67 | | 67 68 | | 68
    • Elsie’s 80th Cho Boon Oyama Elsie’s 80th We are very glad and happy that you are still in the pink of health and globetrotting Our Dearest Lan Cheng Ee, around the world to be with the various members of your family. Happy Happy 80th Birthday ! We’re very happy to hear that you’re celebrating your Though we are not able to offer our best wishes to you personally on your birthday, we 80th Birthday in November. nevertheless want to wish you here, ‘A very, very happy birthday, today and many more years to come.’ We’re always grateful to your kindness to all of us especially to our mom. Please keep fit and stay young forever. We hope your special day is filled with happiness and love. Henry especially would like to send his best wishes to you, his god-mother, who has over the years taken good care of him. We wish we could be there to celebrate your Birthday with you. Please remember that you’re always in our thoughts. “Happy Happy Birthday, Lan Cheng Ee / Mummy’ We hope we look as good as you when we reach your age. Congratulations to our special and lovely Auntie ! Tar Kian (Ah Kian) Luan Cheng (Ah Luan/Linda) Love, Yong Joo (Johnny/Ridwan) Oyama Family Song Joo (Henry) Kim Gwek, Cho-Boon, Miki, Elena, Keigo, Shin And all other members of the Lim Family69 | | 69 70 | | 70
    • Elsie’s 80th Mabel Lee Elsie’s 80th Dear Mummy, A Happy and Healthy 80th Birthday to you! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help, love and encouragement throughout my life. When I was anaemic in my teenage years, you made sure that I had my weekly iron shots at William Hengs clinic and when I got into SIA, you put me in touch with people to help me settle in quickly as it was my first job. You rushed around buying herbs and such for me when I gave birth and ensured that my children had auspicious Chinese names to carry them through their lives. These are but some of the many things that you have done for me and I want you to know that I remember and appreciate them greatly. For a person with such a generous heart, it only leaves me to wish for you good health, much love and blessings in the years to come with your grandchildren as you travel71 | | 71 72 | | 72
    • Elsie’s 80th Melanie Lee Elsie’s 80th around the world to now touch their hearts. Dearest Mummy / Mama, With love, Mabel and Simon It’s with great joy as part of the family to wish you a wonderful, wonderful 80th birthday. Seems that it’s just yesterday when we were all under your wings, being lovingly cared for and fed to, as only you knew how. Dear Mama Elsie, Till today, Shannon laments that he misses your bamboo shoot soup that you whip up so effortlessly every Chinese New Year. Samuel wishes for more ‘tek chak hoi’ and Teck We miss your pineapple tarts, achar and crabmeat bamboo shoot soup. Chong agrees wholeheartedly. Spencer, on the other hand, dreams of pineapple tarts. We wish you a Happy 80th birthday! Long life and good health to you so that we may I guess I am the lucky one who has tasted all the above and many many more for get to savor some of the above in the years to come. more years. Natalie, Nigel and Nicolette. Thank you mummy for showering us with all your love and blessings. As I reminisce, the picture that epitomizes your great love is captured on my wedding day during the tea ceremony. The pride and affection is clearly shown with such great joy.73 | | 73 74 | | 74 | 74
    • Elsie’s 80th Lan Hiang Tan Elsie’s 80th But my favourite photo has to be of the 12 Happy Birthday, Cheh, bibik’s looking so resplendent and grand. You all look so regal and beautiful….. Seng Ti Kiang Kang, Soong Soong Peng Ang. Thank You for taking care of me and my 2 girls since We wish you continued good health, great the passing on of Bong Su. peace and happiness and lots of travelling I wish you many more good years ahead. in the years ahead. Lan Hiang Love, Teck Chong & Melanie, Shannon, Spencer & Samuel.75 | | 75 76 | | 76
    • Elsie’s 80th Raymond Tan Elsie’s 80th Dearest Mummy, Our wedding wouldn’t be perfect without your presence and of course gifts!!! We loved and enjoyed your nonya dishes every Chinese New Year. We wish you continued good health and most enjoyable 80th birthday. Hugs and kisses Raymond and Family77 | | 77 78 | | 78
    • Elsie’s 80th Vivian Tan Elsie’s 80th Dearest Jee Koh Mummy wishes you a very Happy 80th Birthday and may you continue to enjoy good health and happiness as you so deserves. Love from Helen Tan, family members, and grandchildren79 | 80 | | 80
    • Elsie’s 80th Charles Chow He Shen Elsie’s 80th "Dear auntie Heng, birthday greetings from Charles in Singapore. Wishing you a great 80th and many happy returns. It has been a while since we met. You have always been like a mother to me and I always felt at home speaking teochew with you. Thank you for your kind hospitality when I stayed at your daughers home in Hampstead Heath several years ago..." Charles Chow He Shen81 | | 81 82 | | 82
    • Elsie’s 80th83 | | 83