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Scream 4 analysis
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Scream 4 analysis


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  • 1. Bebe Henderson
  • 2. It is conventional in nearly all film trailers for this to be the first shot you see.
  • 3. This simple shot informs us that whatever is going to happen in this film has happened before.
  • 4. The iconic Scream mask which the audience would have already seen in allScream Movies. This plays a huge part in the film. We automatically assume that this person is the villain. A Medium Close Up is used so we can see theperson properly – the lighting surrounding them is quite dark so that we are able to concentrate on the mask and nothing else. hat
  • 5. Our first location shot is of a High School – the audience automatically assume that this is where the killers’ victims will be. Teenagers are alwaysthe main target in Slasher/Horror films. The lighting used is very natural to make everything seem normal and peaceful, but the audience know that this will change very soon.
  • 6. This shot tells us that the Police are informed and involved with whatever is happening. Will they be able to capture this killer?
  • 7. Another shot that emphasises the fact that someone or somethinghas come back from the past and is going to repeat the same events.
  • 8. Our second location shot of the trailer. We are shown a large isolated housein the middle of no where. This is a prime example of a conventional scenewhere murders could happen within Slasher films. The fact that the house is covered in shadows from the trees, and that very little lights are on in the house makes it even scarier.
  • 9. People that watch horror films will instinctively know that this quote hasbeen used in all Scream films and a lot of other Horror films, therefore this is a very conventional shot. The fact that it is written on the wall is also a very common thing shown in Horror films. It is a Close Up shot is it concentrates on the writing only.
  • 10. This shot reiterates my earlier point of teenagers being thepredictable victims. Here we can see three very pretty girls who look as if they are being questioned by the police. We assume that the three girls will be killed quite shortly into the film.
  • 11. The final shots in the trailer are the title page and the release date. The factthat they have repeated the number ‘4’ within the title and the date makes it very consistent.