The Creative Thinking


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The Creative Thinking

  1. 1. The Creative Thinking  What is Creative Thinking?  Why is it important?
  2. 2. How it starts?
  3. 3. Where it starts?
  4. 4. What is Creative Thinking?Creative Thinking is the ability to find or build alternative solutions for a given problem.Publicity is full of this examples.One concept, one image and there it is! We think of an specific brand.
  5. 5. Why is important?Because ideas and a positive attitude are always necessary.Because if we go against the boredom and dullness we will neednew tools and strategies.
  6. 6. How it starts?For example, if we have a new idea we will associate and compare it with more ideas. Then, we will start to build new projects with these ideas.The creative thinking allows us to imagine. For example, if we see a brick we could imagine a castle, a house, a candle holder, a wall, a floor and many other things.
  7. 7. Like having a brickIf we have a brick we could have a candle holder, a paperweight, a door stop or anything we can imagine.But if we have more than onewe will could imagine a wall,a floor, a house or even a castle!
  8. 8. OOPS!But if we want to associate, compare or build ideas we will need images within ourselves.We could get a lot of images from fine arts, literature, movies or publicity.Also, we always need to be in touch with new knowledge and learning.
  9. 9. Eureka!These ideas could have been mine!
  10. 10. Where can we starts?Wherever you are, whenever you like!
  11. 11. How can we start?The first thing we need to know is“What is the problem?” Secondly we will start look for solutions.
  12. 12. The Creative Thinking PartnersCuriosity Courage Imagination Reinvents ourselves
  13. 13. FinallyCuriosity and courage will be our advantage. Metaphor and analogy will be our tools.
  14. 14. CreditsThe illustrative pictures were taken from the Internet.Photos by Beatriz RamírezIdea and contents by Beatriz RamírezThis presentation is a part of one Workshop for Educator Sponsored byPROYECTO CRUZ DEL SUR -Comunidad Internacional de Artistas- Buenos Aires, ArgentinaCACHE -The Community of Artists for Cultural & Historical Endeavours - Benque Viejo, BelizeHOC -The Benque Viejo House of Culture - BelizeMCHS -Mount Carmel High School - Belize
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