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My daily routine ingles alexandra[1]

My daily routine ingles alexandra[1]






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    My daily routine ingles alexandra[1] My daily routine ingles alexandra[1] Presentation Transcript

    • Name: Alexandra TorresCourse: First year of BachilleratoDate: Tuesday, January 03th /2012Titule: My Daily Routine
    • Wake up Present Past Wake up Woke up*I wake up at 5:00 o´clock *I woke up at 6:00 o´clock Get up Present Past Get up Got up*I get up at 5:10 am. *I got up at 5:15 am.
    • Make the bed Present Past Make the bed Made the bed*I make the bed at 5:20 am. *I made the bed at 5:25 am. Take a shower Present Past Take a shower Took a shower*I take a shower at 5:30 am. *I took a shower at 5:35 am.
    • DressPresent PastDress Dressed*I dress at 5:40 am. *I dressed at 5:45 am. Brush my hairPresent PastBrush my hair Brushed my hair*I brush my hair at 6:05 am. *I brushed my hair at 6:10 am.
    • Have breakfast Present Past Have breakfast Had breakfast*I have breakfast at 6:10 am. *I had breakfast at 6:15 am. Brush teeth Present Past Brush teeth Brushed teeth*I brush my teeth at 6:20 am. *I brushed my teeth at 6:25 am.
    • Go to school Present Past Go to school Went to school*I go to school at 6:30 am. *I went to school at 6:45 am. Participate Present Past Participate Participated*I participate in English class. *I participated in Languaje class.
    • Learn Present Past Learn Learned*I learn a lot in class. *I learned a lot from the previous class Go to home Present Past Go to home Went to home*I go to home at 1:45 pm. *I went to home at 1:35 pm.
    • Wash hands Present Past Wash hands Washed hands*I wash my hands after coming home. *I washed my hands at 2:05 Wear Present Past Wear Wore*I wear casual clothes. *I wore baggy clothes in the afternoon.
    • Have luch Present Past Have lunch Had lunch*I have lunch at 2:30 pm. *I had lunch at 2:40 pm. Do homework Present Past Do homework Did homework*I do homework in the afternoon. *I did homework at night
    • Study Present Past Study Studied*I study hard for examination. *I studied English in the night. Watch TV Present Past Watch tv Watched tv*I watch tv before going to sleep. *I watch tv at 7:05 pm.
    • Go to bed Present Past Go to the bed Went to the bed*I go to bed at 9:30 pm. *I go to bed at night. Sleep Present Past Sleep Slept*I sleep at 9:45 pm. *I slept late yesterday
    • END