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Portfolio development 1 Portfolio development 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Portfolio Development 1 Start - 21/10/2011 ,2.42pm Bernard Tan Wei Quan 102026
  • Problem Bali, Green School needs help in building a learning kitchen. Create a learning kitchen where the students there learn while making food. Introduce the importance of freshness.
  • What is the learning education in the Green School like?
    • Although Green School doesn’t conform to most people’s mental image of what a school is meant to look like, we are committed to providing an internationally recognized academic education that gives our students the ability to be competitive and successful in the wider world.
    • You’ll find all of the traditional subjects here, up and down the grade levels, offered through the Cambridge International curriculum framework. The difference at Green School is that academics come wrapped in rich layers of experiential, environmental, and entrepreneurial learning and the creative arts. In the process we hope to create more authentic motivations for learning, and at the same time expand our students’ sense of global citizenship and environmental responsibility while exposing them to different possibilities for how we live and grow as a fragile planet.
  • Comparing with Republic Polytechnic & Bali Green School.
    • Green School only have a hot kitchen.
    • Allows their students to go out in the open and interact with the ingredients that they are growing in the school.
    • Eco-friendly to the environment. Uses wood as their source of fire for cooking.
    • Have everything the students need. Which includes Hot & cold kitchen.
    • Does not allow their student to go out in the open and explore themselves. Students learn through technologies.
    • Not that eco-friendly. Uses induction cooking through out the kitchen. Which causes high in electricity usage.
  • Principles of Permaculture
  • Target Audience
    • Bali Green School students.
    • Mainly towards Middle school students.
    • Grade 6 – 7 (11 – 12 years old)
  • Research on Singapore kitchen
    • Here is a typical Singapore kitchen.
    Microwave Oven Fridge Cabinets Gas stove Washing Machine Washing Area Rubbish chute Counter Pots and pans
  • Layout and blue print on the kitchen Washing area Stove Counter Refrigerator Table
  • Task flow for cooking meat 1 3 4 2 5 Entrance of kitchen Steps Fried chicken 1 Take out the chicken from refrigerator 2 Walk to the sink and wash 3 Bring it to the counter to be cut 4 Cook the cut chicken at the stove 5 Bring the fried chicken to the table
  • Task flow for cooking vegetables 1 3 4 2 5 Entrance of kitchen Steps Fried Veggie 1 Take out the vegetable from the refrigerator 2 Walk to the sink and wash 3 Bring it to the counter to be cut 4 Cook the vegetables at the stove 5 Bring the vegetable to the table
  • Task flow for cooking soup 0 1 , 2 3 , 4 4 5 Entrance of kitchen Steps Mushroom soup 1 Take out the can of mushroom soup from the cardboard below the counter 2 Open it at the counter 3 Poor it into the pot at the stove 4 Take water from the sink to pour into the pot 5 Bring the soup to the table
  • Research on Balinese kitchen
    • Here is a typical traditional Balinese kitchen.
    Mud stove Place to grind Food/spices Table counter Wok
  • Layout of the kitchen Mud stove Pounder Table Cooking stove
  • Comparison between Singapore kitchen and traditional Balinese kitchen
    • Singapore kitchen lay out is mainly in a straight line and the kitchen flow is not in order where compared to a Balinese kitchen where everything is beside each other allowing people to access it easily.
    • Singapore kitchen is more well equipped and spacious compared to Balinese kitchen.
  • Survey Questions for criteria of a good learning kitchen
    • What do you think about your current learning environment?
    • What are the factors that will help make a good learning environment for you?
    • What can be improved from your current learning environment?
    • What are the issues / factors that you will be concern about while your kids are learning with food?
  • Criteria for a good learning kitchen
    • Contains the freshness of the food
    • Safety and hygienic
    • Not only able to educate the students but also for them to have fun
    • Sustainable environment
    • Able to allow the student to physically touch the plants that they are learning about
    • Applying the kitchen layout that I have analyzed.
  • Ideate
    • Garden roof top to make use of the space on the roof and the ground floor will be combination of both kitchen and class.
    • 2 levels kitchen , 1 st level will be the growing of plants and 2 nd level will be the classroom.
    • 1 level kitchen, combining both growing of plants and classroom together.