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Prepare for College
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Prepare for College


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Prepare for College: Presentation for HS Freshmen

Prepare for College: Presentation for HS Freshmen

Published in: Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. HOW TO PREPAREFOR COLLEGE INHIGH SCHOOLFor upcoming high school freshmenRetrieved from
    • 2. Preparing for College is a Four Year ProcessBecause careers in life are built and created by thestrength of hard work, time, and effort a person putsinto each activity, it is important that you startpreparing at a young age (your freshman year in highschool) rather than at the last minute or in yoursenior year in high school!
    • 3. Step 1: Meet with CounselorMeet with your high schoolcounselor your freshman yearand every year afterwards.Talk with him/her about whatyou plan to do in your future,your goals, and your careerchoices.Together, set up a plan toprepare you for college.
    • 4. Step 2: Research College DegreeRequirementsThe majority of colleges preferstudents who succeed andpass all their standard subjectsand tests and of course,graduate.Other colleges may requireSAT/PSAT scores, essays, andteacher nominations.Therefore, it pays to study andbehave!
    • 5. Step 3: Enroll in Classes that Fit Your CollegeSubject BestWith your counselor, select high school courses that fitwith the college subjects you plan to take in the future.Choose electives that match the degree you are going for.Take college preparation andadvanced placement (Pre-APand AP) classes.
    • 6. Step 4: Get InvolvedColleges want people who getinvolved through extracurricularactivities and are involved incommunity service projects.Now is the time to get involvedin sports, band, and any otherclubs.Also find ways to volunteer toaccumulate community servicehours.
    • 7. Step 5: Study Hard in Every Class Every YearOne of the most important things colleges look at isyour cumulative grade point average (GPA)!Starting your ninth grade year, every single grade inevery single class counts and affects your GPA.Every college requires a minimum GPA in order toenter or be accepted to their college.Therefore, strive to earn A’s and B’s in high school.
    • 8. Step 6: Prepare and Practice Note TakingSkillsLearn to pay attention in school andstart practicing in taking notes.Adjust your listening and note takingskills early because college professorwill talk quickly and will not be ableto repeat the information twice.Most college students bring taperecorders or laptops to type out theirnotes.
    • 9. Step 7: Start Researching Colleges in 10thgradeYour sophomore year, start researchingcolleges and their requirements that you willneed in order to be accepted.Start thinking about ways to pay for college.Start saving money. Research scholarshipopportunities.Think about where you will stay and howmuch your housing and meals will cost. Alsoresearch the cost of tuition, fees, and books.
    • 10. Step 8: Start Preparing for thePSAT/SAT/ACTStart becoming familiar with the PSAT,SAT, and ACT tests that colleges requirefor admission.Take classes that will help you buildyour vocabulary skills, reading skills,math computation skills, and problem-solving skills.It is important that you know that youmust pass these exams with a certainscore for certain colleges.
    • 11. Step 9: Visit Colleges Your Junior YearVisit college campuses of your top choices your 11th gradeyear. Take tours the colleges provide for their campus.Get to know the location, the buildings, the parking areas,and any housing placements close by.Pick up admission and information packets while you arethere.
    • 12. Step 10: Apply to Colleges at the Beginning ofYour Senior YearEvery college has application deadlines(most are in the beginning of your last yearof high school).Make sure you know these deadlines andapply before the deadline.Have everything organized and ready. Haveyour application completed, have youressays ready, have a list of all your activitiesready, and have your teacher nominationletters ready.
    • 13. You are Now College BoundIf you do all ten steps, you will beready and prepared for college andbe ready for the next step in yourlife!Remember you are bound forsuccess!