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SERMES Nederland
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VEM has many years of experience in building ship motors and it also has the licences from all of the important ship classification companies. We build and supply motors and generators for a wide range of all ship models. They range from the large-scale machine with a weight ranging from 200 tonnes to the broad spectrum of accessory drives. Our scope of delivery includes shaft, diesel and on-board electrical system generators, propeller drives, bow thrusters and transverse rudder drives, pump drives and drives from on-board auxiliary equipment.

Shaft and diesel generators provide the on-board power plants with energy for major luxury liners and containerships. Propeller motors substitute for great diesel motors and can be installed distributed in the ship on the principle of the electrical shaft. Transverse rudder drives make it possible to manoeuvre in ports. Dimensioning the machines on an engineering scale takes the special, often crowded installation options on board and special ventilation situations into account.

Robust grey cast iron motors in protective seawater designs guarantee the drives of auxiliary aggregates in the low-voltage range for fans, pumps, capstans and rotary and hoisting gears. They are specially designed for the specific climatic and mechanical stresses.

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VEM Marinemotors

  1. 1. 1VEM motors todayVEM distributor for the Netherlands:SERMES NederlandTelefoon : 088-0118000Telefax : 088-0118088e mail : motor-holland@sermes.frCompany profile on LinkedIn:
  2. 2. 2Contents• VEM today• Industries served with examples• New Service Partner for Japan• Design review of VEM motors in Manabe• Q & A session
  3. 3. 3VEM motors todayVEM Holding GmbHVEM Sales Offices:VEM motors Austria GmbH VEM motors UK Ltd.VEM motors Finland Oy VEM motors Sweden ABVEM motors Asia Pte. Ltd.VEM Slovakia s.r.o. VEM Tschechien s.r.o.VEM motors ThurmLow voltage machinesHigh voltagemachinesVEM SachsenwerkVEM motorsControlled electricaldrive systemstransreschAntriebssystemeBerlin GmbHCast productsKeulahütte
  4. 4. 4Production VEM subsidiaries VEM representativessitesThe VEM group – worldwide
  5. 5. 5VEM motors todayVEM motors UK Ltd.VEM motors Asia Pte Ltd.Drive technology in low voltage rangeTurnover 2012: 120 Million EuroEmployees: 820DevelopmentandproductionSalescompaniesVEM motors GmbHVEM motors Thurm GmbHVEM Slovakia s.r.o.VEM Tschechien s.r.o.VEM motors Austria GmbHVEM motors Sweden ABVEM motors Finland Oy
  6. 6. 6Our production sitesVEM motors GmbHDevelopment, production and sales ofmedium and large machines in three-Phase voltage design in thePower range of 5.5 to 500 kWFounding year:1947Employees:547Production area:21.000 m²Storage area:3.000 m²Certification:DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12
  7. 7. 7VEM motors Thurm GmbHDevelopment, production and sales ofLow and medium machines in low voltage designin thePower range: 0.06 to 5.5 kWFounding year:1908Employees:298Production area:12.480 m²Total area:110.000 m²Certification:DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12Our production sites
  8. 8. 8VEM Slovakia s.r.o.VEM Slovakia is situated at the outskirts of thecity of Piešt’any and belongs to theconsolidated companies of VEM since 1997.About 220 employees produce windings forVEM low voltage motors. The factory iscertified according to DIN EN 9001:2000 andfulfils therefore all requirements about qualityof the products and of the amount ofproduction.Capacity 240,000 h / yearFounding year: 1997Employees: 220Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12Our production sites
  9. 9. 9VEM Tschechien s.r.o.VEM Tschechien s.r.o. has emerged fromcompany BoHo spol. s r.o. and belongs to theconsolidated companies of VEM group since1st July 2007. The company employs about100 staff members. Main focus of production iswinding production for low and highvoltage motors.VEM Tschechien offers excellent conditionswith highly motivated employees to developthe production site effectively.Founding year: 01.07.2007Employees: 100Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12Our production sites
  10. 10. 10Transresch AntriebssytemeProductsControlled electrical drivesLocation: BerlinWater-cooled converter ACS1000For motor outputs from 1.8 MW to 5 MWApplication:Compressors, extruders, fans, pumps,mills
  11. 11. 111982/1988 1991/1994 1996/1997 19981998 20051947to2012Seven generations of 3-phase motors
  12. 12. 12References - Steel industryModern roller table and geared roller tablemotors for inverter operation
  13. 13. 13References – Oil & Gas industryPearl GTL projectmotors for liquid gas pumps sizes 280, 315 and355, Ex nA II T3
  14. 14. 14References - Power engineeringWind power plantsThree-phase brake motors as servo drive for azimuthdrives or generators for small power plants
  15. 15. 15References - Materials handlingHarbour crane installations using motors withinverter operation
  16. 16. 16References - ShipbuildingProject cruise shipcomplete installation with VEM low voltagemotors from 0,37 to 160 kW
  17. 17. 17VEM motors - Marine Supplier• German company– about 1500 employees– Turnover about 300 M€• Over 60 years experience of marine Industry• Wide service network• Solutions are well proven in the field• Expertise in electric drives
  18. 18. 18Where are they used?
  19. 19. 19Approvals and certificationsChina Classification SocietyLloyd s Register of ShippingPolski Rejestr StatkowGermanischer LloydUL RecognitionRussian Maritime RegisterBureau VeritasDet Norske VeritasCanadian Standard AssociationABS Europe Ltd.
  20. 20. 20Marine Classification Societies• Ratings ensure that the ships are safe and able to provide insurance• VEM motors have the following type approvals:– ABS / BV / DNV / GL / LRS / RINA / CCS / PRS / RS– Type approval + factory type certificate valid for a wide range ofapplications– Classification of the customers request or the classificationsociety regulations– Design of the rating agency• Ambient Temperature• Temperature Class (F)• Temperature rise• Overload– Classification shown on the nameplate
  21. 21. 21Classifications and certificates• Standard DIN EN 10204:2005-01– Defines content of different reports• Factory certificate 2.1– Validates that motors comply with requirements• Factory certificate Test report 2.2– Not specified in the standard• Type approval Test report 3.1– Standard specifies measurements– Independent party shall perform tests• Test report 3.2– Standard specifies measurements– Independent party/ authority shall perform tests
  22. 22. 22Classification societies DNV• Ambient temperature 45 °C• Thermal class 155 (F)• Temperature rise 100 K• Shaft for motors to be classified– material S355J2G3– 3.1 certificate– Certified supplierx) Difference between hottest temperature in winding°C and max. allowed approximate temperatural rise180165 15155145 10130120 x) 10 Max.120 allowed approx.temperatural100 rise7545 45 45B F H Isulation class130 155 180 Max. temperatureinside winding, °C
  23. 23. 23Area of use and application sets various demands:• Deck machinery– Ventilation IEC 410 / fan freeze up prevented– Equipment to withstand ice, heat and humidity– Space Heater– IP 56• Engine room– Often forced ventilated IEC 416– Space demand is critical– Vibration– IP 44– Water cooled• Standard motors– No special requirementsVariable Options
  24. 24. 24Marine Design considerations• Electricity supply– Voltage and frequency are not asstable as in industrial grids• Overload– eg. 1.5 x nominal torquefor 1.5 minutes• Duration period– eg. S2-25 %, S3-30 min• Properly sized motor to save:– energy– weight– Space– Other devices– Cost 0501001502002503003504004501 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 100200400600800100012001400160018002000VoltagePowerCurrentTorquePyöriminopeus ja momentti050010001500200025003000104070100130160190220250280310340370400430460050100150200250300350400Pyörimisnopeus (1/min) Momentti (Nm)
  25. 25. 25Life Cycle Costs• Load• Running cycle hours/year• Maintenance• Weight• Process efficiency / effectiveness• Energy used
  26. 26. 26New Classification for IEC 60034-30EuropeIE2 seit 2011IE3 startet 2015/17USAIE2 seit 2002IE3 seit 2011CanadaIE2 seit 2002IE3 seit 2011AustraliaIE2 seit 2006IE3 geplantChinaIE2 startet 2012BrazilIE2 seit 2010Süd KoreaIE2 seit 2008/10MexicoIE2 seit 2002IE3 ???Süd AfrikaIE2 geplant
  27. 27. 27New Classification for IEC 60034-3016June2011 effective, motors must fulfill at leastefficiency class IE2.1Jan2015 IE3-class (Premium-motors) is requiredfor the range 7,5 kW - 375 kWOption - IE2 motor + Frequency converter1Jan2017 Power range to expand 0,75 kW - 375kWOption - IE2-motor + Frequency converterXXXUncertainty of measurement of specifying losses IEC 60034-30IE1 ”medium”IE2, IE3 ”low”
  28. 28. 28New Classification for IEC 60034-30
  29. 29. 29New Classification for IEC 60034-30Motors left out of the standard:• VSD - Designed for frequency converter use• Submersible motors• Applications higher than 1000m above sea-level• Ambient temperature below -15 C or over + 40 C• Cooling liquid temp under + 5 C or over + 25 C• EX motors according to RL94/9/EG
  30. 30. 30Design Improvements• Use of low-loss rotor and stator sheets• Better use of materials– Longer rotor / stator– Use of thick wires and optimizing filling of slots– Shorter ends of windings• Optimizing shape of slots• Larger surface area for cooling– Smaller ventilation fan is needed• Reducing friction by using bearings without sealing
  31. 31. 31What do we need to know to offer?- Motor or generator?- Environmental conditions- Voltage and frequency- Control range for Freq Control drives- Torque curve- Duty cycles- Construction- Cooling- Classification society- Need for classification- Certification type
  32. 32. 32Enquiry Template for Winch Motors
  33. 33. 33Enquiry Template for Winch Motors
  34. 34. 34Examples - Drives below deckCooling Fan Drivemotor:K11R 160M411kW, 690 V D/Y BS,50 Hz1480 rpm, 45 C, IM B5,IP55,Temp Class 155(F)
  35. 35. 35Examples - Drives above deckMotor type: BU1V 225M 4 HB NS SMG TWS HW BPDeep-sea submersible ‘MARUM QUEST’ on the research ship ‘Meteor’Duty:45/54 kW,1470/1770 rpm,45 C, 380/440V50/60 Hz,IMV15, IP56,Temp Class180(H),IC 416
  36. 36. 36Windlass for Offshore-Support/Anchor Handling vessel MÆRSK LEADER- combined duty for anchor handling tug & Material HandlingBrake Motor type: K11R 315L4, 275 kW, 660 V D, 60 Hz, IP 56Brake type: SFB 160, 2,100 Nm static torqueDrive MotorsExamples - Drives above deck
  37. 37. 37Examples – HV or High PowerPassenger shipsSTN Atlas Marine Electronics GmbH,„Seven Seas Voyager“, Genua, Ital.propeller drive; 7,000 kW;170 r.p.m.Passenger shipsSTN Atlas Electronics GmbH,„Norwegian Sun“, Lloyd WerftPropeller drive; 15,000 kW;2,900 V; 0-140 r.p.m.Passenger shipsSiemens AG Hamburg,AIDAdiva, Germanytruster motor; 1,500 kW;11,000 V; 1,196 r.p.m.
  38. 38. 38Examples – HV or High PowerTransport shipsSAM Electronics GmbHHHI Container ships, Koreashaft generator; 5,000 kVA;6,400 V; 65-94 r.p.m.Transport shipsUlstein Verft AS, Bourbon Orca,Ulstein AX 104tandem propeller drive;11 MW; 675 VTankerSTN Atlas Electronics GmbH,Chemical Tanker Ceresshaft generator; 1,500 kVA;1,760 kW; 425 V; 67 – 105 r.p.m.
  39. 39. 39Explosion-Proof DrivesShips & OffshoreApplication criteria for use of energy efficiency drives are the same asfor standard marine engines.Energy efficiency ex-proof motors in class IE1, IE2 and IE3 possibleIE1, 2, 3
  40. 40. 40New Service Partner Profile• Company name: Daito Engineering• An Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Service Co• Osaka Plant – 60 employees• Yokohama Plant – 30 employees• Nagaski Plant – 70 employees TMEIC who havemanufacturing plant in Nagaski• Kagoshimi Plant - 15 people – Nanatsujima – large motors- 15 people – Shibushi – chain cables
  41. 41. 41Large Motors after Repair & Overhaul
  42. 42. 42Gear Motor Repair & Overhaul
  43. 43. 43Repair Work Report Extract
  44. 44. 44Workshop Services• Skim and undercut commutator and slip-rings• Repair of rotor shaft and bearing housing• Install space heater, heater tape• Install thermocouple, RTD and thermistors• Vibration analysis and fault diagnosis• Load testing of AC and DC rotating machines• Dynamic balancing of rotating elements• Precision machining works including lathe, boring andmilling
  45. 45. 45Dynamic Balancing
  46. 46. 46Dynamic Balancing Report Extract
  47. 47. 47Field Service of Rotating MachinesOn-site rewind or repair of rotating machinesNew installation & start-up of plant-machineryPredictive maintenance programme24 hour servicing contractTechnical advisory & consulting services– Professional Engineers with many years’ experience onelectrical motors & generators– Skilled engineers & technicians for troubling shooting andrectification
  48. 48. 48Field Service WorkChanging Slip-RingsDC Panel Repair
  49. 49. 49Winch Motor Design ReviewPoints to review:• T/Box sealing face• Encoder Durability• Mounting design
  50. 50. 50Winch Motor Design ReviewTerminal Box base – sealing faceNew OldNo Fouling
  51. 51. 51Winch Motor Design ReviewEncoder
  52. 52. 52Winch Motor Design ReviewCurrent DesignDeck
  53. 53. 53Winch Motor Design ReviewProposed DesignDeck
  54. 54. 54Winch Motor Design ReviewProposed Design - CompromiseDeckStud Bolt
  55. 55. 55Winch Motor Design ReviewDesign Examples:
  56. 56. 56Winch Motor Design ReviewDesign Example:- Crane for Sluice Gate
  57. 57. 57Special motors also in the internet andon DVDProduct range of VEM
  58. 58. 58Thank youありがとうTerima kasih谢谢
  59. 59. 59We get things moving