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Beam in collaboration with the Wakefield Business Support Programme presented a day-long creative and practical conversation exploring recent/current trends - in the UK and internationally - about how towns and cities are using the arts and creative businesses to develop, and how artists and creatives are responding to the opportunities. This powerpoint formed part of Andrew Dixon's, Bid Advisor, Hull 2017 UK City of Culture, presentation.

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  • Welcome to event Introduce team and panel
  • Presentation will cover The purpose of today is to keep in touch and explain some of the detailed work going on behind the scenes to plan for UK City of Culture
  • As you arrive in Hull you read poetry in the pavements = Larkin’s Days has been an inspiration for our bidIn 2017 we aim for each day to make a difference to a life in the city , the UK and the world Our ambition is For each ‘day’ in 2017 to make a difference to a life in the city, the UK and the World.
  • Hull is building capacity and trackrecord for delivery of major events, projects and festivalsWeweren't ready in 2010 and we still need to build capacity We have reconnected to our alumni and partners beyond the city to add to our programming capacity and UK delivery.
  • Our programme is structured under 6 areasHull 365 Artists residencies Festivals and eventsRooted in Hull Broadcasting partnershipsAnd Made in Hull CommissionsWe have given great thought to days , weeks , months and the significance of the year We will programme Hull 365 days of the year There will be choices whether you arrive in Hull on bank holiday weekend or a Tuesday night in February Our flagship venues such as Hull Truck. Albemarle, City Hall, History centre and Ferens Gallery and Middleton hall will be joined by quirky venues such as gallery 11, Fruit, Pave and the Museum club culture, temporary spaces, festival sites and the programming of a new urban touring circuit in our schools.
  • These are the reasons Hull won
  • These are the estimated economic benefits to Hull.
  • 8-40 on the 20th November the Culture Minister opened an envelope. Inside it said Hull.
  • Paul Heaton in the Mirror Rosie Millard in the Telegraph Robert Crampton in the Times . Our alumni come out.
  • Examples ballet lorentteengagepregnacyPictorila mead
  • One of the strengths of the bid was the support we had in place – it was a realistic budget to bid but we will need t secure more to deliver
  • Its our time againAnd now its your time to ask questions
  • Innovative People - Innovative Cities: Andrew dixon

    1. 1. Making culture work for cities Andrew Dixon Culture Creativity Place
    2. 2. NewcastleGateshead - 25 Years Ago •Derelict riverside •No tourism •Few hotels and restaurants •Second rate cultural attractions •Lowest levels of arts attendance in UK
    3. 3. Where did they get to? • £250 million world-class facilities • 365 day cultural offer • International reputation for culture • The Sage Gateshead, Baltic, Angel, Live • Festivals and events programme
    4. 4. UK City of Culture 2017 - Time to deliver
    5. 5. Hull • Image problem • Major social issues •Economic challenges • Issues of cultural capacity •Strong cultural story to tell •On a journey •Culture at heart of city plan
    6. 6. Days What are days for? Days are where we live. They come, they wake us Time and time over. They are to be happy in: Where can we live but days? - Philip Larkin
    7. 7. How we won • Strong Leadership • Compelling story • Vision of Hull’s programme • Locally rooted but global in ambition • Media and social media • Public support – Over 85% awareness •Joined up city – Culture, University, City Council and Business
    8. 8. Economic benefit to Hull • 1200 jobs – tourism and culture • 10% growth in creative industries • Minimum £60 million economic benefit in 2017 • 7 million visitors in 2017 • University - reputation as place to learn
    9. 9. ‘The day the city changed forever’ • Hull in spotlight for 7 years 2014 to 2020 • £7 Million media value to date • Observer, Telegraph, Guardian, Times, Sun, Mirror, BBC, Financial Times, Al Jazeera, New York Times • Over 1000 positive national press/ TV mentions • 29% increase in Trip Advisor views of Hull • Local pride and support has never been greater •New investment - Hotel, cultural facilities, trains? • The nation visiting Hull !
    10. 10. Issue based programme • High profile programme • Modern day slavery • Health •Ageing and loneliness • Teenage pregnancy • Youth engagement • Freedom of the arts • Environment • Hull’s Untold stories
    11. 11. Local and international • Houses, •Health centres • BSF schools • National partners • Rotterdam • St Petersburg • Sierra Leone •Broadcasting and online to world
    12. 12. UK City of Culture 2017 - Time to deliver