November 30th Workshop Schedule

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  • 1. November 30th Workshops Wksp # Title Topic Target Length Audience AM-1 Bookshare: Making Print Assistive Technology Grades 3-12 45 mins Accessible SPED AM-2 iPods for Special Educators Assistive Technology SPED 45 mins AM-3 Reading Assistant Assistive Technology Grades 2-5 45 mins AM-4 Flip for the Flip Digital Video Digital Cameras All 45 mins Camera AM-5 Elmo - More than Just an Elmo All 45 mins Overhead Projector! AM-6 FirstClass Calendar: An FirstClass All 45 mins Information and Scheduling Tool AM-7 FirstClass: Look What it Has to FirstClass All 45 mins Offer! AM-8 FirstClass E-mail: Getting FirstClass All 45 mins Organized AM-9 Create Your Own Music Using GarageBand All 45 mins GarageBand AM-10 No Time? Use Google Reader to Google Tools MS & HS 45 mins Keep Current! AM-11 Collaboration Made Easy: Google Tools All 45 mins Google Docs AM-12 Google Earth: The World in the Google Tools All 45 mins Palm of Your Hand AM-13 Inspiration: A Brainstorming & Graphic Organizers MS & HS 45 mins Planning Tool AM-14 Kidspiration: A Visual Graphic Organizers Elem 45 mins Briainstorming Tool for Kids AM-15 Online Safety Information Literacy All 45 mins AM-16 Online Public Access Catalog Information Literacy All 45 mins
  • 2. AM-17 The Invisible Web Information Literacy MS & HS 45 mins AM-18 Google and Beyond! Information Literacy All 45 mins AM-19 Major Photo Opportunity! iPhoto All 45 mins AM-20 Spreadsheets: Tools for Getting MS Office All 45 mins Organized AM-21 Excel: A Tool for Graphing MS Office All 45 mins AM-22 PowerPoint: Harness the Power! MS Office All 45 mins AM-23 Using Word for Student MS Office Grades 3-12 45 mins Feedback AM-24 Who Knew? Create a Notebook MS Office All 45 mins with Word AM-25 Bring the World to Your Online Video Sources All 45 mins Classroom: YouTube, TeacherTube and More AM-26 PowerSchool Q & A PowerSchool MS & HS 45 mins AM-27 Using PowerTeacher as an PowerSchool MS & HS 45 mins Online Gradebook AM-28 SMARTPodium SMART Tools Teachers in 45 mins large areas AM-29 SMARTBoard: Recording & SMART Tools All 45 mins Publishing Your Work AM-30 Blogging Made Easy Social Networking K-5 45 mins AM-31 Blogs as Teacher & Student Social Networking Grades 5-12 45 mins Collaboration Tools AM-32 What's this Ning Thing? Social Networking MS & HS 45 mins AM-33 Picture It: Creating Fun, Web 2.0 All 45 mins Attention-Getting Graphics AM-34 Definitions Please: Wikis, Blogs, Web 2.0 All 45 mins Twitter, Ning, RSS Feeds AM-35 VoiceThread: A Powerful Way to Web 2.0 All 45 mins Talk About Text, Images & Video AM-36 A "Delicious" Way to Organize & Web 2.0 All 45 mins Share Internet Bookmarks AM-37 SMARTBoard…Imagine the SMARTBoard All 45 mins Possibilities
  • 3. AM-38 Connective Writing with Will Information Literacy All 90 mins Richardson PM-1 Using Clicker 5 to Create Assistive Technology Elementary 90 mins Accessible Books & Begin the SPED Writing Process PM-2 Creating Accessible Materials Assistive Technology Grades 3-12 90 mins Using Kurzweil v.4 PM-3 Education Data Warehouse Data Warehouse Adminstrators 90 mins PM-4 Create a Basic FirstClass Web FirstClass All 90 mins Site PM-5 Make Things Interesting-- FirstClass & Web 2.0 All 90 mins Embed! PM-6 Broadcast Yourself: Podcasting GarageBand All 90 mins PM-7 Music Composition Software GarageBand Music Teachers 90 mins PM-8 Hello to Hollywood: iMovie 9 for iMovie All 90 mins Beginners PM-9 Q&A with Keynote Speaker Information Literacy All 90 mins PM-10 Reach Every Students with MS Office All 90 mins Advanced Features of Word PM-11 Discovery Education: Using Online Video Sources All 90 mins Video to Enrich Your Curriculum PM-12 FirstClass Web Publishing Open Open Lab All 90 mins Lab PM-13 SMARTBoard Collaborations Open Lab All 90 mins PM-14 Web 2.0 Open Lab Open Lab All 90 mins PM-15 Google Docs & Google Tools Open Lab All 90 mins Open Lab PM-16 Exploring Online Videos & Open Lab All 90 mins Photos Tools Open Lab PM-17 Social Networking Open Lab Open Lab All 90 mins PM-18 Open Lab: Form a Group & Open Lab All 90 mins Suggest Your Own Topic
  • 4. PM-19 SMARTBoards an Introduction SMART Tools All 90 mins PM-20 SMARTNotebooks: Intermediate SMART Tools All 90 mins Level PM-21 Incredible SMART Resources SMART Tools All 90 mins for Teachers PM-22 Wikis as Interactive Learning Social Networking All 90 mins Tools PM-23 Intellitools Classroom Suite v 4 Assistive Technology All 90