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Comprised of some of the UK’s leading mobile, retail and customer experience experts, Beaconnect is the UK’s most comprehensive integrated iBeacon offer.

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  1. 1. The UK’s most comprehensive integrated iBeacon offer.
  2. 2. Beaconnect was founded expressly to offer our clients iBeacon strategy, programme design and deployment services. Comprised of some of the UK’s leading mobile, retail and customer experience experts, Beaconnect offers the UK’s most comprehensive integrated iBeacon offer. Introducing Beaconnect
  3. 3. Beacons are devices that send signals that pinpoint a smartphone user at his or her precise physical location, either indoors or outdoors. The signal, once received by the user’s phone, triggers messages, offers and experiences tailored to that user and that precise location – in a shop, at a venue, or anywhere else a beacon is present. Beacons are small, unobtrusive and self powered. They are either dedicated third-party hardware or iOS devices acting as beacons. They require no physical infrastructure work. Beacons in a nutshell
  4. 4. High-street Retailers Households Retail Brands Automotive Dealerships Event Venue (Sport, Music, Convention) Museums & Cultural Organisations Hospitals Airports Who are they for?
  5. 5. iBeacons have only been around since late 2013, but already leading retailers, venues, sports teams and cultural organisations are making the most of the opportunity. Who’s using iBeacon already?
  6. 6. Virgin is trialing an iBeacon programme in which Upper Class passengers approaching security can have their phones automatically serve up their electronic boarding pass for scanning. In the main area of the airport, passengers using the service will receive special partner offers, such as 0% commission as they pass the MoneyCorp currency exchange booth. At Waitrose’s new experimental Swindon store, iBeacons push out customised messages welcoming customers and then alert shoppers to promotions when they’re near a particular aisle or food counter. Stores in New York and San Francisco now send discounts and recommendations to participating users when they pass nearby. Virgin Waitrose Macy’s
  7. 7. Major League Baseball is installing iBeacons at 20 stadiums. Users of MLB’s “At The Ballpark” app will be greeted with info about the day’s game as they enter the ground and shown special offers as they approach stores and restaurants. Sensors at Oracle Arena offer ticket upgrades to fans on their way to seats at the top of the stadium. William Hill is planning to use iBeacons to send in-app betting messages at the forthcoming Cheltenham Festival. Major League Baseball NBA William Hill
  8. 8. Beacons can be be either dedicated hardware, made by third parties, or iOS 7 (iPhone, iPad) devices acting as beacons via third party apps. They are small, unobtrusive and self-powered, requiring no extra physical infrastructure. You can use them indoors or outdoors. Advantages of iBeacons • Low hardware investment • Can be used with existing apps or new ones • No new physical infrastructure requirements • Relatively low-cost and easy to pilot • Transparent user experience What are they physically?
  9. 9. Typically, iBeacons are offered by tech companies who don’t know the retail space or by retail companies without deep technology skills. Beaconnect’s multidisciplinary tech, retail and customer experience team means that solutions are not only fit for purpose & focused on driving business results, but we also ensure that programmes are delivered expertly by UK teams. Why beaconnect?
  10. 10. Our process begins with an honest analysis of your company’s iBeacon opportunity. If feasibility is established, we work with you and your key stakeholders to develop a pilot that proves the concept. Post pilot, we optimise the programme for wider rollout. Beacon feasibility analysis Is the beacon opportunity right for your company? We look at potential opportunities, customer segments and organisational readiness. In structured workshops with key company stakeholders, we design a beacon programme, defining key success and measurement criteria, budgets and timings. Beacon pilot development workshop A low-cost quickly deployed pilot programme is rolled out to prove the concept among a limited sample of locations and audiences. Pilot deployment, analytics & reporting Having refined the programme based on pilot findings, a structured broader scale roll-out will have optimal chances for success. Commercial roll-out Once deployed, close attention is paid to results and what’s working well and what should be refined. Continued measurement and optimisation Our process 1 2 3 4 5
  11. 11. Beaconnect is a joint venture of two leading UK agencies, with dual specialism in retail and mobile. Based in Manchester, Dinosaur is a leading integrated agency with a focus on retail. A long-term partner of several national retailers including The Co-operative Food, HobbyCraft, Pets at Home and Adidas, Dinosaur is known for its deep knowledge of the point of sale and how to engage consumers in retail environments. Smile Machine is a leading Shoreditch based developer of mobile platforms and apps. A pioneer in the use of geolocation services and augmented reality, Smile Machine counts among its clients Ford, Jaguar, Nike, Prudential and Ubisoft.
  12. 12. Mark Beaumont is the founder of Dinosaur, a leading Manchester based integrated comms agency with a focus on retail. Dinosaur has been delivering retail programmes for The Co-operative since 2004, and works with other national retailers such as Pets at Home and Hobbycraft. Nigel Flack is the founder of Smile Machine, a leading Shoreditch mobile agency. Smile Machine works with global brands on strategically based mobile platforms and programmes. Prior to founding Smile Machine in 2010, Nigel was the Technical Director at Dare, and has served as a management consultant for McKinsey. Paul English is a Director of Strategy and Innovation, formerly of Ogilvy and Sapient Nitro. He has spent the last 18 years helping clients leverage innovation to develop stronger bonds with their customers. Our team
  13. 13. If you would like to find out more about iBeacons or request a demo then get in touch… London Tim Moorhouse Head of New Business email: mob: 07889 180 394 tel: 0207 060 5100 Manchester Karen Roberts New Business Developer email: mob: 07539 106 580 tel: 0161 831 0831