SCORM versus Modern Digital Learning


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Be Learning are talking about SCORM, and the way it hinders the effectiveness of modern and engaging digital learning experiences. Be Learning develop dynamic digital experiences that truly engage users, so here's our alternative - Introducing the HoneyPot - The Sweet Spot for Be Learning Digital Product Data and Reporting

A presentation by Sera Prince, Digital Producer, Be Learning

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  • Today, people use the internet anywhere at anytime to do everyday things - banking and paying bills, groceries and shopping, and of course social interaction.
  • People are also doing lots of self taught learning online using tools and services such youtube, wikipedia, blogs, infographics etc. Listen to podcasts.
  • Why is this relevant? We are Be Learning - A creative learning and development firm who work with some of the biggest names in Australian Business. At Be Learning we encourage what we call "pull" learning. Online experiences that engage users and encourage them to explore and learn on their own terms. To back this up we have created a couple of key digital learning products:
  • And an ipad app for onboarding. And a white label website product, the Virtual Learning Experience (VLE) These products mirror the everyday digital world experiences people interact with And have been successful with their existing customers And they intrigue and excite new potential customers But....
  • There ’s a little something called SCORM, that seems to restrict the creation of modern digital experiences that truly engage users. SCORM set the standards and specifications for web-based  e-learning way back in 1999. A whole industry has built up around systems that work in SCORM Many companies are so well established, that they invested in SCORM a long time ago.
  • So why is SCORM a problem? When do you think iphone first came out? Does it surprise you that it was 2007? Many people think it ’s been around since 2002. They are truly amazed that something that has revolutionised the way humans interact and conduct their lives on a daily basis, isn ’t even ten years old.
  • The last time SCORM was officially updated...
  • was 2004.
  • Technology has changed so much in ten years, today's digital world has outgrown SCORM. Modern digital products just don ’t work with SCORM systems. So many companies have a lot invested in SCORM, so it ’s a big decision not to use it. They want the the modern digital products, to work backwards with SCORM But that ’s like asking for Skype, but wanting all the conversations to be fed back, and stored in a fax machine
  • So what does this mean for Be Learning ’s Digital Products? How do have conversations about innovative digital learning that doesn ’t hinge on SCORM? Well let ’s look at what SCORM looks like....
  • This is what SCORM looks like...
  • It allows admins to tracks users to gauge success
  • And allows data reports to be run and exported
  • Not very modern or attractive, is it?
  • And what do L&D professionals we have talked to think about SCORM System reporting? (Go through bullets)
  • Be Learning ’s digital products engage users by mirroring the everyday digital world... Shouldn ’t that also go for the data reporting experience? How can we make it easier and better than what L&D/HR professionals are currently experiencing with SCORM?
  • Introducing the HoneyPot - The Sweet Spot for Be Learning Digital Product Data and Reporting It beautifully visualizes learning success metrics, provides insightful reporting for HR/L&D professionals. Being highly visual, it's faster to assess, And easier than SCORM ’s more manual or spreadsheet style reporting. This is our prototype and just the beginning of what we are setting out to achieve with learning data visualisation.
  • In the long term we see the HoneyPot being a very modern solution to learning data: Additional Be Learning data can be easily plugged in... And also other online sources - social, surveys you tube channels etc Providing an L&D professionals the option to use the best digital solution, and being able to to gauge success for multiple places
  • Be Learning ’s Honeypot isn't just a data feature (click) It's now built in, showing digital learning product success!
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  • SCORM versus Modern Digital Learning

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