Begraphic the data visualization add-in for Excel & PowerPoint


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BeGraphic, the data visualization tool - inside PowerPoint and Excel. This software is the newest Business Graphics Software.
Explain your ideas with datagraphics, easy GIS (custom maps) and dynamic diagrams.
Visualize your process with alive representations and graphical reporting.

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Begraphic the data visualization add-in for Excel & PowerPoint

  1. 1. Better than graphs, Info-graphics The ultimate Data Visualization tool for PowerPoint and Excel
  2. 2. When images (+ color, size, border…) are meaningful, you build info-Graphics. A chart is made of several forms Each form has several parameters X’ X Y’ Y May May May Any picture can be animated, BeGraphic animates each parameter therefore becomes a graphic.
  3. 3. Frequently Asked Questions What is BeGraphic made for: Excel & Powerpoint user who needs to make by himself his tailor-made storytelling data visualizations dynamically linked to updated values. Competitors : Only complex illustration engines (AutoCAD, Illustrator) able to query data that will be used as maps and free forms’ parameters. References : Insurance (CFO), University (History professor) … and soon Marketing people, Strategy consultants, Retail chains looking for easy GIS, Media relations, Visual journalists, Corporate communication. Types of users : Any Excel & PowerPoint heavy user who wants to move his audience with new communication tools.
  4. 4. Frequently Asked Questions Installation : This Excel add-in has to be installed to animate graphics. Versions of Office : From 2000 to 2007 versions (including an Excel 2007 ribbon). Compatible with any other add-in (e.g. : Olap database connector). Languages : English, Spanish, French… and possibly more to come. Pushing presentations to other users : Without the add-in, all graphs become static. Road-map : A roadmap is already discussed with key users. (Tell us if you want to be one of them). The next release (09 fall) will be about optimization.
  5. 5. First example : Financial Communication / Presentation to the Board 1st slide : Dashboard, showing « 2008 » values. 2nd slide : Which data visualization details to look at. Please look carefully at circled objects (because they are animated forms). 3rd slide : Dashboard, showing « 2007 » values. 4th slide : Animated dashboard inside PowerPoint. Make presentations differently!
  6. 6. Focus on some dynamic info-graphics
  7. 7. Focus on some dynamic info-graphics
  8. 8. Second example : Spatial Olap / Custom maps, with interactive drillable areas 1st slide : Interactive map, showing corresponding figures for the clicked area. 2nd slide : geographical drill-down from the global map (top of the page) by clicking on one state, showing the detailled « zoom in » sub-map (only displaying the counties of the selected state). 3rd slide : Interactive map, showing corresponding figures of the clicked area on the detailled map (bottom of the page). Need to change 4th slide : Updated color-coding on geographical areas your presentations? (when changing the year in the table). 5th slide : The old way to show data (Presenting the same values as the previous info-graphics).
  9. 9. By clicking on one state, its detailled map appears
  10. 10. Clicking on one county shows its table values
  11. 11. Selecting the year in the table changes colors on the map
  12. 12. Old way to present data This table shows the same values as the previous info-graphics
  13. 13. Third example : Six Sigma «Value Stream Map» / Engineering cutaway drawing 1st slide : Hong Kong schematic tube stations. 2nd slide : Interactive map, showing another layer. The new layer (400 alerts) shows 4 Key Performance Indicators for each station. 3rd slide : Color-coded alerts based on thresholds + Interactive drill on stations. When the user clicks on a station logo, a dedicated table appears. 4th slide : The old way to show data (Presenting the same values as the previous info-graphics). It is time to move your audience!
  14. 14. Showing the « Key Performance Indicators » layer
  15. 15. Clicking on one tube station shows its 4 personal KPI
  16. 16. Old way to present data This table shows the same values as the previous info-graphics
  17. 17. Other examples (1/2) Strategy map (Balanced ScoreCard) Easy GIS / Spatial BI Process Intelligence / Projet tracking Story-telling / Visual journalism
  18. 18. Other examples (2/2) Corporate communication Maintenance flowchart / Shop floor plan Exclusive and custom graphs… Graphics Reporting
  19. 19. « Free Sparklines » by BeGraphic Available in June 2009 The first Professional free tool to build in-cell charts Line chart Bar chart Bullet chart Pie chart Scale Variance chart
  20. 20. More information Videos are on BeGraphic channel on Youtube. Brochures are on BeGraphic website. Free version is on BeGraphic website. (Only two limitations : Slower version, up to 20 forms per dynamic diagram / data visualization).
  21. 21. Conclusion: When presentation matters, think about BeGraphic.
  22. 22. The ultimate Data Visualization tool for PowerPoint and Excel