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  • Like any element of advocacy campaigns - digital media is just one part of a bigger picture. That being said it is quite crucial
  • Who you're trying to reach may determine the means or channel. Certain influencers don't have email addresses available to public. Could targeting them with a dedicated Twitter action be more effective?
  • We should NEVER look to use any platform just because it is there or we use it for another area of our work. We must assess how appropriate a platform is to a specific campaign
  •, Avaaz, 38 Degrees, etc
  • Simple stories – easy to tell, easy to share
  • Your campaign may well ignite your intended audience and get their enthusiastic backing. However, trolls lurk everywhere on the internet. They like nothing better than to sound off about things they don't agree with....much more than when they do agree or have anything positive to say. How are you going to deal with them? Why not sit down with your team and decide on the approach you'll adopt in dealing with these people
  • It is vital that (like any other part of your work on digital media) you must know what success will look like? How will you measure it?
  • This campaign, by Other for 38 degrees had a simple challenge: create a targeted email campaign to raise £60,000 to fund a high-profile poster campaign. On a budget of £5,000. In three days.In February 2012, 38 degrees wanted to make the government’s proposed changes to the NHS a major issue during the London mayoral elections.They aimed to do this with a high-profile poster campaign across the capital, but funding it was going to be expensive.38 Degrees supporters were sent an email containing the proposed creative work, in effect asking them to approve it. The results were impressive, with the initial £60,000 target met in just six hours... 
  • This was a content marketing campaign, run by Public Zone, which used Prostate Cancer UK's status as Football League charity partner to raise awareness of the disease amongst football fans.Public Zone built a network of fans representing all 72 Football League clubs, finding the key influencers for each, those who have built audiences around blogs, Twitter, forums etc. 167% traffic increase to the Prostate Cancer UK website in week one. 92% were new users. Nine of the top 10 referral sites were football sites running campaign activity. Year-on-year traffic to the website is up more than 70%
  • 98 million views. One of Marketing Magazine’s brand moments of 2012. It suffered a great deal of criticism. However, it was a startling example of online video. 30 mins long, but gaining a staggering amount of engagement.
  • School fundraising turned tabloid sensation
  • Over 25,000 stories shared in 2012
  • Let’s have a chat. How do you currently use social media in your campaigns? What channels? Just using it to broadcast online version of offline ask?
  • Activism through Social Media - @keanearrow

    1. 1. The Social Activist: How social media can be used for real change #begoodbesocial #sm4sg Martin Keane @keanearrow
    2. 2. Plan a campaign • Split into groups of four – Choose one of your organisations – Write a short plan for an issue your chosen organisation campaigns to change • • • • Who will you target? Which platforms will you use? Sum up your campaign in one sentence What will success look like?