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Nicholas Ayre


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Home Fusion Pecha Kucha 1 Feb 10

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  • Nicholas AyreI run Home FusionWhat do I do?
  • I’m a personal shopper!
  • I help people figure out in which part of London they want to liveAnd then find the property that fits their lifestyle and their budget
  • As you’d expect, I help people get the best possible priceI’m in the market day in, day out – I know what’s what and I advise accordingly
  • I keep all the plates spinningI handle as much of the purchase process as my clients wantThat usually means pretty much everything except for providing the signature and the readies!
  • To tell you how this works, I want to tell you about a couple of clients – some details changedFirst Olivia, working in business development for a hi-tech company in LondonIn 2006 asked me to find a 2 bed property in central London
  • It took a while to figure out the style that worked for herProcess of eliminationWe eventually found just the right place in Marylebone
  • That’s when it started to get complicated!All manner of issues with leaseBut eventually we closed it, she moved in and was delighted.Satisfied client – great!
  • Fast forward 2 years – I get a call from an estate agent in Fitzrovia whom I know wellI’d told him about the Olivia search and he alerted me that her downstairs neighbour was thinking of putting her flat for sale
  • As of this week, she’s the proud owner of 2/3 of a townhouse in MaryleboneShe’d never have ever known about it without my involvementAnd certainly she wouldn’t have owned it
  • Client no 2 is Howard from South Africa, a senior marketing guy relocating from there to the U
  • He was living in rented accommodation in Sloane SquareHad clear ideas about style and size of propertyNo idea on location – so I took him on guided tour of London
  • We eventually settled on FulhamWe found the right place and I helped him navigate all the intricacies of the UK property market – to which he was completely new
  • This was at a particularly troubled moment in 2008 – when the property market was up in the airI was able to negotiate for him a saving of nearly £100,000 = 15%My fee structure incentivises me to save as much as possible for my clients
  • I even introduced him to contract cleaners who were able to clean to the extremely high standards he hasSo someone from out-of-town can now claim to find London their home, in large part because I helped them find their home and settle in
  • So, what do I bring?First off – deep experience – I’ve been interested in real estate for years and have run Home Fusion full-time since 2004Executed over 50 searches in that time
  • Next, I have a tried and tested supplier network to which I can introduce my clients, and also manage if neededIncludes builders, concierges, lawyers, financial advisors, contract cleaners, interior designers, chartered surveyorsarchitects….
  • And I have lots of technical understandingI grew up the son of a builder and an engineer by trainingI’ve completely refurbed my own homes myselfI provide informal advice to clients, and can readily work with architects, surveyors etc
  • All in, I save my clients TIMEMONEY STRESS
  • Please come and chat with meOr contact me via my website
  • Nicholas Ayre

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