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Mark Stodgell presentation to Be2Talks 2012

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  • 3 hats on Bikes, BIM , Pozzoni Social media a thread that goes through all of them
  • I want to start this talk about new technologies and their appropriate use of technology at the right time.
  • We all tend to know where we were at some of these events. Diana, I was Skiing in NewZealand, Sept 11 th I was driving from Kidderminster to Telford. I find it is the same for technology – when did you send your first email?
  • First time I used email: 1990 in Cardiff - Trethithick building Library Bouncing emails back and forth to friends in Southampton and Lancaster.. Only knew 3 people on email, but we used it to stay in touch. One day we arranged to all be in the library at the same time and had pretty much real time converstaions. I was thinking the other day isnt that what became
  • Instant messaging ! Then I didn’t use email again properly until the mid 90s and even then only a bit at Uni. Instant messaging works in some industries and not in others – you need other people.
  • Remember these – I had to use my boses car in summer of 94 driving to Bath from Bridgwaterthat had one. Just had to use it to tell my mum I was phoning her from the car, then I phoned my Nan to do the same and she just couldn’t fathom it…. I didn’t know anyone who had a mobile, same when I got a 3g phone for data – facetime was possible but I didn’t know anyone with another 3g phone. It got real use at the world cup orienteering at Batersea Park. -
  • Took the train from Finland to Russia (total juxtaposition in technology) ( Bit scared when we arrived so decided to let home know where we were and that we were OK St Petersburg 1995 using a fax in a hotel to tell my Mum we were OK Told couldn't phone but could fax. Ended up hearing her voice on the other end as my mum was asked if she could receive the fax! The operator even phones her back to make sure she had got it! – on thermal paper so long since gone!
  • Joined facebook in March 2007 because I got an email like with some photos from a Canoe slalom my club ( Matlock) had put on Suffice to say there were no photos of me  just the 13 yr olds who all beat me when I capsized ! I didn’t know anyone else on it except my sister in law so didn’t use it again for ages !
  • And so to 3d CAD – I started using AutoCAD and AEC in the early 90s and 3dS max
  • 1994 – Year out – ArchiCAD 4.55 Design build job in Bridgwater, somerset – special projects on housing sites. Roapy Architecture – but 3d modeling and at least the bones of elevations off of the models. The problem was computing power. I had a 486 DX2 80 with 8mb ram at the time! All these were overnight 1024 x 768 renders.
  • This BMW garage though was modeled properly. Elevations came off the model and we started to explore some of the other features
  • Leap forward 16 years – I have had a career in CAD management, IT and seemingly anything electrical – IT managers always seem to get lumped with the shredder to mend. Co-ordinated CAD – well didn’t need others to do that, so I encouraged, practised what I preached and carried on – now what is called lonley BIM or Level 1 BIM develops
  • Early 2011 BIM started to appear in the press Asked about it by our Partners Exasperated realised it was new name for what we have been doing at Pozzoni since 2006 and me since well…… Then in May it all kicks off. I thought we do that !
  • How do we tell the world that Pozzoni does BIM?
  • Starts with the first BIMshowlive and getting an inspirational talk from Dave Philp. I loved a slide of his and collared him afterwards gave him my card and he promised to send it. Of course he would probably forget so I used linked in to stalk him and get in touch. I did have a nicer slide of Dave but he asked me to use this one – note the compulsary use of wedge,
  • So from linked in to email and I got my slide!
  • I have had a blog for 4 years now. I came back from my first international race wondering how I was going to fund racing. Coach said you are good at IT play to strengths and get blogging. Over 500 posts later I am still going. I looked at the methods I had used to promote myself and the ways I had blagged kit, approaching strangers. But always who you know is important. Started using the same techniques I work – twitter rather than facebook, linkedin rather than emails.
  • First linked in and then Twitter Allowed me to get in touch with people who I had no card for but I had given them one or talked to at events. I deliberatley didn’t target people I had never met. James doing a bit of real networking at usergroups and conferences James and I had a bet on who could get Paul Morrell on linked in – he won ! On its own this wasn’t enough, eventually I started to meet people in person. James Austyn, pub Ecobuild was a breakthough for Pozzoni when we were asked to present a casestudy on the Autodesk stand.
  • Finally we could start to show off what he had been doing.
  • Realised that Twitter was the key to the UK BIM world. Now after a good balance of virtual and real world networking, writing articles, presenting at events we have now put Pozzoni on the map. Its nice to now hear Pozzoni mentioned in the same sentences as HOK and Zaha Hadid !
  • I have missed loads of people out – I just grabbed a selection of recent tweeters.
  • UK BIM crew is very vocal. During a particularly unengaging COBie presentation at BIM show live, Twitter heckling from the back broke out. I commented my ‘Cobie’ slide would liven things up. James S then tweeted it. Giggles were stiffled at 10 sec intervals around the back of the room as the tweets came though…… Cobie – Data format for exchange of building information model data or a canadian actress/ model.
  • Another UK BIM crew favourite heckel is the BIM kitten. Everytime you say BIM Model ( ie Building Information Model Model) a kitten is assassinated. The BIM kitten now has its own twitter feed.
  • The UK Bik crew is full of individuals who are pushing the boundaries of BIM All have one thing in common Ability to communicate and share ideas and not afraid of speaking there mind…...
  • The opposite of the litigious nature of the construction industry
  • I keep getting asked about Copywrite and other people using your carefully produced object Obviously I am not condoning nicking other peoples work and if you are doing it for a living you should make it difficult for people too But for office developed content if you see it elsewhere – take it as a compliment. Though I wonder if anyone would want to use some fo the stuff out there. Why do people spend days creating useless objects and families when so much useful stuff is still missing If we don’t share BIM wont work…..
  • Project communication
  • Project communication and email as a tool.
  • Need to ween people off project email and on to collabortion websites.
  • Need to ween people off project email and on to collabortion websites. We use all these different types because of peoples personal preference. Competition is good as it encourages development. Different sites and services are strong at certain things Email address’s for projects has always been and will continue to be a rubbish solution.
  • Like Bikes They all have pedals and handle bars, they all have wheels. However like bikes too if you stick a very fit competent rider on any of those bikes they will do well. So what is stopping collaboration sites – well cost to an extent but usability and logins
  • We have all sorts of users and we need to make collaboration sites accessible to them all ( including the dreaded email submission)
  • So to get rid of the login issue we need more use of Open IDs. Usernames and passwords that work across multiple sites. Yes there will be security issues on some projects but not for the majority.
  • Unashamed plug for the sport I love – all funding cut as not an olympic sport 
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