BIM and FM: Bridging the divide between AEC and owner


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Marty Chobot (FM Systems) presentation to ThinkBIM, 11 July 2012, Leeds Metropolitan University

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BIM and FM: Bridging the divide between AEC and owner

  1. 1. BIM + FMMarty Chobot Bridging the DivideVP, BIM Initiatives between AEC & O
  2. 2. What do owners really need? Graphics Graphics Graphics Data Data Attribute Attribute Data Data Attribute Owners need BIM data Data more than graphics Design Construct Operate
  3. 3. There’s a lot of BIM data out there…
  4. 4. There’s a lot of BIM data out there… Integrating BIM & FM helps you provide the data owners need, the way they need it!
  5. 5. BIM + FM Case Studies
  6. 6. FM:BIM Working Group Case StudyXavier University • A Jesuit, Catholic university in Cincinnati • Founded 1831 • 7,019 total students • 70 buildings – over 2 million GSF (186K m2)
  7. 7. Xavier’s Hoff Academic Quad andResidence Hall Project• $117M (£76M), Largest capital projects in schools Residence Hall history• Added 25% to College of Business campus Learning Commons• 4 new buildings• BIM used to Physical Plant Office Central Utility Plant facilitate design and construction
  8. 8. Xavier’s Objective• Produce 10 Year Comprehensive Facilities Plan for entire campus• Forecast facilities capital costs and obtain proper funding to reduce deferred maintenance
  9. 9. Xavier’s Challenges “• Facility information time- I collected the data consuming or costly to gather for 1.5M SF on• 2 person years to gather campus by walking information for facilities plan and typing the information into the system, I don’t want ” to do that again! Greg Meyer, Xavier Facilities
  10. 10. Xavier’s BIM Vision “ The designers and the contractors already have the information that I need to maintain and manage the buildings why should I have to recreate what has already been accomplished? Greg Meyer, Xavier Facilities ”
  11. 11. Room finish information from design and construction phases….
  12. 12. Is linked to lifecycle data (expected life,replacement cost) in the facilitymanagement system
  13. 13. Xavier’s Results• Integration of BIM and FM data avoided 4-6 person months of data gathering and entry• Established BIM deliverable guidelines to further streamline the flow of data for future projects
  14. 14. Xavier’s Lessons Learned• Project started in 2009 and modeled for design and construction not FM• Subcontractor’s models developed in various CAD- based tools – Costly to redo sub’s models to meet Xavier’s needs• Need to plan LOD and model quality early to effectively integrate with space and maintenance systems
  15. 15. FM:BIM Working Group Case StudyMathWorks• “Accelerating the pace of engineering and science”• Global software company headquartered in Natick, MA – In business since 1984 – Privately Held• Over 2,100 staff worldwide
  16. 16. MathWork’s Apple Hill 4 Project• 4 story 180,000 sf (17K m2) corporate facility• 460 offices, 300 person cafeteria, monumental stair atrium and various support spaces• Anticipated Delivery date: December 2012
  17. 17. MathWork’s Challenges• Maintenance management system not fully implemented• Difficult to find time to properly catalog and inventory building assets• Highly technical building comes with a lot of information
  18. 18. MathWork’s BIM Vision• Require BIM deliverables for project• Leverage the data and information in the models to populate space and asset system
  19. 19. Mathwork’s BIM Process• Created detailed BIM deliverable guide• Made BIM data management and quality a topic in coordination meetings• Actively involved in the project – throughout the various phases
  20. 20. Rooms Modeled for Design
  21. 21. Can Be Used for Space Management
  22. 22. Detailed BIM Deliverable Requirements
  23. 23. Detailed BIM Data
  24. 24. Ready for Maintenance Planning
  25. 25. MathWork’s Lessons Learned• Room numbers matter! Communicate your numbering and naming conventions early.• BIM/Data savvy project leads (AEC and owner) are key• The owner/FM needs to be involved to help resolve issues and keep the project moving• Look for BIM-Savvy subs if possible – they may be the creators of much of the asset data
  26. 26. Summary: Moving to Lifecycle BIM• Decide what you need to track: BIM Deliverable Guidelines• Address legal/contractual challenges• Know your team and various players BIM maturity• Create BIM templates
  27. 27. Thank you! Questions? Twitter: @LifecycleBIMMarty ChobotVP, BIM Initiatives