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Handout n c

  1. 1. Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business TechnologyStudent Association of Business and Technology – Department of Commerce and Finance Management, University of Kelaniya
  2. 2. Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business Technology Introduction to Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business Technology.• What is Business Technology? management, total quality management, six sigma, balance score card, supply chain management, operational research, E- Commerce, E-Business and even E- Accounting. On the other hand, continuous product and process invention and innovation have become not only a source of competitive advantage for the business; it is rapidly becoming basic survival tools in global business world. Hence innovation management, innovation development, intellectual property protection have become integral functions in modern businesses.S ince the beginning of the industrial revolution and market driven economy, business management hasbecame more and more scientific innature. Technology is defined as theapplication of scientific knowledge forpractical purposes, especially in industry.Even though the present understanding of"Business Technology" limited to theinformation systems, databasemanagement, software engineering andusage of information technology inorganizations, application of technology in Therefore, application of scientific andbusiness are not necessarily limited to technological products and processes inthose high tech functions. More and more all aspects of business operations andscientific and hence technology in nature. functions has made the functional cells of business organization technology driven Application of science in business functions. Therefore, futurefunction has made the drastic changes in entrepreneurs, managers, consultants,modern business world. Business are researchers, and educators shouldrunning based on scientific management, understand the technology of modernmanagement by objectives, knowledge business functions. Student Association of Business and Technology – Department of Commerce and Financial Management, University of Kelaniya
  3. 3. Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business Technology• Why Business Technology? the emerging technological aspects of business. Hence the student will be able Unlike Bachelor of Commerce degrees to receive superior knowledge andalmost all the other business management understanding they can get from anydegrees make you specialized in single other business degree program availablefunctional area of business organizations in Sri Lanka.such as General management, Accounting,Marketing, Human resource management,Finance and Information Technology.However, as bachelors degree studentsyou may not known exactly what is yourcareer interest, what kind of job will suityou, and opportunities to switch throughcareers. Then again if you do not haveclearer career path, traditional specializedfirst degree programs at least limit yourstarting career options. Even though notall degree holders not doing the postgraduate studies in Sri Lanka, postgraduate degrees are the best opportunityto specialize in your interested area. If youfollowed specializes degree then selection • Mode of learning BT.of post graduate studies also willinfluenced. Apart from the common requirements of the department of Commerce and Financial Management degree programs, Business technology Degree program uniquely balanced with classroom lectures and vast degree of practical and hands on experience learning. Classroom lectures will enhance with multimedia presentations, documentaries and films. Time to time students will get the opportunity to listen to Sri Lankan business leaders and Sri Lankan Inventors. Students will have opportunity to contact with external entities that have influence to modern business operations Bachelor of Commerce (Business such as intellectual property office,Technology) degree is a hybrid degree inventor’s commission and financialthat covers modern business, technology institutes. Student will be able to learnand innovation neurons of business key elements of information technology,organizations. It will apparently explain computer based business applicationsthe aspects of present traditional business such as e-accounting, databaseorganizations, but it uniquely addresses Student Association of Business and Technology – Department of Commerce and Financial Management, University of Kelaniya
  4. 4. Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business Technologydevelopment and technology Related Websites to understand themanagement in organizations. importance of learning Business Technology. At the later stage of the studies studentwill be asked to work with their selected Future Focus: Business Technologytechnological inventors and select one www-invention and make that invention to 304.ibm.com/businesscenter/cpe/downlodevelop a marketable product. If the ad0/.../FF_White_Paper.pdffunding sources are available then theywill be asked to actually launch the Five hot Business Technology trends toproduct to the market. During this process watch in 2011students are expected to understand and http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/five-hot-overcome the practical problems and business-technology-trends-to-watch-in-issues of technological product 2011/43096development and marketing. Essay on influence of Technology in• Qualities required to Study Management http://www.essays.se/about/influence+of Creative and innovative students, who +technology+in+managementhave the will power and patience to thinkbeyond the traditional teaching andlearning environment, especially thestudents who like to start their ownbusiness and like to involve intechnological innovations are alwayswelcome. Student Association of Business and Technology – Department of Commerce and Financial Management, University of Kelaniya