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Company presentation for - Barcelona International Network

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Company presentation

  1. 1. !WHAT WE DO!Barcelona International Network helps all members ofthe international community of Barcelona with theirsetting up and integration process, whether forbusiness or personal issues.!We know what the needs of that community are and weknow the way to best serve them. !
  2. 2. !EMOTIONAL TRIP!The process of moving to a new place like Barcelona is overall an emotional trip.! Career enhancement! Excitement! Adaptation! Integration! anxiety! Anxiety! Cultural shock ! Frustration! Loss of energy/ time/ money !
  3. 3. WHO FORMS THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY?! d live an o co me to We have structured the ers wh 1.F oreign celona! international community Bar work in or into 6 categories or here f h av e been segments.! rs w h o 2.Fo reigne time! some t to h o w an pr eneurs w ! n entre elona 3.Foreig siness in Barc b u s t art a nt to h o wa mpa nies w arcelona! ign co s in B 4.Fore h themselve establi s wh o stors ies or inve ompan any! 5.Fo reign c local comp o by a w an t t ith tions w an d institu staff ! panies their 6.Com rs amongst ne foreig by a lo c al ho w an t t o t or s w so r inves mpanie ign co 5.Fore y! n compa
  4. 4. SOME OF THEIR NEEDS ! Solving  legal   Solving  tax   and  accountacy   issues   aspects   Solving   Finding  a  place   Insurance   to  live   Issues  Finding  schools   for  children   Solving   Bridging   financial  issues   GeDng  advice  on   the  culture   (bank  loans,   specific  rules  and   public  grants)   gap   regula>ons   Personal   Administra>ve   issues   Social  and   business   Helping  your   networking   foreign  staff   Connec>on   Hiring  local   with  their   integra>on   with  local   staff  for  your   ins>tu>ons   company   Learning   Spanish  or   Catalan  
  6. 6. !OUR NETWORK OF COLLABORATORS! Banks, tax specialists, labour lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, businessIn order to secure the best consultants, businessservice to our clients we have angels, grant advisors,fostered an extense network recruitment firms,of collaborators that can help language academies,us provide the best international and localprofessional services for an schools, insurance brokers, life managementinternational audience.! firms, coaching experts, local and international clubs and associations, etc!
  7. 7. HOW WE DO IT! Step 1! Step 2! Step 3! Step 4!We We create We We follow upanalyzethe client’s map of services orient our HO! the whole process, andsituation and client remainand ! structure! towards responsibleidentify an action the best for the result!needs ! plan! supplier!
  8. 8. OUR ASSETS AND ADDED VALUE!OUR ASSETS :!• We know our client’s needs!• Our deep local contacts (both in the private and public sectors) !• Our extense network !• Our “Been there Done that” team!BCNIN GIVES ADDED VALUE :!STRUCTURING! ORIENTATION! COST EFFECTIVENESS!
  9. 9. !THERE IS MORE: WE ARE A REAL NETWORK!!We are building the 1st online network that !includes all members of the international !community of Barcelona. !No matter what nationality you are, what role !you play within the community or what sector !you work in. !Everyone is welcome.!
  10. 10. WHO IS BEHIND BCNIN!Founders! ! !!Karen Reith is the founder of the international business club GILD and !has herself experienced her own integration process.!Miquel Barceló has led many important academic and business projects in Barcelona.He has been the director of the Catalan Institute for Technology and the 22@ project. !Nick Leon is the Director of Design London and adviser to the Barcelona city councilon the area of innovation and communication technologies. !The BcnIn team!We are a young and multilanguage team (more than 10 languages spoken fluently) !devoted to achieving an excellence in service and attention to detail. We have a !deep knowledge of the local system, which combined with an open and international !approach, make us the ideal consultants for your professional and personal !integration process.!