Preliminary Task


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This is my preliminary task.

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Preliminary Task

  1. 1. BriefI have produced a school based magazineto show students and parents what isgoing on with in the school and how muchprogress it is making.
  2. 2. Initial IdeasMy initial idea was to make a magazinewhich helped show younger studentsabout there future at salts and what it isthat the are going to experience in futureschool life. Whilst making the magazinemy Photoshop skills had improvedmassively
  3. 3. Conventions of a magazine Cover Lines Main Cover LineMast Head •Cover lines tell readers •This tends to be very•The title of a magazine is what the main stories of large and takes up aboutalso known as a mast head. the magazine are. a quarter of the front•The title is what drags the •This are kind of like the cover.attention of passing people. masthead being bold and •It tends to e around the•It tends to be big, bright bright but doesn’t tend to main images shoulder.and bold so that it is eye be as large.catching. Bar Code Left Third •Standard bar code used •The left third of theMain Image by retailers. magazine cover is vital for•The main image will •These can be put anyalways be large so that sales in shops where the where on the front cover. magazine is not shownit stands out on thenews stand or wherever full-frontage. The title mustit is sold. Date Line be easily recognisable in a•The person on the main •Month and year of display of dozens ofimage will be looking publication, often with the competitors.directly at the camera as price. •The start of the mastheadthough they are making •Most magazines hit the is important here, as aredirect eye contact with stands a month before short cover lines that arethe reader. the cover date. easy to read.
  4. 4. My Target audienceMy magazine is mainly aimed at youngerstudents and there parents. The magazineis there to show a better understanding tothe parents and there children what theyare going to experience at the school andthe progress the school is making itself. Itgives parents a good idea of what futureeducation is heading there childrens way.
  5. 5. I used this original image of Ross Using Photo shop as my main image, this is because and Photo analysis he is making full eye contact with the camera. The lanyard aroundI have used bavol and boss, his neck shows that he is a 6th formdrop shadow and stroke to student at the school the magazinemake the Mast head stand is based on.out. Small cover lines to show the reader what else is in the magazine to read about. These cover lines do not stand out as much as the main.Big main cover line, this standsout the most and goes with themain image. To do this I haveput all the letters as capitalsand use stroke to make it boldand stand out better. I have used this original image because it goes with the small cover line to the left of it, I have also faded it into the background.
  6. 6. The page number and info have been placed in columns with the page number been a differentUsing Photo shop colour to the info. This makes itand Photo analysis more clear for the reader. The two original images show two salt students playing cricket, I have chosen to se these image because they go with the page heading above. The schools personal motto has been placed at the bottom. This shows the reader what the school is I have used the about. I have used stroke clipping mask tool to here but changed the colour place the school effect for two reasons, it logo behind the goes better with the colour writing. of the writing and would not be visible if black due to the black background.
  7. 7. EvaluationI believe that my magazine is at a good standard because I have used all conventionsof a magazine and used Photoshop to the best I could to make my magazine veryappealing to my target audience. The mean features in my magazine explain in boldabout certain subjects in the school and what it is that students are learning andexperiencing at the school.The magazine I perfect for my target audience due to the fact it gives them a big ideaand makes it very clear about the subject and activities going on within the school. Itmay also appeal to the parents of future students who may come to this school. Itapproaches the audience directly as it give the audience a bigger understandingabout what sort of future there children have at the school.