10 Way to Improve Your Email Marketing


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Bayshore Solutions' eMarketer, Kristin Vick, shares the 10 best practice email marketing strategies to help communicate and build relationships with your clients

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  • Amanda Fisherman, eMarketer at Bayshore Solutions, shares questions you should ask about your business last year and how using those results will help you create a successful marketing plan for the future.
  • 10 Way to Improve Your Email Marketing

    1. 1. 10 Tips to Improving YourEmail Marketing Strategy Kristin Vick Online Marketing Team
    2. 2. #1: Tell ‘Em What to Expect• Before you send your emails, tell your customers how many emails, and what type of emails will be coming their way.• Make this information available on any email subscription forms so they know what exactly they are signing up for.
    3. 3. #2: Make it Personal• The more personal you can make an email the better.• Using a greeting such as “Hi Kristin” or “Kristin, we thought you’d like to know…” can increase your open rate and lowers the chance of your email getting caught in spam filters.• A higher open rate can have a positive effect across the rest of sales funnel: higher click-through’s and even higher conversions.
    4. 4. #3: Keep It Simple• Email text should be short and scan-able. Don’t bog your intended reader with a lot of text.• Give them a few bullet points, or a “summary” of what you want to communicate.• Remember, just because your reader has opened your email does not mean that you have the readers undivided attention
    5. 5. #4: Limit Images• The more images you have the better chance that your email message will not load properly or fast enough and readers will delete the email before they get to information you want to communicate to them.• Additionally, try to keep calls to action outside of an image so readers know the action you want them to take.
    6. 6. #5: Maximize Your Email Template• Keep emails around 600 pixels wide• Remember, emails are intended to be quick information bits that lead customers to your website for more and/or deeper information.
    7. 7. #6: Make it Easy to Unsubscribe• If you, as a sender, make it difficult to unsubscribe to your readers then they can easily get annoyed that they’re receiving unwanted emails and will start marking your messages as spam.• This could hurt your sender reputation, making it that much more difficult to get your emails to the readers inbox who do want your emails.
    8. 8. #7: Know Spam Rules• You’re only allowed to send bulk email to people who specifically asked to be on your mailing list. Read up on CAN-SPAM Act for more details.
    9. 9. #8: Keep a Clean List• Remove unsubscribed email requests from previous sends and unformatted email addresses.• “Pruning” your list each month or even after each send may be more work, but it will keep you out of the spam folder, and leave your sender reputation intact.
    10. 10. #9: Send a Test Email• Make sure you know how your email is going to look when it goes to your recipients. Do all of your links work? Are there any broken images?• Test with major email providers (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) and fix any bugs before you send your email to your main list.• Create a text version for readers who opt out of HTML emails.
    11. 11. #10: Test. Rinse. Repeat.• You test everything else in your online marketing mix and emails should be included, too. There is always something that can be optimized, whether it’s your copy, call to actions, template designs, etc.The key is to never stop improving!
    12. 12. Email can be a very effective piece of your marketing mixwhen it is used correctly. Remember to consider your emailas an extension of your website, and you want your emailto match your brands.
    13. 13. These basics are a great guide to keep your emailmarketing performing at its best. For help on applying these online marketing tips to your business, please visit: www.BayshoreSolutions.com.