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Technology Creates Social Isolation and Neurosis

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Media presentation

  1. 1. * Social Isolation and Neurosis
  2. 2. * A virtual society is when technology becomes an integral part of society. Society begins to depend on technology and, because of this, technology begins to control lives.*
  3. 3. * The are three main causes of social isolation: * 1. Mobile Technology * 2. The Internet * 3. Video Games *
  4. 4. * Cell phones have drastically evolved in the last 10 years.* Cell phones can now be used not only for calling or texting, but for other activities as well.* Play a large role in social life.* Causes people to lose face-to-face interaction due to convenience of technology. *
  5. 5. * Everything is at the user‟s fingertips.* By having things so easily accessible, such as online banking, sports games and social networking, people lose the bond with those things.* People are obsessed with their phones and usually don‟t know what to do without them.* Mobile technology has “dumbed down” the general population, especially teenagers. *
  6. 6. *
  7. 7. * Interactivity is crucial for the development of the human mind and body.* According to The American Psychologist journal, social networking actually reduces social involvement.* It can be harmful psychologically.* Users of the internet reported being more lonely as internet usage increased. *
  8. 8. * Communication over the internet is mostly text, and so there is no actual human interaction.* The implementation of social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, have decreased the physical interaction between people.* Anyone can be „friends‟ on one of these sites, but they are not really. They are just a push of a button.* The internet can become an addiction. *
  9. 9. *
  10. 10. * Videos games are definitely a retreat from society.* Millions of people around the world play video games daily.* While playing video games, it is like you are in your own little world and can do whatever you want.* It is an escape from people. *
  11. 11. * Some people lock themselves away and play video games non-stop, except for washroom breaks and eating, which doesn‟t usually consist of a full meal.* Even though video games are fun, they are highly addictive and can cause people to shun away society and be in isolation.* Friends can be met online. Even though they are not „true friends‟, they are usually the only friends a true gamer has.* They lose their sense of physical interaction. *
  12. 12. * Some people are so addicting to certain kinds of technology that they go into a form of withdrawal if they don‟t get their daily fix.* This can lead to many different types of psychological and physical illnesses.* Depression and anxiety are the most common.* Social networking sites can cause cyberbullying, thus making someone go into a neurotic state. *
  13. 13. * Mobile technology, the internet and video games are the largest contributors to social isolation through technology.* There are plenty of other reasons though.* Neurosis can be caused by different forms of technology, and affects everyone differently.* We are living in a world where technology is key. Technology will continue to evolve and so will our transition into the virtual society. *
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