Ess 3092 week 4 student (shoulder)


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Ess 3092 week 4 student (shoulder)

  1. 1. +ESS 3092: KINESIOLOGYWeek 3
  2. 2. +3x5 cardFront side:What would you like to review onWednesday?Back side:Write an exam question for Exam 1. Pleaseprovide the answer*If your question is chosen, you will receive 1bonus point on your exam3
  3. 3. +Your ideas for movement analysis:1. Free throw2. Gymnastics3. Boxing4. Swimming (freestyle)5. Running hurdles6. Olympic lifts7. Cycling4
  4. 4. +Shoulder5
  5. 5. +Humerus (Arm) The humerus articulates withthe scapula at the shoulder andwith the radius andulna at the elbow6
  6. 6. The Glenohumeral Joint7
  7. 7. Bones - Scapular Landmarks supraspinatus fossa infraspinatus fossa spine of the scapula glenoid cavity inferior angle superior angle medial border lateral border8
  8. 8.  subscapular fossa glenoid cavity coracoid process acromion process9
  9. 9. Bones - Humeral LandmarksHeadGreater tubercleLesser tubercleDeltoid tuberosity10
  10. 10. +Glenohumeral JointGreatest ROM significant amount of laxityGlenoid Fossa: ¼ size of humeral headGlenoid labrum cartilaginous ring just inside the periphery contact area to 70%The price of mobility is reduced stability11
  11. 11. Glenohumeral JointInstabilityproblems arecommonRotator cuffimpingementSubluxations &dislocations12
  12. 12. +Anterior Dislocation13
  13. 13. Glenohumeral Joint14
  14. 14. Supporting StructuresGlenohumeralligament supports anteriorly& inferiorly prevents antdislocationCoracohumeralligament Supports weight ofarm15
  15. 15. Glenohumeral Ligament16
  16. 16. The Rotator CuffSITS= Subscapularis, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, & teresminor muscles Attach to front, top, & rear of humeral head Point of insertion enables humeral rotation Vital in maintaining humeral head within glenoid fossa whilemore powerful muscles move humerus through its wide ROM17
  17. 17. +The Rotator Cuff MusclesSupraspinatus attach to greater tubercle from above (Abduct)Infraspinatus attach to greater tubercle posteriorly (Ext. Rot.)Teres Minor attach to greater tubercle posteriorly (Ext. Rot.)Subscapularis attach to lesser tubercle anterior (Int. Rot.)18
  18. 18. SupraspinatusOrigin supraspinatus fossaInsertion humeral greater tubercleLocation superior/posterior/lateralMovements abductionp. 9419
  19. 19. + Maintains humeral head in glenoid fossa Dynamic stability during movement Prep phase – anterior Follow-through – posterior Most often injured (SITS) Throwing, swimming Detect – smooth abduction against resistanceSupraspinatus20
  20. 20. InfraspinatusOrigin infraspinatus fossaInsertion humeral greater tubercleLocation posteriorMovements extension external rotation horizontal abductionp. 9521
  21. 21. +Posterior stabilityMost powerful external rotatorStretch Internal rotation with extreme horizontal abductionInfraspinatus22
  22. 22. Teres MinorOrigin axillary border of scapulaInsertion humeral greater tubercleLocation posteriorMovements extension external rotation horizontal abductionPosterior stability p. 9623
  23. 23. SubscapularisOrigin subscapular fossa of scapulaInsertion humeral lesser tubercleLocation anterior (scapula)Movements adduction extension internal rotationp. 9324
  24. 24. +Holds head of humerus in glenoidfossa Front & belowCannot palpateWorks with latissimus dorsi & teresmajor Less powerfulSubscapularis25
  25. 25. +Teres MajorEffective only whenrhomboid stabilizes thescapulaLatissimus Dorsi’s“little helper”26
  26. 26. +Sagittal Plane Movements27
  27. 27. +Frontal Plane Movements28
  28. 28. Transverse Plane MovementsHorizontal adductionHorizontal abduction29
  29. 29. +Diagonal Plane Movements30
  30. 30. +Transverse Plane Movements31
  31. 31. +Organizing MusclesAbductors Pectoralis major (upperfibers) Deltoid (all) SupraspinatusFlexors Pectoralis major (upperfibers) Anterior deltoid Biceps brachii32
  32. 32. + Biceps Brachii 33
  33. 33. +Organizing MusclesAdductors Pectoralis major (lowerfibers) Latissimus dorsi Teres majorExtensors Pectoralis major (lowerfibers) Latissimus dorsi Teres major Triceps brachii34
  34. 34. Teres MajorOrigin inferior lateral border ofscapulaInsertion humeral lesser tubercleLocation posterior/medialMovements adduction extension internal rotation p. 9735
  35. 35. +Organizing MusclesExternal Rotation Infraspinatus Teres minor*Lateral side of humerus,greater tubercleInternal Rotation Pectoralis major (both) Subscapularis Latissimus dorsi Teres major (resistance)*Lesser tubercle36
  36. 36. +Organizing MusclesDiagonal & HorizontalAdductors Pectoralis major (both) Coracobrachialis Anterior deltoidDiagonal & HorizontalAbductors Teres minor Infraspinatus Posterior deltoid37
  37. 37. Pectoralis Major Origin medial/anterior clavicle (clavicularfibers)-upper anterior/lateral sternum(sternal fibers)-lower Insertion greater tubercle Location anterior Movements Clavicular fibers: flexion, internalrotation, horizontal adduction; adductionbelow 90 deg; abduction above 90 deg Sternal fibers: adduction, internalrotation, horizontal adduction, extensionp. 8838
  38. 38. +Organizing MusclesAnterior• Pectoralis Major• Coracobrachialis• Anterior DeltoidSuperior• Deltoid• SupraspinatusPosteriorLatissimus dorsiTeres major/minorInfraspinatusSubscapularisPost deltoid39
  39. 39. +Pectoralis MajorUse powerfully push-ups, pull-ups, throwing, tennis serve, bench pressStretch External rotation of shoulder (upper- clavicular) Horizontal abduction (lower - sternal)Works closely with deltoid (lifting)40
  40. 40. Anterior DeltoidOrigin anterior/lateral clavicleInsertion deltoid tuberosity (lateralhumerus)Location anterior/lateralMovements abduction horizontal adduction flexionp. 8741
  41. 41. Coracobrachialis Origin coracoid process Insertion middle/medial humerus Location anterior/medial Movements adduction flexion horizontal adduction strength- resistancep. 9142
  42. 42. +Glenohumeral - PosteriorLatissimus DorsiTeres MajorPosterior DeltoidTeres MinorSubscapularisInfraspinatus43
  43. 43. Latissimus Dorsi Origin vertebral spines (T6-L5),ilium, sacrum Insertion anterior humerus Location posterior Movements adduction extension internal rotation horizontal abduction p. 89-9044
  44. 44. Latissimus DorsiOne of most importantextensor musclesHelps downward rotatescapula45
  45. 45. Posterior DeltoidOrigin scapular spineInsertion deltoid tuberosity (lateralhumerus)Location posterior/lateralMovements abduction horizontal abduction Extension external rotationp. 8746
  46. 46. +Glenohumeral - SuperiorMiddle DeltoidSupraspinatus47
  47. 47. Middle DeltoidOrigin acromion processInsertion deltoid tuberosity (lateralhumerus)Location superior/lateralMovements abductionp. 8748
  48. 48. StrongestWeakest2 x strongerabduction- usedlessLatsPecs (lower)Teres majorAdductionAbductionExtension Slightly stronger than flexionFlexionPecs (upper)Ant deltoidShoulder joint: generates > force in lowering (add, ext) than raising (flex, abd)InternalRotationExternalRotationPecs, LatsSubscap, Teres majorInfraspin, Teres minor49
  49. 49. Organizing Shoulder Joint MusclesPlane Movement Muscles/LocationSagittalFlexion Pec (upper), Ant deltoid (ant)ExtensionPec (lower), Lats, Teres Maj, Tri (ant &post)FrontalAbductionPec (upper), Deltoid, Supraspin (ant &post & sup)AdductionPec (lower), Lats, Teres Maj (ant &post)TransverseInternal RotationPecs, subscap, Lats, Teres maj (ant &post)External Rotation Teres min, infraspin (post)Horizontal Abduction(Diag)Teres min, infraspin, post deltoid (post)Horizontal Adduction(Diag)Pecs, coracobrach, ant delt (ant/sup)50
  50. 50. +SAGITTAL PLANEFLEXION Pectoralis major (clavicularfibers) Coracobrachialis Anterior deltoidEXTENSION Latissimus dorsi Posterior deltoid Teres major Teres minor Subscapularis Pectoralis major (sternalfibers)51
  51. 51. +FRONTAL PLANEABDUCTION Pectoralis major (clavicularfibers – above 90 degrees) Deltoid Supraspinatus Infraspinatus (upper fibers)ADDUCTION Pectoralis major (sternal fibers) Latissimus Dorsi Teres major Coracobrachialis Teres minor Subscapularis Infraspinatus (lower fibers)52
  52. 52. +TRANSVERSE EXTERNAL ROTATION Infraspinatus Teres minor Posterior DeltoidINTERNAL ROTATION Pectoralis major Subscapularis Latissimus dorsi Teres major Anterior Deltoid53
  53. 53. +TRANSVERSE PLANEHORIZONTALABDUCTION Posterior Deltoid Infraspinatus Teres minor Latissimus dorsiHORIZONTALADDUCTION Pectoralis major Coracobrachialis Anterior Deltoid54
  54. 54. +The Shoulder GirdleClavicle only attachment to thoraxClavicle & Scapula Joints Sternoclavicular (SC) Acromioclavicular (AC) Scapulothoracic (ST) Movement of scapula onrib cage55
  55. 55. + Acromioclavicular Joint (AC) Does not exist in all people Top of humeral head Bony restriction Often injured Ligament support Coracoclavicular ligament Acromioclavicular ligament (sup, inf) Scapulothoracic joint (ST) Depends on SC & AC jnt, lacks ligamentsupportShoulder Girdle Joints56
  56. 56. + Shoulder Girdle Movements - SagittalScapulothoracic Movement57
  57. 57. +Shoulder Girdle Movements - FrontalScapulothoracic MovementLateral bordermoves sup & latLateral bordermoves inf & med58
  58. 58. +Shoulder Girdle Movements - TransverseScapulothoracic Movement59
  59. 59. +Barbell Press60
  60. 60. + Barbell PressJoint Action Prime Movers (Agonist) LiftingWrist &handFlexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometriccontraction)Flexor carpi radialis/ulnarisPalmaris longusFlexor digitorum profundusFlexor digitorum superficialisFlexor pollicis longusElbow Extension Elbow extensorsTriceps brachiiAnconeusShoulder Flexion Shoulder joint flexorsPectoralis major (upper)Anterior deltoidCoracobrachialis (weak)ShouldergirdleUpwardrotation &elevationShoulder girdle upward rotators &elevatorsTrapezius/RhomboidsLevator scapulaeSerratus anteriorAction Prime Movers (Agonists) LoweringFlexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometric contraction)Flexor carpi radialis/ulnarisPalmaris longusFlexor digitorum profundusFlexor digitorum superficialisFlexor pollicis longusFlexion Elbow extensors (eccentric)Triceps brachiiAnconeusExtension Shoulder joint flexors (eccentric)Pectoralis major (upper fibers)Anterior deltoidCoracobrachialis (weak)Downwardrotation &DepressionShoulder girdle upward rotators & elevators(eccentric contraction)Trapezius/RhomboidsLevator scapulaeSerratus anterior61
  61. 61. +Chest (Bench) Press62
  62. 62. + Chest Press (bench press)Joint Action Prime Movers (Agonists) in Lifting Action Prime Movers (Agonists) in LoweringWrist &handFlexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometriccontraction)Flexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometric contraction)Elbow Extension Elbow extensorsTriceps brachiiAnconeusFlexion Elbow extensors (eccentric)Triceps brachiiAnconeusShoulder Flexion &horizontaladductionShoulder flexors & horizontaladductorsPectoralis majorAnterior deltoidCoracobrachialisBiceps brachii (weak)Extension &horizontalabductionShoulder joint flexors & horizontal adductors(eccentric)Pectoralis majorAnterior deltoidCoracobrachialisBiceps brachii (weak)ShouldergirdleAbduction Shoulder girdle abductors SerratusanteriorPectoralis minorAdduction Shoulder girdle abductors (eccentric)Serratus anteriorPectoralis minor63
  63. 63. +Lat Pull Down64
  64. 64. Latissimus Pull DownJoint Action Prime Movers in Pull downWrist &handFlexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometriccontraction)Elbow Flexion Elbow flexorsBiceps brachiiBrachialisBrachioradialisShoulder AdductionHoriz Abd,Int RotShoulder joint adductorsPectoralis majorLatissimus dorsiTeres majorPosterior deltoid (horiz abd)Subscapularis (int rot)ShouldergirdleAdduction,depression,& downwardrotationShoulder girdle adductors,depressors, and downward rotatorsTrapezius (lower & middle)Pectoralis minorRhomboids (add)Levator Scapulae (rot, add)Action Prime Movers in ReturnFlexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometriccontraction)Extension Elbow flexors (eccentric)Biceps brachiiBrachialisBrachioradialisAbduction Shoulder joint adductors (eccentric)Pectoralis majorLatissimus dorsiTeres majorPosterior deltoidSubscapularisAbduction,elevation, &upwardrotationShoulder girdle adductors, depressors, &downward rotators (eccentric)Trapezius (lower & middle)Pectoralis minorRhomboidsLevator Scapulae65
  65. 65. +Rowing Exercise66
  66. 66. + Rowing ExerciseJoint Action Prime Movers Leg Push Action Prime Movers Return to StartFoot &anklePlantarflexionAnkle plantarflexorsGastrocnemiusSoleusDorsiflexion Ankle dorsiflexorsTibialis anteriorKnee Extension Quadriceps (knee extensors)Rectus femorisVastus medialisVastus intermediusVastus lateralisFlexion Knee flexors (hamstrings)Biceps femorisSemitendinosusSemimembranosusHip Extension Hip extensorsGluteus maximusBiceps femorisSemimembranosusSemitendinosusFlexion Hip flexorsIliopsoasRectus femorisPectineusTrunk Extension Trunk extensorsErector spinaeFlexion Trunk flexorsRectus abdominisInternal & External oblique67
  67. 67. +Rowing Exercise68
  68. 68. + Rowing ExerciseJoint Action Prime Movers in Arm Pull Action Prime Movers Return to StartShouldergirdleAdduction,downwardrotation, &depressionShoulder girdle adductors, downward rotators,& depressorsTrapezius (lower)RhomboidPectoralis minorAbduction,upwardrotation, &elevationShoulder girdle adductors, downward rotators, &depressors (eccentric)Trapezius (lower)RhomboidPectoralis minorShoulderjointExtensionHoriz abdShoulder joint extensorsLatissimus dorsiTeres majorPecs (lower)Posterior deltoid (Horiz abd)Teres minor (Horiz abd)Infraspinatus (Horiz abd)Flexion Shoulder joint extensors (eccentric)Latissimus dorsiTeres majorPecs (lower)Posterior deltoid (Horiz abd)Teres minor (Horiz abd)Infraspinatus (Horiz abd)ElbowjointFlexion Elbow joint flexorsBiceps brachiiBrachialisBrachioradialisExtension Elbow joint flexors (eccentric)Biceps brachiiBrachialisBrachioradialisWrist &handFlexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometric contraction) Flexion Wrist & hand flexors (isometric)69