Batchmates Reuniting Friends For Life


Published on is a premier alumni portal! On you can - Join your schools and colleges and find alumni, find old school friends and reunite with them, meet new people and make new friends, invite friends and build your own social network, share your photos, old memories and interests, browse through a complete e-magazine, send exclusive ecards to your nearest & dearest ones.

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Batchmates Reuniting Friends For Life

  1. 1. reuniting friends for life insidestory site metrics of
  2. 2. contents index Topic Page the root 3 batchmates: getting acquainted 4 batchmates: at a glance 5 batchmates: features 6 alumni concentration 11 member statistics 14 member survey 16 batchmates makers 17 batchmates: recognitions 18 future gear 19 reuniting friends for life 2
  3. 3. the root Private Limited… …is an independent entity promoted by Allindia Technologies Limited (AITL). Conceived in 1997, is today the premier portal of AITL and is a perfect platform for old school and college friends to stay in touch. reuniting friends for life 3
  4. 4. batchmates: getting acquainted has been reuniting Indians worldwide since 1997… is a highly interactive platform for members to stay in touch with school & college friends and ex-colleagues. It is also a forum for finding new friends online. has been recognised as India’s largest Cyber Alumni Platform (India’s largest School/College and Workplace directory) and finds its mention in the Limca Book of Records. Members of can register in schools, colleges, professional institutions, work places and military institutions absolutely free of cost. reuniting friends for life 4
  5. 5. batchmates: at a glance some facts that will make you sit up and take notice… ● Over 7 million page views every month ● Over 2.92 million alumni with 600 + members joining daily ● Increase in member numbers - induced largely through organic growth ● Over 3.5 million friends reunited so far ● Most active members are in the age group of 21 to 35 years ● Over 235,890 institutes ● Over 24,723 work places reuniting friends for life 5
  6. 6. Amongst many, some exclusive features of the batchmates site highlighted, their uniqueness derived and explained batchmates: features reuniting friends for life 6
  7. 7. batchmates: features My Network: Connects members to their friends; provides personal networking facilities to members Key Feature: Connecting different batchmates members – one member invites another member to join his/her list of friends Reminder Book: Provides users with an easy and friendly organiser that keeps on working for him/her 24x7 Key Feature: Lets a member set a reminder for any occasion. Thereon, batchmates’ reliable service keeps reminding about the assignment on the specified date Bulletin Board: Allows a member to set up a notice or announce an event. Lets one communicate simultaneously with all his batchmates Key Feature: A great platform for announcement of dates and events. Increases the popularity of batchmates as an alumni communication medium reuniting friends for life 7
  8. 8. batchmates: features BM Blog: BM Blog is a unique web-forum for discussing current issues and sharing personal experiences Key Feature: Here, you can create your own Blog, post or view comments and share your thoughts with everyone BM Mails: BM mails is a special feature that knits the Batchmates alumni network closely, through messages Key Feature: It is a communication tool for friends who want to connect one-to-one or reach out to an entire group through bulk messaging or sms Friends Testimony : The Friends Testimony on Batchmates is a cherished feature where friends express their thoughts about one another Key Feature: It allows you to write about your friends and share your feelings for them either in jest or in earnest reuniting friends for life 8
  9. 9. batchmates: features Photo Gallery: Nostalgic journey through pictures. It gives members a platform to share memories through photographs Key Feature: Photographs make the site attractive and a memorable experience for surfers BM Funzone: Lets a member enjoy his time with batchmates by engaging and involving him through various fun games and activities Key Feature: An interactive platform that helps members play different kinds of online games. A service that increases popularity and usability of batchmates Lost & Found: Enables members to locate their long lost friends, even if they are not registered in batchmates Key Feature: A lost friend finder in the true sense, a feature unique to batchmates and hugely popular. Increases brand visibility of batchmates reuniting friends for life 9
  10. 10. batchmates: features Hi Notes: Gives an option of sending short messages to other members Key Feature: A complete platform for interaction with old acquaintances and/or making new friends. This instant networking tool increases the popularity of batchmates E-Cards: Fun filled e-cards to stay in touch with batchmates, friends and family Key Feature: Spreads awareness of fueling viral marketing and hence helps increase registrations BM Times: An ‘infotainment’ option at batchmates; complimentary e-entertainment magazine for all Key Feature: Offers options for reading articles, writing comments, sending feedback & contributions and forwarding to friends. This feature helps to increase interactivity and popularity of batchmates reuniting friends for life 10
  11. 11. alumni concentration nation-wide Indicates alumni dispersion within the top 10 states of India STATES 1 Maharashtra 2 Tamil Nadu 3 Uttar Pradesh 4 Andhra Pradesh 5 Karnataka 6 Kerala 7 West Bengal 8 Delhi 9 Gujarat 10 Madhya Pradesh reuniting friends for life 11
  12. 12. alumni concentration nation-wide Indicates alumni dispersion within the top 10 cities of India CITIES 1 Mumbai (Bombay) 2 New Delhi 3 Chennai (Madras) 4 Bengaluru (Bangalore) 5 Kolkata (Calcutta) 6 Hyderabad 7 Pune 8 Lucknow 9 Ahmedabad 10 Coimbatore reuniting friends for life 12
  13. 13. alumni concentration world wide batchmates alumni in top 10 countries of the world COUNTRIES COUNTRIES 1 India 6 United Kingdom 2 United States 7 Srilanka 3 Pakistan 8 Nepal 4 United Arab Emirates 9 Australia Philippines 5 10 Oman reuniting friends for life 13
  14. 14. member statistics world wide member concentration batchmates members in top 10 cities of the world CITIES CITIES 1 Dubai 6 Sydney 2 London 7 New York 3 Singapore 8 Abu Dhabi 4 Melbourne 9 Chicago 5 Toronto 10 Sharjah reuniting friends for life 14
  15. 15. member statistics member profile Segregation of members according to their age, gender and nationality Member Profile – Age wise Member Profile – Gender wise Member Profile – Nationality wise 15% 21% 20% 28% 5% 0% 9% 21% 79% 85% 17% Male Female Indians <16 16 - 20 Other Nationalities 21 - 25 26 - 30 31 - 35 36 - 45 > 45 reuniting friends for life 15
  16. 16. member survey Members were asked how they learned about batchmates and registered on the site… 31% 3% 34% 32% Others Search Engine Through a friend Web advertisement reuniting friends for life 16
  17. 17. batchmates makers Teams who make batchmates complete and push its growth through constant and co-ordinated effort reuniting friends for life 17
  18. 18. batchmates: recognitions has been recognised as the 'Largest Cyber Alumni Platform' by the Limca Book of Records (2007 edition), the Indian equivalent of the Guinness Book of World Records Chip Dishnet Awards, 2000 - both judges and popular choice awards bagged by has bagged the PC World’s Best of the Web award for September 1999 as the ‘hottest, hunkiest and funkiest’ html on the web Other awards include Hawaii Ohana Award of excellence, Critical Mass Award (world’s top 100 sites award), Golden Sun Award & many more for excellence in content, accessibility & design reuniting friends for life 18
  19. 19. future gear envisaging growth through future-oriented features… ● Social & Business Networking module ● Organizing reunions ● Talent engagement for corporate entities ● Plug and play alumni module for institutions ● Plug and play alumni module for corporate entities ● Mobile download and other community initiatives ● Stronger community of Indians across the world reuniting friends for life 19
  20. 20. thank you reuniting friends for life